In the recent months, I have been plunged deep into depression, over stress, and suicidal thoughts and feelings.

And this pain has been caused by a calculated psychological and emotional abuse created by the Hammersmith and Fulham council. A powerful local government who have continually threatened and abused me  through different ways. Which I have already explained in my previous blogs. And which I have resisted up to the point of suicide.

So what is the story?

Last week I borrowed £300 from a friend. As I was badly struggling for food and the necessary things of living.

Tesco store in Bayswater, London.

Now, on a Saturday morning, 16 01 2021, as I was walking in Bayswater London, a homeless woman broke my heart by saying, “Can you buy me something to eat.”

In this moment even though, I knew that what I had were borrowed money, still I couldn’t deny the fact that I have something.

So I replied to her saying, what do you want to eat?

The homeless woman still begging for support to a cruel city.

She said, “Can I have a Swiss Roll.”

I didn’t understand at the beginning what she meant. So I replied, Sorry what is it?

Smiling in pain, she said,
“I can show you.”

And as we headed towards a Tesco store that was just a few meters away. She added suddenly, “It’s my birthday today.”

Bayswater London

Damn I said to myself, how hard that our lives are here at the very bottom. And no one even bothers to try and understand us.

“Oh, happy birthday,” I said. I didn’t know what to say more. But her smile was all over her face. As she said, thank you.

So we entered into the Tesco store. And what this brilliant woman with a deep pain wanted was a £1 Swiss Roll.
We went up to the till. I paid and we left outside. Where we wished well to each other.

A Swiss Roll all what a homeless woman asked me!

What is the moral of the story here?

I shared with her the money that I had borrowed for myself from friends. That’s the point. So I ask, “Can we share what we have with others? Would we ever rise up to the idea of humanity and what is human? Or remain forever in half humans, greedy and over ambitious and totally selfish?

Can we ever understand the fact that we all come from our mother earth and it is this all-nourishing mother that provides everything for us?

So why not share what you have?

Now it is in sharing and….

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