The Soul of Humanity is seething from Mental Problems.
Isolation has shrunk many of us into a depressive state of mind.

Most of our living places are tiny, narrow, depressing and suffocating. And we barely get any fresh air from as such living places.

And further, we see every single day many house mates that we used to see only for Christmas. So bringing us closer to conflict rather than love.

And thus we have crowded into our shared houses, temporary accommodations and stifling places. And look like dizzy flies hovering above hot milk.

As a result subconsciously from isolation and the heat of the moment, we get hit hard in the head. And thus one after another we are developing mental health issues. That were unknown to us before the national locdowns and social isolations.

So, all what I am saying is please consider first the side effects that as such national Locdowns will bring.

For the spirit of resistance says, dear Boris Johnson before thinking of a new national lockdown think first of all the mental health issues that it will bring on us, please!

For perhaps these lockdowns, that you announce so easy from your palatial accommodations, will bring more problems to our….

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