I have a Question, “Why is there, a dead Silence across the left and right wing UK Media artistic world, when you criticise them from an unfavourable social position?

The answer of this question has always baffled me. “Why are they silent, when I criticise them from an unfavourable social position?” I said to myself.

For what Values do these people stand for? What on earth do they learn here in British schools?

Why is it so hard for them to look at themselves? To examine their souls, their actions and their forms of thinking? Or say, to examine their social power, that produces NEW LEVELS of fame each time they appear on their media monopolies headquarters?

Thus, I always asked myself as I saw my voice drowned out by their media power.

Do they stand for their class interest above all? I said.

Do they call themselves, Media Monopolies Artists” because of their dishonesty, manipulative thinking, lies, and greed for power?

It always impressed me to see the journalists of a TV station, like BBC, being good friends with the journalists of another TV station, like the ITV.

Or in seeing the journalists of BBC Radio One being good friends with the journalists of KISS FM UK.

And then what happens when you criticise them and demand change from an unfavourable social position?

This is what happens, gentlemen. And what happens is but, a dead silence across the UK MEDIA artistic world. Artists highly paid thinking and acting unscrupulously to defend their class interest.

How unscrupulous and dishonest that these people are, eh?

At the end one may ask, when was that time in the human history, where artists were scrupulous and honest?

A few pens here and there working independently were able to…

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