British journalists today have been writing with high spirits. Spreading big news across the Internet world. And telling us how greatness is being unfolded in front of their eyes.

Greatness here is, Claudia Winkleman, a TV wolf, replacing Graham Norton, another TV wolf, at BBC Radio 2.

No one thinks here of Talents. Of fairness of equality or of anything as such. Because British journalists obviously and clearly, as in a blue sky, they are here to defend class interest, of course.

SO BIG NEWS! A TV wolf replaces a TV wolf!

Therefore, it is CLASS INTEREST that does not make British journalists think here of giving opportunities to the younger generations instead of TV WOLVES.

And it is the same CLASS INTEREST that does not allow as such journalusts to think of creating equal opportunities in participation on media Monopolies.

“Like giving a ten year contract or five year contract to highly paid journalists. And then getting them out of the media power. As everyone is entitled to rule and be ruled.

Yes, gentleman, here is a nauseating form of unfairness and corruption. And if this form of unfairness and corruption does not push you to vomiting. Then go to the…

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