I want to be honest with you, dear reader. I cried a little bit and dropped a few hot tears unconsciously. When I swiftly surfed across google and social media and saw that the U.K NEWS MEDIA MONOPOLIES had not written, “Islamic Terrorist or Islamic Terrorism or Islamic extremism in their headlines.


Well, to be honest it was only the headlines that the U.K Media had changed. For the close-minded and evil reporters of the U.K media weren’t able to refrain themselves in the body of their blogs. For in there still they spoke indirectly but clearly of how much they hate those who preach the religion of Islam. And Islam as a religion itself.

This form of hatred against a certain enemy and created scapegoated can be seen in all human history. Working classes always were a scapegoat of the ruling classes, black people a scapegoat of white people in the European imperialism and colonialism era. Jews were a scapegoat of Nazis. And in the recent decades “ISLAM” has been a scapegoat of U.K and Western media in general.

So the change of the headlines in the U.K NEWS MEDIA MONOPOLIES wasn’t radical with self-awareness and humanity. But still journalists and media editors seemed to have made all of a sudden a big step forward towards what is human, what is right and what is just.

For, to be honest, I had written for years for a change in the way U.K media describes terrorists and criminals of minority backgrounds in the U.K. I had written for years against the way U.K thought and described minorities, when one of them happened to commit a crime.


At the end, what has terrorism to do with a religion? Doesn’t good lose its meaning through a bad action? So shouldn’t we  stop calling a religious person, a religious person, when he commits a terrorist action? And isn’t a good person called a criminal if one day he wakes up and kills someone? So? Just think for yourself.


Anyways, who am I to speak to you? Do I work for the U.K MEDIA NEWS MONOPOLIES or the rich? No of course.

I am simply an independent thinker of Albanian origin, an oppressed immigrant and oppressed voice in London who never gets invited to speak and participate with IDEAS in the headquarters of the U.K MEDIA MONOPOLIES. This is who I am. Unheard and oppressed on purpose by the intelligent artists who control today social power in the U.K.

(I will insert the links of some of my blogs that have spoken against the ideals and the injustice that is made by U.K News Media Monopolies at the end of this blog.)


In short though, in the recent decades, every single time, when a terrorist attack happened in London or U.K or even Europe and the terrorist was a person who had faith in the religion of Islam and unfortunately not in the religion of Dr ACactivism called “Creativism Religion or any other religion, the journalists of the U.K Media wrote in their headlines “Islamic terrorist or, Islamic extremist.” And so on venting their anger against Islam and spreading hatred against a religion. And in the same time linking terrorism to Islam.


But why were the U.K media bosses and journalists so intelligently cruel in their hearts and minds? is the question.

Of course, with this form of description the journalists of the U.K Media Monopolies intended to kill three birds with a stone. First they distracted attention from the imperialist murders of the U.K and Europe in Middle East. And secondly, they blamed others, they created a big enemy, Islam, like Nazis created “Judaism and Jews.

And the third bird here was in the fact that by creating an enemy and scapegoating a “religion,” the U.K media journalists achieved to unite us here. For we all see that when a terrorist attack happens we are more united, we love each other more. And so we have trust in the U.K media more than ever.

All what goes on in our minds here is subconscious.
For example, consciously the U.K MEDIA through its writings makes us think and believe that together we have a….
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