‘We live in an evil world. And We are making an evil history every day.

Can’t you see it?  Just open your eyes, dear folks of today, and think consciously now and here.  For thinking consciously would be a good action for all of us.

‘Many a time I keep asking myself.’ Says the Creator of the new values.

‘Is this the world of ours? A world of daily injustice, corruption and inequality? Where homelessness covers the streets of London and poverty pervades the souls of millions of English and foreign working class people existing in the U.K? Eh?

While big media bosses and their lackeys, journalists and media editors, that side with the ruling classes, live in luxury and lead a life of fairy tales through an entertainment industry of London and of the U.K, that is made possible by slaves, anyways?’

‘I keep asking myself. The Creator of the new values says. ‘Is this our world?

A world where inequality has reached its most extreme point! A world of a few billionaires and billions of

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