The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways, the point, however, is to change it.

 Karl Marx, Theses of Feuerbach.

 So just like Karl Marx put it in world’s philosophy, so it is with rap’s world. You understand it? It is not incomprehensible.  Is it?


I mean, many politicians, writers, simple citizens and important people around the world have tried to explain the evil of rap. But no one has ever created a philosophy of how to change it.


Rap came from the ghettos of New York City. That means that those who began to rap had no idea of poetics or literature or humanism. But they had some knowledge of djing. And through the art of djing and in listening and learning from the lyrics of famous singers of the time, they began to toast and boast and rap. So rap came into being.


Some of the famous names that created rap were DJ Kool Herc, Africa Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash. All of them were gangster and loved guns, drugs and violence.


The rappers that went on their footpath and went from bad to worse were Dr Dree, 2 Pac, B.I.G, Eminem and others. Tim Westwood also, in the past he pushed hard to spread their evil message around the world through the reputation of the BBC. And now DJ Charlie Sloth is doing just the same – he is trying to perpetuate a Gangster Lifestyle in the human mind. And he is doing that at the BBC radio one and BBC radio 1xtra.


Is it incomprehensible? Is it?


What you listen on radios today you see it in realty.  I live in London town and I see how Rap is influencing the youth. I see young people memorizing their violent lyrics and becoming violent themselves.

Just think of it, if you listen all day songs with violent lyrics wouldn’t these violent ideas influence you in turn? And think of it as being an impressionable young mind. Thank you!


 The truth is that Rap has been corrupting not only the youth of London, but it has been corrupting the youth of the World as well. It is ‘music’ that is rooted in our spirit that first catches their attention, and with it lyrics that fuel them with the fire of violence and evil.


I see and listen about young people across Europe that listen to violent rap lyrics and become violent themselves. (at the end of this letter I will give you some proofs from some French MPs.)


 Also, I remember how much rap influenced me in my early teen days. And how much I hate rap now that I think that I have learned a few things in life. And that life is about knowing, overcoming yourself and becoming something bigger, greater and better. Life is about peace but not violence. But rap is spreading violence. That’s why I want to bring some change.


 Is it comprehensible?


 Hello Fran O’Brein. For goodness’ sake I know that you are an editor. And for sure, that you can write better than I do. But all of you at the BBC can’t reason better than I do. I reason better than you. And please don’t stick to any grammatical error of mine, but stick to the reason. And reason says that you are on the wrong side because you are spreading hatred via BBC radio one and BBC radio 1xtra. Reason says please take responsibility and enough with lies and shifting responsibility on others. So reason speaketh to you dear Fran O’Brein, Rona Fairhead and Tony Hall.


Rap has become a cancer to humanity. And this cancer is spread by the BBC’s radios. So isn’t this cancer something for you folks at the top of the BBC?


If not, where shall I find justice then? Where shall I take an opportunity to make the world a better place? Where?


Is it incomprehensible?


 Well, please read what the BBC says on Google about the BBC Trust;

‘The BBC exists to serve the public, and its mission is to inform, educate and entertain.

The BBC Trust is the governing body of the BBC, and we make sure the BBC delivers that mission.’


The truth is that BBC radio one and BBC radio 1xtra have been glamorizing a gangster lifestyle for years. They have made famous drug dealers and real terrorists like Jihadi John.  Therefore, they have been preaching hatred and spreading evil for years. But no one says a thing against that!


Where is your good reason Fran O’Brein? Are you a human of understanding and humanity? Ain’t you able as an editor to write an article and criticize this rap cancer? The profound misogyny that many rappers spread via the BBC, what does it mean to you? This kind of evil, doesn’t it inspire you to put a few words on the paper and try to change the world? OR IS IT THAT THIS ISSUE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU?


 DJ Charlie Sloth made famous Jihadi John on 2013 at the BBC, while Jihadi John was terrorizing London. Does that sound good to you? Where is your pen as an editor that you are Fran O’Brein?


You humanists of today should ask yourself. Are we humans? But, I fear that you are fascists. Your actions show that.


I came twice at the BBC to challenge you with good ideas and creativity, but you challenged me with your security power!

You see?


 Furthermore, why did you, Fran O’Brein tell me via email that ‘Your letter does not raise any matters that are for the BBC Trust?’


When it is the BBC that says on Google that our mission is to inform, educate and entertain.


 Then Fran O’Brein you seem to be wrong. Or does the BBC mean that by informing, education and entertaining, the BBC looks forward to spreading hatred, and to making terrorists and drug dealers famous?

So that means that you refer to art as violence.

Then art is violence. Because you are changing the meaning of art, and human creativity also.  Ain’t you?


The truth is that these violent messages that rappers of the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra spread are infecting the world with evil.

Violence is evil.


Is it comprehensible? Or isn’t it? I think that it is not incomprehensible. I think that my reason is comprehensible.


 Now let me reiterate the ideas of my first letter that I sent to Rona Fairhead. Also I will add a few more ideas to show you that I have the philosophy ready to improve the negative rap ideology.


 My first idea was this. I wanted to take over ‘Fire In the Booth Show’ as a matter of honor. And I as a Dj, MC and Creator to bring values, innovation, creativity and positivity at BBC radio 1xtra or BBC radio one.


 I do that because I want to bring to Rap ideology, positivity, positive vibes, positive language and positive creativity. That means to get rid of the ideas that glorify guns and drugs and violent messages in general. And announce that at the ‘Fire in the Booth Show’ will not be allowed artists that praise Guns, Drugs and Violence, full stop.

These ideas of positivity and creativity, that are humanistic values in essence, will make rappers think and create in a better way. So not only to censure the lyrics of the negative rappers, but to not allow them in the show at all. Because the idea of censuring them doesn’t give them a lesson, it doesn’t show them the way and it doesn’t criticize them. It doesn’t educate them regarding what they are doing and that is totally wrong.


Why on earth all these rappers that come at the BBC and glorify violence do not get criticism? So first of all, I will not allow negative rappers that glorify violence in the show. And secondly I want to bring strong criticism with me and criticise whomever is at the top of rap industry and that preaches hatred in the world.  Is it comprehensible?

Also, I think that only in this way can this social cancer start to become a budding future. Only in this way can this infectious disease, that is rap, start to fade away and replace its ideology of guns and drugs and hatred with the ideas of art and creativity and positivity. Ideas that aim and have as a goal – humanism and humanity.

Is it comprehensible?

Also I wrote to you regarding the essence of being an artist.

I said you what Thomas Man, Franz Kafka and James Joyce meant by the idea and the meaning of being an artist. And my opinion was as follows. First of all to be an artist always meant to be a human being that is always with a book on the lap, but not a human being with a gun in each hand. And the BBC is portraying artists as lovers of guns and violence. That is a wrong ideal and I want to change it.

Now, let me briefly clarify a big misunderstanding that is happening in here. And make clear how things work.


When you make a movie you usually mirror and represent the reality; you create antagonists and protagonists and you leave people to see by themselves, what is good and what is bad. When you write a book is almost the same thing. But when you rap you express subjective ideas and thoughts because you write Lyrics in the first person; I make, I do and I create. And so through this method one penetrates deep in the human consciousness.

To be a rapper is different from being an actor. When you are an actor you play a role. As when you rap you pretend to be a poet and have a message for the world. As I said, when you rap, you speak mainly in the first person, I do, I make and I create. And so you pervade the human consciousness and influence it through music, lyrics and feelings. So it is with rap and rappers.

The novelist David Lodge suggested that lyric poetry is human’s most successful means to describe qualia, the raw feel of conscious awareness.

Therefore, rappers are or pretend to be lyrical poets. They express their subjective ideas and thoughts. But they do it badly and madly. And they do it so because those at the top of rap ideal are ignorant. They are ignorant because they love violence.

 Therefore, ignorance and violence are not strength but evil. So I want to grill them in criticism. I want to change rap. Moreover, I have what it takes and I can tell you how it goes.

Many rappers that have preached hatred have been the authors of crimes and the narrators of their stories. Like 2 Pac and Eminem. That’s true. They have been the drug dealers and the authors of their stories. So these authors now like only their kind. They like only negative rappers. They like only negativity and hatred.

Furthermore, in combining the hip-hop beat, technology and lyrics, rappers have become masters of feelings. And they always practice the sad and angry emotions, through which they penetrate deep in the human conscious awareness. Therefore don’t be surprised if you see a London and Europe full of thugs and drug dealers because they reflect and mirror the super-thug-stars at the BBC. As a consequence, thugs of the present day world are directly or indirectly inspired by the thugs of the BBC.


‘I’m language and language is what I express and what I express is what I am’ said once Sartre. I mean language is action. Language is thought and in language is contained positivity and negativity of being on earth. ‘Language expresses our thoughts and ideas’ said Martin Heidegger.


Therefore, I think that to continually make use of negative language means to spread negativity. Because words are emotionally charged. Negative language is charged with negative emotions. And this is what the BBC radio one and BBC radio 1xtra have been doing so far. That is to say; they have preached hatred and negativity. As a result BBC has made the world a worse place.


Therefore in Rap must come some change. And I want to bring positive rappers forward. And ditch the negative ones until they give up their negative ideas of guns and drugs. That means that I want make the world a better place.

Is it comprehensible?


 In the UK are thousands of DJs. So I wanted to take over Fire in The Booth show for three months only. And then leave it on other hands through a competitive show. I want it to make a yearly competitive show.

That is to say, to make ‘Fire in the Booth’ a Show that is reachable by every DJ/MC in the UK.


 Every year a DJ/MC who has novelty, innovation and new ideas in the back of his mind to be able to take over the show.

And my idea is to make it a show that every DJ/MC keeps it just for a year and then leaves it on the hands of someone else the next year.

And so we see movement, we see hope, we see fair share, we see art, we see creativity and we see novelty every single year. As a result, we see a better entertainment industry.


Because innovation is not valued in the entertainment industry. Because the entertainment industry is rotten to the core.

Because the entertainment industry rarely gives opportunities to talented people that are out of their circle. Because people who work in the entertainment industry respect their friends and the friends of their friends. And so they have made an entertainment industry in general that is full of evil and negativity where there is no fair share and no opportunity for these people that they don’t like.


In rap industry they have made their rules. The rules of drugs, guns and violence. So I want to reverse these rules and get rid of these violent messages. I want to bring my ideas with me. Ideas that these rappers that praise guns, knives and glorify violence shouldn’t be allowed at Fire in the Booth, full stop.


Charlie Sloth looks like a real Don Quixote. I say that because he is a fan of Dr Dree, that was part of one of the most violent groups in the world N.W.A. And he wants to repeat this ugly history. He wants to do whatever Dr Dree did in his own time. Therefore, he looks like Don Quixote because he wants to turn the wheel of the present day world backwards.


In one of the messages that he spoke to me on Instagram, he said that I am not responsible for what rappers say at the BBC. As I want to take responsibility for what rappers say at the BBC. I want to criticise them and I want to educate them, not just stand there and praise them like Charlie Sloth does every Saturday night.

That is not acceptable. The fact that when rappers, at the BBC, glorify guns and violence he supports them in what they do. What do you want more then? You invite drug dealers at the BBC, praise them and make them famous. Thank you. That’s all you need. That is what Charlie Sloth does. And that is what I want to change. Namely, I will put things right for the younger generations of the world.

In a few words; ‘My philosophy is that I want to take over ‘Fire in The Booth Show’ and give opportunities, to come and rap or pipe or chant or play with the words, only to those that have creative values and positive vibes. And only to those that use their Human Creative power to make a better world, but not destroy it.’

My philosophy is that I want to make Rap in general an art that inspires goodness, contains human values and entertains the world as well.

My philosophy is that I want to replace the ideology of 2 Pac and MACHIAVELLI, that is a way of thinking in the now and that means that to praise violence is art, to spread hatred is art and everything is art, with my philosophy of MC Keen – Zarathustra. My philosophy intends to entertain the world, to be creative and to have fun. But it condemns those that spread hatred and negativity around the world.

This was my idea in a few paragraphs. I know that you will now say that it is not ‘our job’ to give you this opportunity. But who are those that can give me an opportunity then? Who? Because I live in a world that is rotten to the core in all directions.

Let me tell you that I have explained to Rob Littlejohn my philosophy via email and I begged to him in 2014 and 2015, to give me an opportunity to improve rap. But he instead of giving me an opportunity, he sent me threatening messages on my mobile phone. He silenced me for about one year.


Rob Littlejohn said on my phone this, ‘If I see another tweet with my name in it – you will be dealing with the BBC legal team and police for public slander. Please take this as a final warning. Goodbye.’ And it was a sweet as sugar threat. Thing, which I kept inside me and I felt the pain deep. The pain of being threatened because I wanted to make a better world!

There was no slander in my messages. There was only truth. Jihadi John accusation was true. They made him famous at a time when he was terrorising London. It is true that they make famous drug dealers. It is true that they glamorise a gangster lifestyle. And it is true that they glorify guns and drugs and violence. So Rob Littlejohn simply used the name of the BBC to silence me.

Also at that time I was thinking about suicide. Rob Littlejohn and his threat did that. The BBC did that. And that’s why I have named you ‘fascists’ for a million times on twitter. It was pain and truth that compelled me to say that.


Also I have called the BBC Radio 1Xtra many times. I have tried to keep in touch with some people there. A few producers promised me that they will reply to me but they never did. I have come to protest at the BBC, but no one spoke about it. Why?

Then, where is the opportunity to make a better world? Where is the fair share of Entertainment industry?


Is it comprehensible?


Question; Have I created any show to change rap? Yes I have introduced a ‘Hip-Hop Revolution Show Philosophy in 2015 on an Internet TV station. But it is the big media that controls the mind of the present day people. And whatever you say, whatever you do or make, if you do not take the recognition of the big media, then you are lost. No one listens to you. The big media controls the mind of the people. That is true.


Is it comprehensible?


Did you forget the truth of the matter that we are the products of a violent world? So is it stupid to campaign against some disturbing and ugly messages that the BBC SPREADS? Is it stupid to fight for my principles that oppose your ideas of violence, hatred and brutality?


 Fran O’Brien on her email to me, she said, Your letter is incomprehensible and does not raise any matters that are for the BBC Trust.


Am I incomprehensible? But the proud-to-be drug dealers and gangsters of the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra are they comprehensible?


Am I being incomprehensible? In my open letter to Rona Fairhead, I also sent some video links. I sent some of the videos of the BBC Radio 1Xtra that they have uploaded on YouTube. I sent the links of these videos. These videos showed rappers that glorify guns, drugs and violence.


Did you check the videos? Let’s say that I was incomprehensible. But, how about the videos? Were the videos of Rappers of the BBC that I sent in my Open Letter to you, incomprehensible?


Am I incomprehensible Fran O’Brein?

Don’t you feel guilty for all the misogyny and hatred that BBC radio one and BBC radio 1xtra spread around?


If you people at the top of the BBC have learnt about the art of the sleep. Then have a good sleep.


 But, let me say to you that;


To glorify guns is not art.

To glorify violence is not art.

To glorify hatred is not art.

Art was born to denounce violence, to denounce hatred and to denounce the means that kill humanity.


And David Bohm said that art means to fit. Therefore, what rappers are doing at the BBC Radios does not fit. So it is not art. And if it is  hatred like it is, then it has to change. Down with your hatred, down with your ignorance and down with your evil power. Long lives humanity. Long lives humanism. Long lives truthfulness, freedom and human goodness.


  Now let me add and two more ideas;


 One idea is to create a Hip-Hop Revolution Show Philosophy.


And to explain this philosophy of mine in a few words, then I have to unfold it through four philosophical principles.

That means; to point out, to indicate, to inspire and to show the way to the world, – to tell to the world how things work and what it takes to be an artist.



First: ‘To point out what is right and what is wrong in the rap ideology.’ That means to point out that to glamorize a gangster lifestyle and to promote violence and to praise guns are wrong ideas to do. Because these ideas point out evil, these ideas bring and create evil upon the earth that we share and dwell.



And that’s what evil is. And it is, wrong doing, wrong making and wrong creating. Evil is violence.


Secondly; To indicate the way, to show to the young people but and old rappers also how these things work. To educate them with positive vibes, positive language and positive doings.


Many rappers glorify guns just because they think that in doing so they can catch quickly the attention of the people and so they can sell millions of records. That is their point, to sell records and to buy shoes. They can’t look beyond shoes and money and dancing.


 This action though, shows that they are unaware of human values and humanity. This action shows that they act out of greed and longing for money and power. But like Nietzsche put it, money-power is the power of cowards, but knowledge is the real power. So I mean rappers should start to hit the books and understand by themselves how humans have lived in harmony and how they have destroyed one another.


People have lived in harmony when they have promoted goodness, balance in doings, makings, and humanity.  But humans have destroyed one another when they have started to promote hatred and violence.


So the point is that this kind of violence that the BBC and other big radios or TVs promote is unacceptable and need to be stopped. And the sooner they are stopped, the better the world will be.


Thirdly to inspire the youth and the world through these innovative ideas of positivity, good vibes and good language that spread a happy and optimistic energy on earth. And so show the way through these very ideas. Also, it is important that we get rid of evil ideas. Evil ideas like guns, like drugs, like hatred, like misogyny and other kinds of demeaning language or derogatory terms that many rappers make use.


To sum my idea up, to tell to the world how things work and what it takes to be an artist means to be positive, to be humanist and to be creative for humanity and for our world, which we create it anew with our own hands.


So in a competitive Hip-Hop Revolution show Philosophy, I intend to bring new passions and new powers that have positivity forwards. And through this idea to overcome the 40 years ideology of rap that continues to brings negative powers and passions forwards.


 Second New Idea


My second new idea is to create a show called ‘The Time for Positive Creativity. Where people of any genre and any age and any talent can come to rap, to speak, to recite, to pipe or to sing whatever they like. These people can come with the purpose of spreading a positive energy. And this ‘whatever’ should be based in Positive Creativity ideology.


And positive creativity ideology is based in human goodness and in positive and creative language. Thing which means that you as an editor, Dj, rapper or whatever should not allow ideas of evil to penetrate in the show and so to destroy its basis. You should not allow derogatory or demeaning language in the show.


You should not allow negative language in the show. For it is negative language that spreads negativity in the world. And it is positive language that spreads positivity in the world too.


So let us keep up optimism, good vibes and positive energy. Let us propagate POSITIVE CREATIVITY and make the planet a better place. Less violent and more positive.


 Authors, Thinkers and Politicians that have written and spoken about Hip-Hop Culture and its evil part


The Influence of Rap and Hip-Hop Music; An Analysis on Audience Perception of Misogynistic Lyrics.’ By Gretchen Cundiff.


Using a qualitative content analysis, this research examined how college students perceive and respond to the portrayal of women when exposed to misogynistic lyrics.



Henry A. Rhodes, is a writer and teacher in the United States, at his study ‘The evolution of rap music in the United States, he speaks about three major events which took place in Bronx, New York City and which led to the birth of rap. Also, to the birth of violence and hate.



Rap, Black Rage, and Racial Difference

Steven Best and Douglas Kellner
Enculturation, Vol. 2, No. 2, Spring 1999.

Here you can have a look at the east and west coast murderers, racial hatred, brutality and violence as the essence of it. Steven Best said; ‘Artists living and dying the violent scenarios they were performing.



Is Extremist Hip Hop Helping ISIS? An article written by Hisham Aidi said that ‘After the beheading of Foley, anxieties are building on both sides of the Atlantic on the hip hop connection in European Islam and its recruitment potential into the ranks of ISIS and other jihadist groups in the Middle East and North Africa. 


Street Image Helps a Young Rapper, Until It Doesn’t.

Hip-Hop Star Bobby Shmurda, in Jail, Finds His Label Unsupportive. By JOE COSCARELLI.


This article shows the relations of rap and crime.


‘Judge Rules Suge Knight to Stand Trial for Murder.’ An article written by Jeff nelson. Again this article shows the relations of crime with rap.


‘We Need to Stop Glamorising Gangster Lifestyle’, says Croydon rapper. Written by Gareth Davis on November 2015. This article shows the facts that rappers promote violence.  And their violent messages influence the young generations of now.


With these facts, I want to say that Rap in general brings violent characters forward because at the top of rap industry are people that love violence. And they know that violence catches human attention quickly. But they are okay with that because they make money. Therefore, we live in a world where money is above all and everything.


But, I think that this negative ideology of rap should change its path.


Politicians and Politics.


German officials have tried to indict rappers. French, Canadian and American officials also have tried to do the same thing.


David Cameron in 2006 accused Tim Westwood for encouraging people to carry guns and knives.

French MPs in 2005 accused some rappers in France for inciting racism and hatred. And they said that these rappers that promote violence should be banned from radio play.

‘MP Francois Grosdidier told France-Info radio it was no surprise youths ‘saw red’ after listening to violent lyrics.’ Said BBC News on 24th November 2005.


Running for reelection in 1992, Vice President Dan Quayle urged record stores to stop selling Shakur’s album 2Pacalypse. Now on the ground that its lyrics condoned violence against the police.


Even Russell Brand at his Revolution book said that these messages of guns and violence of 2 Pac and Eminem move fast and stick hard. That is to say that violent messages that the BBC is spreading are moving fast through the fame of the radios and sticking hard in human mind. Consequently these messages make the world more violent and a worse place to live in.


Furthermore, there are millions of facts and articles of men that love peace and harmony that show that rap is degenerating and downgrading the world. And that these violent rappers are inciting violence, disorder and encouraging evil on earth.


The ending point; now that I put the values on the new table. I told you the how, the why and the what. Now it is time that you do your part. Do something about it. Or give me an opportunity to make the planet a better place.



Thus speaks Zarathustra to you folks at the top of the BBC and to the world that is rotten to the core.