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Killer Mike is one of the most violent rappers in the USA. A big evil that preaches hatred. An evil creature that glamorizes a gangster lifestyle, glorifies guns, drugs and violence. Google it. Killer Mike Lyrics.


Now instead of getting criticism for what he does, he gets admiration from the New York Times and Bernie Sanders. This is it! That’s all you want! Politicians, media moguls and thugs working together! That is to say; thugs working with thugs for a better world!


Question: ‘How comes that this violent man, Killer Mike, now he is praised by politics and media? Isn’t all of this just because he has some supporters and these supporters can vote? And is it that politicians are after every source that can bring to them some votes? ‘Votes,’ I said. And the knives behind the back of those who vote these hypocrites. The politicians.


Obviously, whenever you see powerful politicians, you also see powerful media moguls standing behind them like ancient shields. That’s how they consolidate power. They have powerful shields and evil mouths. And now that is election time they seek support from the scum and disgusting ideologies of the present day society. These big evil mouths! Present day media and politics.


Therefore, with whatever sword that you strike these evil beings, their shield is strong. Their evil mouth is big too. The big media shield. The big media mouth. The nocturnal moths and bats that never stop speaking and talking and acting like humans!  The mind controllers. The present day media. The masters of feelings and minds. The true terrorists. The real mafia of the present day world. The big media. The big evil. Bernie Sanders, the New York Times and Killer Mike!



You see? All of a sudden you see Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders. Obviously it’s politics. ‘It’s election time,’ as I said previously. And so the New York Times that benefits from their promotion, now it glorifies the link of the fox and the wolf. Bernie Sanders and Killer Mike. Mafia and terror-spreaders. Or to put it in a better way – the thugs.



This is the now. The hypocrisy is deep. The pain is profound. The ugly actions are everywhere. And now evil is called good and vice versa. Even teens in their slangs now they use the bad as good and vice versa. Yes this the now. Can’t you feel the pain? But pain is not for sheep pain is for humans. Ask yourselves are you a human?



What else do you want on earth to see? This is the so-called apocalypse. A politician like Bernie Sander, that pretends to denounce violence, makes relations with killer Mike, that preaches violence.


And the New York Times. The so-called impartial media! Now it instead of harshly criticizing this hypocrite and dangerous action, it glorifies the bond. Of course the bond of mafia. The mafia of media. The mafia of politics. And the mafia of rap. All working together in concert and with a mission in their minds, to fool the present day sheep and throw dust in their eyes.


Apocalypse. Apocalypse. This is the end of the world. And we are living in the days of an Armageddon. The French Bourgeois of the 19th century are back into being. And this class with its writers, its speakers, its men of talent and ambition, its deputies, generals, bankers, and lawyers, has grouped itself round a New Yorker journal, – the New York Times. The Mafia.


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