Brendan Cox: “2016 can be a wake-up call”

 Well let me begin to analyze the main parts of his speech.

 “Jo loved Christmas, the games, the traditions, the coming together of friends and family and above all the excitement of our kids.” He said.

 Mr. Cox tells me here what a good human character stands for. And this character was his wife – a brilliant visionary woman called, Jo Cox. A woman that lost her life while fighting with her soul and heart and head to better our humanity.

 The beginning of the speech also shows me what unites us. That is Family. On the one hand, our little family with brothers and sisters and kids and wives. And on the other hand, our traditions and our bigger family that is society.


“Society!” Did I just say? A society that has lost sense of its humanity. A society that is totally alienated and money-oriented. Like it is money that created us! And not we and our virtue that created money.

 A society that is about to lose its essence. For human essence is in seeing the world as a family and the family as part of the world. But our society is turning a blind eye to the things that matter.

And to be honest, it seems that our society is forgetting the bloodshed of the past in order to repeat it in the present!

Now, the reason of why I loved Mr. Cox’s speech is this human unity that he shows in it. His little family that is connected to the society. That is our bigger family. And our bigger family that affected the happiness of his family.

One among “US” or among our society took his wife away so soon and so brutally. So destroying the happiness of the little family of Brendan Cox forever. Murdering a living soul that was working to make our bigger family a better family. A war-hearted woman that wouldn’t hurt a fly.

 Here I wanted to make the point that we are connected to one another so intricately. That the saying of Buddha that goes “all is one,” makes perfect sense to me.

For we share being on earth and we share nothingness as well.

For how can one deny the fate of humanity? Unless one is not aware of being a human among other humans.

 So Brendan Cox went on and said: “2016 has been an awful year for our family, and it’s been a divisive one for the wider world. A year in which fascism, xenophobia, extremism and terrorism made us divided and felt threatened, from America, to Europe, to the Middle East and beyond.”

 What I like of Mr. Cox in here again is that in showing his pain, he also manifest the pain of an entire humanity. For hatred, that killed his wife, the magnificent Jo Cox, is in the same time killing and dividing an entire humanity. That is our bigger family.

 Einstein once said, “love is the answer.” And no doubt that love and unity are ideals where we must stick forever.

But, however, the question here is how to defeat a neo-fascism that wants the world under its clutches?

A neo-fascism that cries for blood and violence. As we cry for love, unity and understanding.

 Although, here is something that Brendan Cox leaves unsaid either unwittingly or on purpose.

 For I have a question here, “Who gave birth to these neo-fascist movements? To these violent groups that are cropping up every now and then all across Europe and America?


And the answer is that “the ones who gave birth to them are the ones who pretend to be the bearers of today standards – the Big Media.

For whenever that an immigrant happens to do something bad in Europe or USA, they make a mountain out of a mole hill. They create an entire movie out of something that needs merely a description and leaving the authorities and laws do their job.

So big media monopolies begin exaggerating and exaggerating and exaggerating things until they make people feel threatened through exaggerated and manipulated facts.  

This way of thinking increases the blood-level in the people’s veins above tolerance And thus at the end, they achieve finally to inspire hatred.

And it is at this moment that ordinary  people begin to act on a mission. That is, they become xenophobic and hateful towards immigrants and foreigners. for they demand to save their nations from those that media monopolies describes as terrorists and criminals. 

Hurray for hatred then! For at the end we have the HATE SPEECH of MEDIA MONOPOLIES become HATE CRIME. Thank you much. 

Therefore, the today chauvinists are the pupils of the today bearers of standards. And the latter are but the greedy bears of the big media.

And all they want is but money while sucking the blood of the poor and of the wretched immigrants. That are attacked by all sides. And can’t find a place to call home thanks to the hatred of the billionaire European media monopolies. 


So it comes to pass that Big Media wants to sell stories. And to hate the immigrants is what sells, gentlemen.

So the media monopolies are the ones who hate and the ones who again pretend to be saving society from hatred! Isn’t this just too ridiculous, then?


Therefore, dear reader, I understand why Brand Cox, if he is the writer of his speech, leaves Big Media out of the picture that matters to be mentioned here.

And he does that because Big Media is the one giving him fame. Big media is making his voice being heard. The same big media that, on the other side, is using police and security power to silence my voice, the voice of an immigrant and thinker, by force.


 Mr. Cox went on saying, And these trends could strengthen – they could gain momentum they could consolidate and they could threaten the fundamental freedoms, and democracy that our grandparents fought for.”


We know that that is true. Evil can strengthen and trump good. Form we remember the beautiful past. The evil force and power of the Nazis and Fascists. And before them, we remember the English killing the French and vice versa, don’t we?

And we remember, the French hating the Germans and vice versa. And the English setting the Germans against the French and the French against the Germans and so on. We remember all the great past, don’t we?

This is then, our brilliant European history that is but a nausea. And that we don’t want to be repeated.

 And so Brendan Cox said, “But that isn’t how it has to be.” And I agree.

 Just as it has become apparent that tolerance and tolerant societies are only as strong as their defenders – there is nothing inevitable about the rise of hatred.

Instead of being a turning point for the worse, 2016 could be a wake-up call that brings us back together.

A wake-up call for all those of us who thought that the  values that feel so much part of our society; of tolerance, of fair play – were in some way sacrosanct and didn’t need defending.”


Here again, I want to point out his brilliant idea of tolerance and defending values and trying to unite us through our values. 

 For we are and have to be tolerant in what we think that is not destructive to our common good. And we come together or unite as humans because of our common good and common human fate. 

And therefore, for our common good and common values, we must defend our dwelling place from evil, and wild animals. Who spread hate and racism. 

 But what is evil, anyways?

An American philosopher said that evil is just the…

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