Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to concentrate on your task. We must shut down social media.

For, I woke up and said, “I am going to read and write and perfect my ideas of my upcoming book called, How To Change The World.” But…

But, now look how things turned around. I opened twitter and on my homepage popped up a tweet of a man who was following, a former congressman in the USA. And I was following him back. Nothing wrong with that!

However, what struck me more than his message about the refugees and his love for the Daily Mail, was his profile picture, “The New Voice of FREEDOM!” Beautiful, isn’t it? Not that beautiful though if one thinks that “Freedom is Slavery.”

Well, let us get straight into the essence of why I am writing this article.

Joe Walsh had tweeted an article of the Daily Mail. The latter is a neo-fascist and totally prejudiced newspaper. And in there seem to work some pre-selected power-hungry animal journalists. Some journalists who take thousands of pounds for writing a newspaper article!And that are funded to fund hatred by big corporations.

And for “money” these pseudo journalists and writers will not only despise the refugees and denigrate them as humans, not only will they smear their dignity. Not only will they paint all refugees with the same brush. But they also, for MONEY, they will kill these refugees with their own hands. And when they have killed all of them. They will turn their knives against their nationals and put their mothers and sisters and fathers and families in the market to sell them in Soho or Mayfair London. This is what these materialist, inhumane criminal-like journalists are deep in their essence of doing and thinking.

For these journalists of Daily Mail are not human beings. They can’t be as such. They feed on human flesh like cannibals. They feed on human blood like being vampires or mosquitoes. They exit in this way. They live in this way. They breathe in this way. That is by prejudice and hypocrisy. And that’s why they are called “The Daily Mail, the Daily fail or the Daily neo-Nazis.”

For they appeal to an uneducated and ignorant European mob. A mob that goes to be exploited from morning till mid-night at the greedy capitalists. The same capitalists who have been exploiting and enslaving and raping their human dignity for more than 500 hundred years.   And they still shut their mouth up and say; “War is Peace.”

A European-American-English mob that the only thing that they know is work, drink and get dressed. Alas, for our world and our humanity.

So this sheep-like English and European-American mob think that the problem here are not the greedy Big Capitalists who are waging wars for oil and gas all around the planet. No. They think that the problem here is the poor and wretched immigrants who are caught in the middle of fire. Immigrants that are killed in middle east every now and then when NATO misses the target. And immigrants who are terrorized by the hades-like, hell-like, devil-like, terrorist-like journalists of the Daily mail or Daily Neo-Nazis!

And here it is what these daily Neo-Nazis of the Daily Mail say;

….government officials have said the country, which accepted nearly 900,000 migrants last year, many from the war-torn Middle East, lies in the ‘crosshairs of terrorism.’

Here they interrelate the migrants with the terrorists. They do not speak the truth that we are going to wage wars in the Middle East. They don’t say that we are in a war with the terrorists. And that we must be more vigilant as a NATION or as a Western World. No. Their purpose is not to appeal to reason. Their purpose is to make money and sell their articles and stick to the lies rather than to the truth.


In writing in this way, they, the journalists of the Daily Mail, first, appeal to ignorance. And we know from Orwell that ignorance is strength! And secondly they enormously hit the SUBCONSCIOUSNESS of the people. Their ideas stick in people’s minds like shoe repair glue in connecting two ripped off parts of a shoe.

So, in people’s sub-consciousness sleep like a poisonous snake under a bush “the hatred against “IMMIGRANTS.” Hatred of the Daily Mail turns into a sleeping poisonous snake of people’s subconsciousness. And we learnt from an American psychiatrist called, Milton H. Ericsson who suggested that “subconsciousness is more powerful than consciousness itself.” It is what leads you to work everyday without you knowing how or being conscious of it. This is the Daily Mail. They lead people to crime and hate without people being aware about “the What or the How!”


So whenever these people listen that one man who committed this crime was an immigrant. They think that they must go and kill these immigrants. So the poisonous snakes wake up from under the bush of people’s sub-consciousness and go to poison innocent refugees. We have seen how many crimes are being committed against the faultless and virtuous immigrants who work day and night to serve food and clean the streets of the U.K and of the EU.



No. Because they are sheep-like people. They think that these people who are committing crimes are immigrants. They don’t see them as “the soldiers of Daesh” against whose we are going to wage wars. No. Because the reason of a mob that reads the Daily Mail does not speak reason and truth. They think like the Germans thought when Hitler announced that “Jews” must be killed.”

So the poisonous little snakes that live in the people’s subconsciousness show up every now and then. We see hate crimes against immigrants. We see people going to kill innocent Muslims. We see people beating and kicking and punching blameless refugees in Europe and USA. We see neo-fascist and neo-nazi movements cropping up like little mushrooms after a heavy rain. Every now and then. And we see the DAILY MAIL and their cronies on Big Media appealing to these people’s subconsciousness thus “HURRAY FOR DEATH.”

Hurray for death then. Let us go and kill refugees. Now, I am going to buy a gun and shoot at all immigrants. But first I must shoot at myself. Because I am an immigrant myself. And I know the pain of an immigrant. To come here to do the worst jobs. To dream to change the world. To work in the most fair way to change the world. To be fought by all sides. To be silenced by force like the BBC and the FOX TV have done to me. And on the top of that to be called the “BAD GUY.” When the bad it is they who are using force and lies and sophistry to silence REASON. You get me? They use FORCE TO SILENCE REASON. And they have learnt how to do that from past Nazis and past imperialists.


The headline of the Daily Mail, Daily Neo-Nazis goes like this;

‘ISIS terrorist’ who killed 12 after hijacking HGV, murdering driver and ploughing into Berlin Christmas market is ‘a Pakistani asylum seeker, 23, who has only been in Germany for few months.”

 You see? From the headline they appeal to ignorance and a scary, hair-raising mob. Those who will kill you with the stones if there was not that OPPRESSIVE English law in place.


But let me tell explain this again in different words. When one refugee happens to do something, it is just a single case. A refugee does not represent all refugees. And if he has come in as a terrorist from the very beginning then he is a “Trojan Horse” put by the Daesh. We are in war with Daesh. We are going to kill them everyday with air strikes. So we must expect that they will retaliate. That is logical. Isn’t it?


But should we refer to “the soldiers of terrorists” as being refugees? No. Absolutely no. We must say simply that another terrorist achieved to retaliate. We failed to protect ourselves. And we failed to understand that saying of Frederick Engels who said that the only war that is justifiable is “Self-Protection.”


So when you go to kill. You must expect to get killed. What do you think that others on the other side of the planet don’t have a heart, a soul and a mind like we have? Are you mad, or what? Or are you crying for more blood for the innocent people, like the Daily Neo-Nazi mail is doing in speaking against the poor and wretched Refugees?




So, we, first, must not go and wage wars in Middle East and kill innocent people out there. Unless that the truth is like it is that we wage wars to absorb “Labor power.” And we wage wars for precious commodities to overfill out Christmas market and the belly of the journalists of the Daily Mail,


Secondly let us be more vigilant as people. Let us all protect one another and the world. Let us make a citizen arrest when we see something suspicious. And more importantly let us use reason over ignorance and trump hatred with good actions. This is the solution for a better world. Not blame the immigrants and cry for blood like the wolves of the Daily, Neo-Nazi, Mail.


Now here is what the former American congressman said;

( Remember, the example of the snake sleeping under the bush of people’s subconsciousness. Here is the poisonous snake inspired by the Daily Mail.”

Joe Walsh ‏@WalshFreedom  6h6 hours ago

12 now dead in Berlin, 48 injured. Afghan Muslim refugee in Germany was the driver. Want more refugees, Germany? (and below this tweet was the article of the Dail Neo-Nazi Mail. What a shame for this former congressman!”

My reply to him

No. We don’t want any more refugees. Let us go and kill them in their homeland and kill them in here too. Don’t be a barbarian please.

@WalshFreedom Further, it is a case. (I meant is just a single case happening.) One person happens to be a refugee. They are not spreading Hate and Crime like @BBCR1 and call hate and crime lyrics Art.

@WalshFreedom And I feel sorry for you! You have such a great picture, “….Freedom.” (I meant about his profile picture on which was written, “The New Voice of Freedom.” Shame) I guess, you think like the @BBC “Freedom is Slavery.”


I said to him this because only last week on 9th December 2016 a gang member who listens to the BBC’s radios shot dead another gang member in my area in London. Where do these guys take their ideas of guns and thug-life and killing? How many gang-rap related deaths have happened during 2016 only? Many.


So, they take these ideas from the famous rappers and Dj/Journalists of the BBC who are calling thug-life art. Who are spreading violence with lyrics of hate and crime and are calling it art. The same DJ/Journalists who are silencing my voice by force etc..


But this is something that you can talk about. Because you see hatred coming out of a single institution. You see them not taking responsibility for that. You see them silencing your voice by FORCE and Reputation. Fact. It is my case.


You see them calling thug life art because in doing so they catch the attention of the people and sell millions of records. And in selling, they make lots of money. And so you blame them for seeing thugs in London and across Europe imitating the thugs of the BBC.

But you cannot blame the entire refugees because the soldiers of DAESH are attracting us.

However, the Daily Mail like the daily BBC they want money and death.

Hurray for more money for the Daily Mail then. For more money for the DJ/journalists of the BBC. And hurray for more deaths among us poor and wretched people of an unjust, unfair and cruel world.







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