Ancient Greeks called thinking “a techne”. And I think that they did so because in thinking and through thinking one brings order from chaos. In thinking and through thinking one puts his chaotic ideas in order. And, at last, in thinking and through thinking one comes to the ideals of truth, peace and humanity.

So now let me make a few questions: Who is leading the world with ideas? Who is holding the torch of ideas and education? The church? Politicians who come and go? Or Journalists of the big media? In short, who is controlling information and being heard?

Those who are being heard and those who are holding the torch of ideas and education are called today Journalists or ancient and middle-age priests. So the latter have created a Big Media that is there only for them and for those who think like they think. And for sure for those who preach guns and terror. So the old leads forever.

The Rappers of BBC Radio One, for instance, are there to make journalists of the big media appear good and just! To appear, bigger and greater than the thugs, I mean. So the world can see a difference between a journalist with a suit and a thug with sagged pants!

Now, to come to the point, how do the journalists of the big media influence and lead and educate the world? Very simple. They do educate and lead the world through certain ideals that they continually promote through the Big Media’s reputation.

Well, but what are these ideals that these bearers of standards or dictator of ideas do promote then?

The first ideal that they promote is the ideal of Thug-Life. And they do promote this ideal through big radios like BBC Radio One, Kiss FM UK, Capital Xtra and so on. There you see rappers or thugs telling stories of how they bang their guns and how much they love knife crime! And violence, in essence. So they pervade the soul of humanity with violence.

Good ideal, isn’t it? But it makes millions for the BBC in selling CDs though. So what makes money is good and great for these journalists of the big media then! Ohoooo! Greatness!

The second ideal that the journalists of the Big Media promote is called Prostitution. They promote it by not denouncing it and by portraying it with positive metaphors!

In the U.K prostitution is legal. That means you can exchange sexual pleasure for money. And you can open a public house to do that as well under the name of “Massage parlour.” For police and law will turn a blind eye for that despite that in some cases prostitution still is illegal. Or you can even use your house as such, and so carry on with pimping of women.

Recently this thing is getting out of hand though for we see even men entering the porn industry to pimp themselves! So whatever brings money home is called good in the present day world! Just like it is with thug-life so it is with prostitution.

Thirdly, it is the ideal of oppression. That means that whomever disagrees with the Journalists of the Big Media must not take an opportunity to express their ideas on Big Media studios! Whomever thinks differently from big cronies like Nick Robinson or Andrew Neil or Jeremy Paxman must be oppressed! So they think!

Therefore, a question comes into my mind and ask: Can one hope to see a better world when you see ideals of Thug-life and prostitution and oppression being promoted?

My answer; You can’t hope for a better world when you promote the worst ideals that are possible. For it is ideals that we hold high that educate the world. And it is the same ideals that lead the world too.


So then to live in love and peace means to promote love and peace. To live in the house of good means to promote goodness among all people. Similarly to live in the house of evil means to promote ideals that make this house evil. Evil LIKE our today world is. A world that promotes ideals of Thug-Life, Prostitution, Oppression and even worse. That is wars.

And all these ideals that I mentioned here are promoted from the head of gods or Big Media headquarters that hold the torch of ideals through big media’s reputation. And that’s why I blame these cronies or journalists of the big media for what happened in Manchester. For they alter the character of men through the ideals that they promote.

And to be true, the educated by the journalists of the big media animal, who carried the bomb in Manchester, was born and bred in the U.K. And a man that is born and bred here is educated by the culture of this place. And the nucleus of the U.K culture is Violence promoted by the big media. Thing which forms your character and shapes your way of thinking.

Congratulations to the journalists of the big media then and to their ideals – thug-life, prostitution, oppression and more….

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