It is hard to believe that we live in the fear of bombs and oppression. For the latter is logical the need for security increases the prospects of oppression.

However, it is and stupid to not accept the fact that what happens affects us either subconsciously or consciously.


How my Thinking, Writing and Acting turns into thinking and writing and speaking then?


In the morning of the day that I heard of the Manchester terrorist attack I was preparing to go with my “CreativeismMovementShow” in front of the Global Radio. Why? Because they promote gun crime through some radios that they control. Like Capital Xtra and Kiss FM UK etc. They literally appeal to guns and violence but they call it art!


They do it for money’s sake, of course. Because the preaching of hate sells millions of CDs for the big radios! You see? And they also have made big radios only for themselves for the same reason! That is to protect their corrupted ideas of thug-life and terror. Good, isn’t it?


But what did I do when I heard of the terrorist attack then? I postponed the show for the coming week. I thought that it is better to think and create more. And so respect what happened by quitting for now my activist and pacifist ideas.


However, I expressed my ideas through two videos on periscope. Where I blamed the journalists of the big media for what happened. And these facts and reason you will read on my upcoming article, for sure.


“So now you see how my thinking, writing and acting turns into thinking and writing and speaking because of what happened.”


Why didn’t I go to central London even though I wanted to go and the face big radios?


So then I woke up and went to drink a coffee two zones far from my area. Why? For many reasons.


But three of them were the truth that the closer you come to central London the more dangerous it becomes. The closer you come to central London the more crazy and homeless people you see. And my area, that is in zone two, is full of two kinds of people that come to grow in numbers everyday the more – homeless people and crazy people.


I hope I could help all of them. But you can’t become a Mother Theresa in a world of misers and hypocrites. In a world where hungry animals fight for money and power and not for truth and humanity. So we need universal awareness. And for that reason is needed the creative individual.


For, we don’t need money and power to become humans. We rather need true ideas and understand that serving is a value not a shame.


So you want sometimes to mingle among peaceful people and quieter areas for the sake of peace and creativity. Or just for the sake of the need to create and so help a helpless world. Don’t we understand that it is “ideas” that lead the world? Therefore, that means that we need better and new ideas in the ever-changing reality of being and nothingness.


Was I becoming a coward then in avoiding central London? No. I just went to have a coffee at a place where I used to live for three years. A place that is more peaceful than the rest of London at least. However, on the evening of same day I went to work a night shift in central London. So I served again.


Therefore, subconsciously or consciously, I didn’t want to go in central London. Not only because of the bombs, but and because of the other idea that I didn’t want to see the soldiers with big guns. However, at the end I had to go and work. And so I went.


But never forget that what happens affects us in direct or indirect way. That’s why listen and learn and stand up for the ideals that we were supposed to stand. Like truth, peace, goodness and equality. Stand up for a better world!

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