The First Thing that I want to bring and give and change is the idea that I want extensive participation of present day creative artists.


What is this mad doing and thinking that is happening here? I have ten years trying to express a few creative ideas for change and innovation. But whenever I go I see some idealess DJ-Journalists, who found everything ready, telling me that I have no rights to participate in modern history with creative ideas!! Are you mad? Or what? What is happening here? 1984 on its way?



What I said can become real or take existence only in creating weekly shows on big radios. For the latter control entertainment industry through their reputation. Not me, not you. It is Big Radios. That’s the truth. And so then we bring today creative underground artists forward to express their creative ideas, pain and philosophies, that make them artists.


And at last, in this way of thinking we can have participation. And so end oppression of ideas and end muzzling creative minds. Is that fair and innovative?


I can pave the way with my Creativeism Movement Show. That means the movement of ideas. And that implies a special creative difference. That is whomever wants to participative in modern history with creative ideas must not be oppressed.


Do big Radios have no time? Create first a show that is based on the ideas of giving opportunities to creative minds then we talk. For you haven’t got a show based on this idea. So how dare you say we have no time then?


Second Thing that I want to change is the never-changing 2 PAC- Machiavelli Ideology of the Big Radios.


I want big radios to stop working with this 2 PAC Machiavelli ideology. An ideology that is based on the philosophy of glamorizing gangs and guns to catch fame and make money.


For they, most of the artists that Dj-Journalists promote on big radios like Stormzy and Devlin, are literally appealing to gun and knife crime and violence. Just read their lyrics to see the truth. Or check out my blog called “ideasncreativity” to see more facts.


Therefore, that means that they are not mirroring and reflecting reality in a way that they denounce violence. Rather they are glamorizing gun and knife crime for money and fame’s sake. And Steven best, an American philosopher, suggested the same. So I want change on this way of thinking and doing and bring positive artists forwards.


Remind you, that positivity is based in positive creativity. And positive creativity is based on positive thinking and doing.


Third Thing: It is called Competitions and Movement for Fairness’ sake.


So, I want yearly competitions and movement. That means yearly competitions of talented djs, rappers, presenters, producers, and so on.


And I want to point the idea of movement in here, that is an original quality of the beings of being. And that means that in creating yearly competitive shows we make the world move. We make creative minds move and set them in motion. We give them hope. Instead of making everything for the 2% of today artists through whom some want to control the world. Instead of that, we make the world fair, make it move and competitive.


So in this way of doing and thinking we neither oppress nor drown out today artists who want to participate in modern history through multidimensional forms of art and creativity.


And so then, in making the world move, fair and just, we re-create it anew in the ever-changing reality of being and nothingness.