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Dear Fascists of BBC, Nick Robinson and Jeremy Paxman.

I hope that you Jeremy Paxman felt good when Russell Brand magnified you at his Revolution Book, and described you as a great man who is able to eat secretaries and… but to be honest and based in your actions I see you as a hypocrite and fascist.

I hope also that you Nick Robinson felt good, (oh what a big smile that it was when you took that picture with that Jayda Fransen and all the while pretending that you didn’t know who she was! When the world knows that she urges violence just like fascists did in their beginning and even worse.) when you took a selfie with that fascist activist.

I hope that you two, you little fascists of BBC, feel good into your irrational animal consciousness. I hope that you feel great; I hope that you feel just like those famous characters of the past, like Tartuffe of Molière felt or Macbeth of Shakespeare felt.

I hope that you feel that great.

But, l as a rational animal want to make you a few questions.

First; ‘How good is it for you to walk up and down and to and fro at BBC and never talk about things that matter?

Secondly; how good is it for you two to turn a blind eye at all things that matter?


How comes that Charlie Sloth wanted to make famous at BBC the greatest terrorist of all times that is Jihadi John and that this man, this Jihadi John was terrorizing the world while he was in London? And this man, this Jihadi John, also was known at IM5 and still this Charlie Sloth wanted to make him famous and played his song ‘Gloobers’, that was full of violent lyrics, at BBC 1Xtra and Radio One! Is that a great art to rap? Because out there are millions that can rap, out there are millions that can do just that, but the opportunity goes only to those that praise drugs and guns.

And it is a philosophy behind that, it is the famous idea that violence catches the attention (you can see my Hip-Hop Revolution for more information) and through this very old idea, they sell their records or CDs and fulfill their animal desires to have as much money as they can and create as much disorder as they can in the same time.


How comes that you never condemn this evil doings of BBC 1Xtra and Radio One? Can’t you see that this Charlie Sloth and his cronies have no logics and no love for the meaning of the artist and no love for the meaning of creativity?

How comes that you two never denounce this Charlie Sloth and never say that is time for another one to come and take over his job as long as he is empty in his mind and has no respect for our planet that we share and has no respect for our values that we have?


How comes that Rob Littlejohn, the editor of BBC Radio One and BBC 1Xtra, sent threatening messages on my mobile phone, on December 2014, saying that ‘If I continued to mention his name then I had to deal with BBC Legal Team or Police!

When all I did was that I criticized him for spreading misogyny and hatred at BBC Radio 1Xtra and Radio One. Also I suggested to him a Hip-Hop Revolution Show Philosophy where rappers that praise guns and violence shouldn’t be allowed at all and so we give them a lesson and to the world a message and in this way we inspire younger generations to create in a different way and get rid of GUNS and Violent ideas all together.

My facts were based on many rappers, but to give you a few examples;

A rapper that they made famous recently called Stormzy goes there, at Ministry of Truth or BBC, and says with full passions of hatred and negativity; ‘Put down the gun, put down the knife let’s have a fight? And so encouraging people to carry guns and knives.

Another rapper called Mic Righteous that they made famous again goes at BBC, Fire in the Booth Cypher 2014, and says; ‘Hello Obama. I’m Bin Laden up in London. And this shows not only disrespect for these soldiers that have been mutilated and mangled and lost their arms and legs or that lost their lives all together trying to catch this terrorist, but this shows also that this Mic Righteous becomes an inspiration for those that still respect Bin Laden and are thinking to commit terrorist acts around Europe.

Another rapper called Meridan Dan was literally terrorizing London with his messages praising guns and violence and selling drugs and fighting with gangs around London and when I criticized him last year on twitter he removed the video from YouTube that showed that. But still this Ministry of Truth or BBC made him famous playing his songs and inviting him at BBC every now and then.

The truth is that UK Press has made him a hero too, and has made him appear as a good man while I as a rapper and artist that I’m trying to bring some creativity and goodness and entertainment without hatred get threats and they try to use BBC Legal Team and Police to silence me, when it is this Rob Littlejohn and his 1000 drug dealers that offend police everyday and offend justice and humanism everyday.

Men these things that are happening to me are not only ridiculous and preposterous, but also ugly and monstrous just like things that happened to artists at the time of Hitler.

Furthermore these journalists of UK Press that praise to the skies these drug dealers and criminals that glorify guns and violence, don’t they do it for money?

Aren’t they greedy just like that character, Uncle Goriot of Honoré De Balzac was?

And you, you two, you Jeremy Paxman and Nick Robinson aren’t you like these greedy creatures that think only for their tummy?

Is that so, that Freedom of Criticism exists only for you famous creatures whether you are drug dealers or journalists or writers or whatever?

To me it seems that once you are famous you have the rights to talk and also only then, only then you can be heard, otherwise you get threats like I got from the editor of BBC Radio One and Radio 1Xtra. And sure no one listens to you if you have not come from the Ministry of Truth BBC or other UK and USA Media Moguls.

This consciousness of the people of now that respect all what comes from the Media Tycoons seems to me like a 1984 of Orwell dystopian style and way of living.

I’m at pains to point out humanism and creativity as a different way of thinking of what has been so far. I am at pains to point out that humanism means to be, to exist, to listen, to learn and in listening and learning to create, but create what? It means to create based in human goodness and that means to create for a world where we all fit.

So it means that to create hip-hop lyrics that glorify guns and violence is a pure evil. And it is a common sense; it shouldn’t take me a war of 10 years in order to explain this common sense. But yes this the world. No one listens to you when you are a working class man and not educated in those universities like yours. So I’m an uneducated man that loves books and loves listening and learning, but not an educated man that studied at universities like you.

The last question;

Do you think that to be part of BBC, and allow such violence and brutality to be spread around doesn’t make you guilty and doesn’t make you in description just like fascists and Nazis of the past were? And that they were wise just like you, that is a fact, and that they did not condemn violence and hatred just like you do, and that they did ignore truthfulness just like you two do and that is a fact too.

Yes, your silence makes you guilty, to not condemn violence makes you guilty, and to not condemn these ugly messages that praise and glorify guns and human destruction makes you guilty also.

Two plus two make four and not five, so it means that you are guilty and should do something about this social cancer that BBC Radio 1Xtra and Radio One is spreading around the planet. And as long as you continue to idle your days away at BBC and squash water while youngsters of the world kill one another based in these guns and drugs and violent messages that BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1xtra spreads, then you are both, but fascists and hypocrites.

Also, I’m not coming with empty hands; I have my philosophy ready for change, ready to bring and to bring goodness, truthfulness and entertainment in the same time. I have ready my subjective objectivity and objective subjectivity to explain.

So I wait your call to come and talk to BBC and talk truthfulness and wisdom. I wait your call and come to BBC to explain my philosophy that is about art, creativity and positivity based in the greatest value of humanism and that is human goodness.

Yours Sincerely

DJ MC Keen


Planet Earth.

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