The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways, the point, however, is to change it.


Karl Marx, Theses of Feuerbach.


So just like Karl Marx put it in world’s philosophy, so it is with rap’s world.


I mean many politicians, writers, simple citizens and important people around the world have tried to explain the evil of rap. But no one has ever created a philosophy of how to change it.



Hip-Hop cropped up out of poverty and madness. And at that moment in time art and particularly music was flourishing in the USA. With the advent of the seventies, people were getting into music, dancing and going to clubs. Times were changing fast and those who invented Rap; they didn’t take it out of nothing, because music and art was already there. They just listened and learnt how to put tow words together and speak over the hip-hop beat.


This kind of art one the one hand it was good because it entertained people. But on the other hand people, and especially the impressionable young minds, had to listen to the lyrics that spoke about guns, drugs and violence. And this was its very bad side. Its message was bad for the world and it is becoming worse at this moment in time.


Their message has now formed and created an evil religious character. Where to be a famous rapper now it also means to be a gangsta or at least to be able and play it gangsta!



So they inspire the youngsters of the world with their brutal lyrical content. Consequently making the world a worse place.


 Rap came from the ghettos of New York City. That means that those who began to rap had no idea of poetics or literature or humanism. But they had some knowledge of djing. And through the art of djing and in listening and learning from the lyrics of the famous singers of their time, they began to toast and boast and rap. So rap came into being.


Some of the famous names that created rap were DJ Kool Herc, Africa Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash. All of them were gangster and loved guns, drugs and violence.


The rappers that went on their footpath and went from bad to worse were Dr Dree, 2 Pac, B.I.G, Eminem and others. Tim Westwood also, in the past he pushed and worked hard to spread their evil message around the world through the reputation of the BBC. The reputation of the BBC that rends rocks! And now DJ Charlie Sloth is doing just the same – he is trying to perpetuate a Gangster Lifestyle in the human mind. And he is doing that at the BBC radio one and BBC radio 1xtra.


At their joint work, ‘Rap, Black Rage, and Racial Difference’

Steven Best said; ‘Artists living and dying the violent scenarios they were performing.

So that is the truth. Dr Dree was and is a true thug. He has been part of NWA. That was one of the most dangerous groups in the world. 2 Pac was a criminal. He was a proud-to-be a thug.  B.I.G was a criminal and a proud to be a thug too. Snoop Dog has killed a human being. He is a true criminal; he didn’t do it for self-defense because he has been a thug for life. He has been spreading a message of guns and drugs and violence from his beginning and till today that I am speaking.  And Eminem is a criminal that has not committed a crime as yet. But that loves guns and violence just like the 2 Pac and B.I.G did love guns and violence.



 So, what artists were they then? The artists that in every sentence make use of the offensive and negative words like ‘bitch and nigga.’

The artists that use negative language and create negative actions?

The artists that proudly spread misogyny and hatred around the world?

The artists that never think of the legacy that they should leave behind?

The artists that want to destroy the essence of humanism and humanity?

The artists of evil and hate?


If that is so as the facts show. Then they are evil. Their ideas are made of evil and Machiavellian values. Ideas that Machiavelli said at the Prince ‘be evil but pretend to be good.




Consequently, 2 Pac was a Machiavellian follower. He was as such artist. B.I.G was from the same stock. And Eminem, that is proud of being a fan of the 2 Pac and that he even wrote a letter to 2 Pac’s mum expressing his appreciation about Pac culture.  He is just like 2 Pac, B.I.G. and other ugly hypocrites that wanted and want to destroy the world. For they want imbue the spirit of the young people with evil and negativity. That is, with guns, drugs and violence. Because violence is evil.


So what kind of artists were they that love violence and hatred?


Hip-Hop Revolution Show Philosophy


My philosophy is made of four philosophical principles.

That means; to point out, to indicate, to inspire and to show the way to the world, – to tell to the world how things work and what it takes to be an artist.



First: ‘To point out what is right and what is wrong in the rap ideology.’ That means to point out that to glamorize a gangster lifestyle and to promote violence or to praise guns are wrong ideas to do. Because these ideas point out evil. These ideas bring and create evil upon the earth that we share and dwell.



And that’s what evil is. And it is, wrong doing, wrong making and wrong creating. Evil is violence.


Secondly; To indicate the way, to show to the young people but and old rappers also how these things work. To educate them with positive vibes, positive language and positive doings.


Many rappers glorify guns just because they think that in doing so they can catch quickly the attention of the people and so they can sell millions of records. That is their point, to sell records and to buy shoes. They can’t look beyond shoes and money and dancing!




This action though, shows that they are unaware of human values and humanity. This action shows that they act out of greed and longing for money and power. But like Nietzsche put it, money-power is the power of cowards, but knowledge is the real power. So I mean rappers should start to hit the books and understand by themselves how humans have lived in harmony and how they have destroyed one another.


People have lived in harmony when they have promoted goodness, balance in doings, makings, and humanity.  But humans have destroyed one another when they have started to promote hatred and violence.


So the point is that this kind of violence that the BBC and other big radios or TVs promote is unacceptable and need to be stopped. And the sooner they are stopped, the better the world will be.


Thirdly to inspire the youth and the world through these innovative ideas of positivity, good vibes and good language that spread a happy and optimistic energy on earth. And so show the way through these very ideas. Also, it is important that we get rid of negative ideas. Negative ideas like guns, drugs, hatred, misogyny and other kinds of demeaning language or derogatory terms that many rappers make use.


To sum my idea up, to tell to the world how things work and what it takes to be an artist means to be positive, to be humanist and to be creative for humanity and for our world, which we create it anew with our own hands.


So in a competitive Hip-Hop Revolution show Philosophy, I intend to bring new passions and new powers that have positivity forwards. And through this idea to overcome the 40 years ideology of rap that continues to brings negative powers and passions forwards. And so put a poetic, artistic and literary mood into the hip-hop lyrics.


This is my hip-hop revolution show Manifesto, therefore,





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