‘Active Reason is aware of itself merely as ‘an individual,’ and must, being such, demand and bring its reality in an other.’

Hegel, ‘ Dialectic and the Science of Logic.’

So my first reason is this, to bring my humanistic awareness to others, to humanity in general, to younger generations and to those that pretend to be artists. Also to those that are the fans of these assumed artists and that follow them religiously.

And also show to rappers and show to the world that the meaning of humanism is not drug-deal-ism, nor terror-ism, that is to say to praise and glorify guns and violence and human destruction. And show that the meaning of Humanism is not a Machiavellian ideology, that is to say, to aim to come at the top either by good or by evil and at all costs.


Second reason is because I have what it takes and I can show you how it works. I can show you how rap was, how rap is and the way that I want it.

Rap was praising guns and Violence at the beginning of its history in 1970s. Rap has done so throughout its violent history and continues to do so to this day.

But I want rap to follow a different path and a different way, that is to say, I want rap to be with art creativity and positivity in its heart, so to speak.

I want rap to be with positive vibes and with positive language, positive creativity and creative positivity.

That first means to get rid of the ideas that glorify guns and drugs and violent messages in general.

And also announce that at the Fire in the Booth, and other shows at BBC Radio 1Xtra, will not be allowed artists that praise drugs and Guns and Violence, full stop.

This idea of positivity and creativity and therefore a humanistic value will make rappers think and create in a different way.

So not to censure them, but I rather think to not allow them at all.
I say that because the idea of censuring them or brutal rappers,  still doesn’t give them a lesson, still doesn’t show them the way, and nor does it educate them regarding what they are doing and that is totally wrong.

Rap is in a very wrong path.

Rap is inspiring evil.

And I think that only through creative positivity, only in this way can this social cancer start to become a budding future. Only in this way can this Ebola fever start to heal its wounds of hatred. Only in this way can this infectious disease start to fade away and replace its ideology of guns and drugs and hatred with the ideas of art and creativity and positivity that aim and that have as a goal humanism.

And the essence of Humanism is Goodness, but not evil-ism.

Third reason;

I think that the spirit of an artist or the artistic spirit in general doesn’t praise to the skies guns, it doesn’t glorify guns and it doesn’t have love for drugs and guns and violence and human destruction, but it rather longs and works for positive creativity and a better world and a better humanism.

Because in essence you are called an Artist not only because of having certain skills or talents or crafts or for being able to express and put two words together, but you are rather called an artist because of your love to know, your love to seek and your vision and image and dream of seeing and wanting to make – a better world.

You are called an artist because of your avant-garde, innovative and advanced ideas that point for a better humanism and not to its downfall. You are called an artist for your fight and struggle and pain to inspire humanism, but not barbarism.

So he is in essence an artist, he who in his heart has humanism and its principles of goodness and truthfulness and thus through his knowledge and art and perfection, bases his creative ideas in humanism and takes it from there.

We have seen what James Joyce and Thomas Man and Franz Kafka meant by the idea and the meaning of being an artist.

First of all to be an artist always meant to be a human being that is always with a book on the lap. A human being that loves to know, loves to listen and learn, but not a human being with a gun in each hand that longs to terrorise the planet like 2 PAC.

And this is the very essence that I think that these great authors of 20th century showed and meant by the meaning of being an artist.

That means; you, or the solitary artist with a book on the lap, striving to understand the people that you live and share the world with, but they always doing their thing and ignoring you, ignoring your good intentions, ignoring your good endeavour and ignoring your novel, fresh and new ideas.

You trying hard and struggling to understand your time and the people that surround you. You fighting tooth and nails for a better world and working hard to show love to this world too, but the time and the world being cold as ice and turning its back to you and to your struggle and your love and to your everything in turn.
You breaking your head against the wall and striving and sacrificing your life for a better planet, you putting all your efforts to understand the Book of the World, and the meaning of being a human and the meaning of being on earth, while others, some repulsive monster-like creatures that never asked questions, take you for a loony and crazy person just because of your humanistic values and for being a human and for having the courage to overcome your animalistic side that is within you and that is within all of us.

And an interesting thing is that amid many people that take you for crazy, are even those that have studied in the famous universities but that think alike. Those haughty beings that dislike you for being able to write the new values on the new table and for being able to change the world.
‘Behold the good and just! Whom do they hate most? Him who breatketh up their tables of values, the breaker, the law-breaker, – he, however, is the creator.’ Thus spoke Zarathustra of Nietzsche.

I mean, Nietzsche was not that stupid when he said that because Rob Littlejohn the editor of BBC Radio One and Radio 1Xtra wants to go on and on, with his violent ideology of destroying humanism and our future and our everything, forever.

He is able to do everything and anything to protect his ugly values of guns and violence and he was the one that used BBC’s Power to silence me for a full year while his drug dealers continued to praise guns and drugs and hatred at BBC.
Also Rob Littlejohn is not alone, there is Nick Robinson that keeps quiet, there is Evan Davis that keeps quiet to this social disaster, and there are thousands of BBC’s journalists that also keep quiet.

And not only have they ignored my message for change so far, but it seems that they think that I am crazy because of my steel will and good and far-seeing vision to make a better world.

So another value that I put on the table as a matter of honor, and that I do it for change and that I do it to see a better world, is that once I’m in charge of Fire in the Booth Show, I will announce that here is place only for Creativity and its values.

So that means that no one who praises and glorifies guns and drugs and violence is allowed at Fire in the Booth Show.

So at this moment artists will reflect, think more and base their ideas in creative values of positivity and that point to humanism, but they will not base their ideas in inhumane-ism.

I’ve seen myself how man grows intellectually and how he destroys himself and the world itself through irrationality.

And I think that one grows throw listening and learning and asking questions and destroys himself and the world around him through following his animalistic instinct of violence and not being able to overcome his animalistic side before the jump to violence.


So that’s why we have jails for those that can’t overcome their animalistic side and we have education for those that want to educate themselves.

Personally I’m self educated and always glad to take a lesson.

But Charlie Sloth and his editor at BBC 1Xtra and others that allow this kind of violence to be imposed in the human mind and our Humanism and our values of the today, and that are literally making terrorists famous on their TVs and Radios, they are just like real criminals that get away with their crooked, awful and crystal clear crimes.

The fact of the matter is that Jihadi John was a real terrorist when he was in London and He was known to MI5 since 2008.

Well, you may say, ‘How on earth could Charlie Sloth, and his editor, have prevented his songs from being played at Radio One and Radio 1Xtra?

Now hearken how truthfulness talks; His lyrics were totally brutal, he showed a profound misogyny at his song that was played at BBC Radio 1Xtra, and the word ‘Bi…’ was literally mentioned about 40 times during just one song of three minutes, plus some other very disturbing and violent messages that praised violence in general.

So if I was in charge of Fire in the Booth at the time, I wouldn’t have played his tune on the radio just because of his violent messages.

So because Rob Littlejohn and Charlie Sloth have no creative and no humanistic values and have no love for humanism, they did so and therefore tried to make a terrorist famous.

And BBC therefore should take responsibility for this ugly action and dismiss at least Rob Littlejohn and Charlie Sloth.

Also, to praise guns and drugs and violence means to point out our animalistic side and in the same time it means also to destroy our humanistic values that are creativity based in humanism, creativity based in values of goodness and truthfulness and creativity based in the ideas of making the world a better place and not destroying it.

Do guns make a better world?

David Cameron accused Rap in 2006 and Tim Westwood for encouraging people to carry guns and knives.

Charlie sloth replaced Tim Westwood, but what was the innovation of Charlie Sloth? Was there any innovation or novelty or new idea for a better world?

No, no, there was not any idea for a better world, Charlie Sloth came at Fire in the Booth praising Tim Westwood and Dr. Dree and started making famous drug dealers just like Tim Westwood did.

Therefore his actions show that Charlie Sloth is a man that was and is devoid of any human logic, devoid of any creative value and devoid of any humanistic idea.

So another reason of why I want Fire in the Booth is innovation, it is because I want to bring innovation.

Another reason and that makes me call it as a Matter of Honor is the reason that Charlie sloth made famous not only drug dealers, but even terrorists, like Jihadi John, and he still keeps his job, thing which is totally unjust because out there are millions of Djs that can dj and that can do a better job than Charlie Sloth.

So why should BBC keep a Dj that makes Terrorists famous?

So these reasons point out novelty, innovation and values on the table.

Reasons like making rules and regulations based in creative values of positivity and reasons based in humanistic ideas of entertainment, and human goodness also.

Reasons that these rappers that praise guns, knives and glorify violence shouldn’t be allowed at Fire in the Booth, full stop.

Another reason is because DJ Charlie Sloth looks a real Don Quixote.

He may think that he is doing good in making terrorists and drug dealers famous, but perhaps he is not aware of the fact that he is doing a pure evil to the world. Perhaps, he doesn’t know that these drug dealers and terrorists that he makes famous at BBC are not going to spread humanistic values but they rather will spread  terror and crime, therefore they will do pure evil to the planet.

Another reason is based on the reason that Charlie Sloth through his actions of making terrorists famous has showed clearly that he hasn’t got any creative values and he hasn’t got any humanistic values of goodness.

He has showed clearly that he hasn’t got positive vibes and positive language and positive making and doing and creating that points towards Humanism.

And as I said, he has showed that clearly through his actions.

Because he also does not support at BBC those who have a message based in humanism, but he rather support those that base their ideas  in Barbarism.

EXAMPLE; my case I never got the opportunity to be at BBC 1Xtra or Fire in the Booth and I am already 28 years old. I never got the opportunity from BBC 1Xtra despite the fact that I have always maintained positive language and positive lyrics.

Charlie Sloth and BBC Radio 1Xtra never points out one’s message but they rather point out one’s feeling and quality of sound, thing which is very hard to produce if you don’t have a very qualitative studio.

And their songs mostly are not successful because of their brutal message that they maintain, but because of their good skills in producing and their super studios that they made through showing hatred and selling drugs and destroying our humanism.

So another reason is because I want to replace this ideology of 2 Pac and MACHIAVELLI, that is a way of thinking in the now and that means that to praise violence and chaos and evil is and means – Humanism.

For this is like to say that War is Peace, and Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength; and this means, but to go back to the Orwell’s dystopian ideas of dehumanization.

The one millionth reason is that I want to make Rap in general an art that inspires goodness and human values and entertains the world as well.

The one millionth reason is that in Fire in The Booth Show I want to give opportunities to come and rap or pipe or chant or play with the words only to those that have creative values and positive vibes and only to those that use their Human Creative power to make a better world, but not destroy it.

In human history we have seen people that have a great creative power and that use it to make evil and bring evil, therefore they are called evil geniuses.

Also we have seen and see people that have great creative power and that use it to make a better world, and make and bring good on earth, and therefore they are called good geniuses.

And of course that out there are proofs and facts for what I’m saying.

Wasn’t he Adolf Hitler that was one of the best Orators of 20th century and an evil genius that killed millions? Wasn’t he a viper that was able to fool millions? Wasn’t he a crawling snake that was able to move people to tears with his skills of talking and speaking? Was or wasn’t he?

Yes he was pretty much so. And he was a painter too, wasn’t he? An artist that loved fine arts and everything. And he was a very eloquent person, wasn’t he?

But there was something wrong with him, he didn’t condemn VIOLENCE, you see, here is the essence of an evil genius as the opposite of a good genius.

An evil genius doesn’t condemn violence, just like folks at BBC are doing.

And just like Adolf Hitler that killed millions, so BBC is killing younger generations and people around the planet that are vulnerable and that are not able to judge properly between good and evil.

And once they see that logo, that symbol and that famous placard that is called BBC, then they think that all what they say should be true and respected and loved too.

For BBC in this case is just like the Ministry of Truth at 1984 of Orwell and is literally trying to change the meaning of Humanism and make it evil-ism and Drug-deal-ism and Gun-ism and chaos-ism and whatever-ism, but not at all give to Humanity its due and that is goodness.

So in essence BBC, through their guns and drugs ideas and violent messages, is killing two great principles of HUMAN-SIM and that are truthfulness and goodness.

Rob Littlejohn the editor of BBC Radio 1Xtra should Resign.

Rob Littlejohn that threatened me last year for criticizing him, and for telling him to stop these artists that glorify guns and violence and for showing him the way of how to do this, should resign.

He should resign, not only for the sole reason that he terrorized me and made me live in fear for one year, and that I was on the brink of a suicide because of this idea of being tyrannized in 2014 where the meaning of freedom is not like in 15thcentury, but also because he has blood on his hands just like Assad of Syria has.

These Drug Dealers, I call them terrorists or artists like BBC calls them, should not have been allowed to glorify guns and social hatred and violent messages at this frequency.

They should not have been allowed to come there and do whatever they like with the values of Humanism.

They should not have been allowed to come and destroy our Human Goodness just because they wanted and still want to fulfil their animalistic and untamed desires of violence and brutality.


And these actions ask for resignation of the editor of BBC Radio One and 1Xtra.

Because there are thousands of cases that teenagers and youngster of the world kill one another based in these messages.

And all these killings and chaos and violence around the world blame partly BBC and ask for the resignation of Rob Littlejohn.

Cases and examples of the present day that show that Rap is an illness that needs an immediate medicine, are from those people that go and follow ISIS and that do it because they are allured by their messages.

So in the same way does BBC corrupt the youth of Europe and the world too, just like ISIS do – through language and their power of message.

One 15 years old girl murdered her mother after watching the terrorist Jihadi john, that Charlie Sloth made famous, behead British Hostages.

And also we have seen that thousands of others have joined ISIS just because of their ideology and their call to go there – the Power of Message and Words.

I mean in the same way these Teenagers are fooled by the guns and drugs and violent messages that BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra makes use.

These are some links that you can judge by yourself and that praise and glorify guns and social hatred and violence in general.



#GimmeGrime – Devilman (Dark Elements) Showcase


Fire In The Booth – Bugzy Malone


Devlin – Fire In The Booth



Fire in the Booth – Stormzy.



Fire In The Booth Cypher 2014

(praising the greatest terrorist Bin Laden.)


Also I ask that all these videos that praise guns and drugs and Violence to be removed from the BBC’s YouTube CHANNEL and full stop.

I want Humanism and not Hatred and Crime to prevail in the planet that I live and create.

And for this mess that is created by the BBC, I put forward as a solution my theory that shows and gives full facts and proofs and also shows the way of how to change it.

So we go from Philosophy to revolution, from darkness to light and from hatred to goodness and social harmony.

So it is not only DJ Charlie Sloth that allows violence at BBC, but it rather is a social epidemic of hatred, and a strong will from within the Radios of BBC that do not want to change their way of Guns and Violence.

However Charlie Sloth is one of the main ones and whom I look forward to take his job as a matter of honor and in a way that I go to give.

I go with values on the new table and I go as a Creator with ideas, but not as a Don Quixote to turn the wheel of the present day backwards like Charlie Sloth and the editor of BBC 1Xtra has done so far.

That is to say, I want Fire in The Booth for only 3 Months, only three months and as a matter of honor.

(to be honest I am so busy with ideas that I don’t know what and which to finish first. I have millions of ideas that I want to finish and don’t have time to deal with Fire in the Booth at all. But, I’M DOING IT AS A MATTER OF HONOR because I have pain and because it was you, elder generations that imposed and imprinted and implanted rap into my mind. And despite the fact that I never made it top the top, I have been entertaining the world in the underground places and also MOST IMPORTANT I overcame myself again and again through the art of listening and learning and I’m still doing it and I’m still glad to take a lesson from anyone, – if out there is anyone that has something to give at all.)

After Three months at BBC, I will look forward to creating a competitive show and make Fire in the Booth a Show that is reachable, accessible and achievable by every DJ and MC in the UK.


I look forward to making it a show where every DJ who has novelty and innovation and new ideas in the back of his mind to be able to apply every year and become the DJ of Fire in the Booth show and take the dj booth over.

And my idea is to make it a show that every Dj keeps it just for a year and then leaves it on the hands of someone else the next year. 

And so we see movement, we see hope and we see novelty every single year and we see a better entertainment industry also.

And this is how my pain and reason talk and this is the way it goes.

My pain and reason talk with truthfulness, with proofs and facts and the new values on the new table.

My pain and reason talk the language and theory that is ready to change the world.

My pain and reason talk with a conscious element and new ideas and new philosophies that tell you and to everyone else that it is ready to jump on the bandwagon of a new way and new path that in essence point towards a better Humanism.

Environment and Culture

Rap in general in the both sides of the Atlantic is stifling with brutality.

And DJ Charlie Sloth and Rob Littlejohn through their petty, narrow and destructive mind are making an environment that is choking and shocking and full of hatred. Why?

Because I hear drugs, guns and violent messages all day everyday from your radios and that’s why I think so and that’s why I speak in this way.

And scientists say that Environment and experience turn a criminal gene on.


‘The environment does not just shape behavior or even brain function. It also affects whether genes turn on or off and, therefore, which inherited traits we express.’


Richard Davidson, An Emotional Life of your Brain.


So what are you doing to our world? What are you doing to our planet and to our harmony? What are you doing to the present time? What are you doing to our social peace and socialism?


From Tim Westwood to Charlie Sloth you have been spreading hatred and negativity and brutality and criminal ideas and views, you, BBC are destroying and terrorizing and undermining our democracy our harmony and our culture.


Culture comes from Latin and means to cultivate. So what are you cultivating? You are cultivating an environment of guns and violence and therefore you are spreading terror across the world.


That’s why please accept my philosophy and let us move on with creative positivity and positive creativity that are based in Humanism and in human Goodness.

And to be honest with you these three very principles are our purpose and our meaning and our everything on earth as thinking beings.

Creative positivity, Humanism and Goodness.


Yours Faithfully,

Zarathustra a.k.a DJ MC Keen


Planet Earth.




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