Neither mind nor body carries more than it can bear.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Emile

The recent economical struggle in my life has created a new mental struggle. And I have come to see the human mind as a labyrinth. That means you know something but not everything of it.

But why do you bother, in the today world, where technology is held as the new god? And anxiety and depression is creeping surreptitiously from the front and back door of today masses and new generations, who are ignorant of the self-knowing ideas? one may ask.

I bother because I love to know. And I love to spread this message and the importance of knowing by creating ideas. That’s why I bother.

Secondly, I suffer myself many times from a form of dark energy that darkens my mind many times from different reasons. Reasons that I intend to explain in this blog together with the idea of dark energy in relation to thinking.

Further, the workings of the mind and life’s meaning have been for hundreds of years the work of philosophers. And to be honest, many philosophers suffered themselves greatly in their lives because of their love for knowledge.

Socrates, for example, was a poor man and condemned with a death penalty because of his ideas. Rousseau was prosecuted and forced to leave France because of his ideas. With Karl Marx it was the same. And so on with many others, like Einstein etc.,

Well, you may say that there has been no living man on earth without going through some hard moments in life. So are we all philosophers, then?

Somehow to be a human being means to be a thinking being. However, to be a philosopher means to be a thinking being that always is in love with knowledge. And loves to know even when suffer and pain hits you hard as a philosopher. 

So, if you are a thinking being going through hard moments in life. And in love with learning and questioning the world. Then probably you are on the way of becoming a philosopher.

For as you live and suffer yourself from the pain of human existence, you will be able to question, learn, and tell this pain through a philosophical lens. That is teaching others.

Now, to come to the theme of today. One thing that has concerned me greatly in the recent years has been the fact that I wanted to know myself thoroughly.
As well as the fact of knowing the ropes of the political world.

So, in hard moments, when depression and life hits hard. I hit back hard with questions.

And I ask,
“Why am I feeling this way? Why is depression weighing me down? And if I have anxiety or suicidal thoughts or any other mental feeling or problem, why do I have them?

What are the circumstances and the conditions that make me feel so? Why is my head feeling obscured, dark, or heavy?

Does this pain come from my inner thinking or does it come from the outer world and its conditions and circumstances?

And if I feel so, then what am I doing to change or fight it?

This is how I roll in my world. I learn and question everything. And when I fall, I learn from falling and I stand back up again.

For at the end, if I, as a philosopher, am not able to know myself and direct myself in the hardest moments, then do you think that I will ever be able to lead and guide others in thinking?

However, to be honest, is not guiding and leading that I want to teach here. More exactly, here I want to point out the depth and the weight of falling. Or mental health problems. Or what I call the creation of “DARK ENERGY” in mind.

So, at this moment, a question now asks us, “How is this “Dark Energy” created in our minds or in the human mind that makes us suffer greatly?

I see that this form of “DARK ENERGY” is created in the human minds from a serious effect. That is, from the….

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