When you have a Millionaire Media control the public opinion. When you have LAWS made to support the rich. And when you don’t respect human rights and human values. Then you turn from eating others to eating each other. And at the end, the sick cackling “Witch THINKING” will turn to eating itself… ” this is how I replied to Andrew Adonis on Twitter.

Now, the today phenomenal thinking of the nationalist British media tells us that the greatest form of invention in rhetorical thinking seems to be in “BLAMING OTHERS” for everything!

And here I ask, “How many times has Britain been a friend of Germany and France and how many times their enemy, my brethren?” Countless times, right?

Well, you may say, that after the WWII, we, here in the imperialist Britain, found a safe heaven in blaming Russians and terrorists, like the IRA, Daesh etc. But today, whom are we blaming?

So we see that things change pretty quick in the world of politics. Especially in a 1984 like form of government. Where the blame is shifted from Eurasia to Eastasia.
And god only knows what happens with the politics of Oceania!

Thus, the machine of propaganda of the Oceania state writes to shift the blame once again from Eurasia to Eastasia! We are at war with Eastasia and at peace with Eurasia! And Merkel is the central point of attack. 

Hence, The Dail Mail, a big state propaganda machine, splashes a big headline across the front page of its billionaire media paper to spread the news, “MERKEL WANTS BRITAIN ‘TO CRAWL ACROSS BROKEN GLASS.’ 

We are at war with Eastasia! Please read the media propaganda machine!!!

Now just imagine how this “propaganda machine”  stirs the blood of the common people and of the public opinion. Making people switch feelings every now and then.

So, people soon irritate against Germany, and stand up in arms against Merkel. 

And a few days later, things change again, Emmanuel Macron of France is blamed. And the feelings of the people are hurt once again badly. But this time not against the politics of Eastasia but rather against the politics of Eurasia. 

We are not anymore at war with Eastasia. But are at war with Eurasia. And it has always been so” the propaganda machine claims. And the public opinion once again is changed. People are hurt in their feelings. And lies passed for truth. 


         In short, Brexit  tells us of the….

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