If we want PEACE we must spread POSITIVITY and PEACE.

But what about the DJ-Journalists of the BBC Radio One who promote guns, thug-life and violence everyday? Isn’t this a way of spreading terror? Or are we accepting the term that BBC calls us implicitly “SHEEP?”


For BBC Radio one promotes guns and gangs and violence everyday at the BBC. They even promoted Jihadi John at a time when he was terrorizing London. DJ @CharlieSloth of the BBC did that. The link of the Video that shows DJ-journalist Charlie Sloth promoting the terrorist, you will see at the end of this piece of writing.



The same Dj-Journalist also makes all the thugs of London famous at the BBC without any feeling of remorse.


Why? What was or what is the reason, you ask? The reason is clear Dj #CharlieSloth DJ TARGET MistaJam Zane Lowe etc,. have learnt from the past that violence catches quickly people’s attention. Like the American philosopher, Steven Best, said.


So these DJ-Journalists of the BBC make thugs famous, promote guns and terror to catch people’s attention. And in catching people’s attention they sell millions of CDs or records. And the more they sell, the more money they make and the more happy they feel. Good.


How about gangs and violence that is rife in London?

How about people that are dying everyday for us to have some little Freedom? Eh?


So, people are dying everyday in London from gangs and guns and violence that these DJ-Journalists of the BBC promote. And yet they never stop glorifying guns at the BBC or spreading violence and praising gangs.


But how do they achieve their ends?


The BBC has 100 years history. And its reputation was born before anyone speaking, writing or watching these words in here. So these thug-makers use the BBC to achieve their ends and so terrorize Europe.


For due to the BBC’s reputation, these thugs who glorify guns by using a “HIP-HOP BEAT?” receive millions of views on YouTube and become role models worldwide.


Therefore, these thugs pervade the spirit of the present time with messages of guns and violence and terror.


For people are being inspired by them. For we see gangs everyday in our streets, we hear of stabbings and killings and all kinds of violence.


However, there appears no one to be able to stop these thugs at the BBC Radio one from terrorizing Europe.


Why is it so?


First, because this thug-life ideology brings money to everyone. To the dj-journalists of the BBC who sell CDs and to other kinds of lackeys who stand behind it. And it is supported by famous journalists at the BBC like Ben Cooper. The latter is a famous journalist and the editor of the BBC Radio One at this moment.



Secondly, these DJ-Journalists of the BBC bring negative artists forwards. And they silence anyone who opposes their ideas.


For instance, my eBook called HIP-HOP REVOLUTION PHILOSOPHY never saw the light of being expressed.

Link on AMAZON. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hip-Hop-Revolution-Philosophy-ebook/dp/B01D879H00/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1490225866&sr=1-1&keywords=Hip-Hop+Revolution+dr+a.c


Why are the ideas of my eBook being silenced? Because I argue that we have to stop glorifying guns and thugs and violence. And I express ideas that say that we have to bring forward positive artists.


However, ideas like this go contrary to the ideas of the DJ-Journalists of the BBC who want to terrorize Europe and make money.


And that’s why I am being silenced. While DJ-Journalist Charlie Sloth continues to terrorise the world by glorifying guns, and gangs, and violence.


Here is a video link from YouTube with facts that shows DJ-Journalist @CharlieSloth making Jihadi John famous at the BBC and dubbing him an artist. And on the top of that he continually makes thugs that glorify guns famous.



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