Instead of condemning politics and our wrong way of thinking. Andrew Neil begins his speech by showing the love for the murdered Police officer! So he can touch the strings of the people’s heart through our common animal emotions.

For he is scared to appeal to reason and facts. Therefore, he appeals, like his cronies on big media do, to “people’s feelings!”


But in essence it is today wrong politics that murdered the police officer. It is our 1984 ideology that continues to say “WAR IS PEACE.”


And when I dared to say that War is not Peace a few days ago. And also dared to challenge the journalists of the big media on my own. Do you know what happened to me? A journalist grabbed me by the neck and threw me on the hands of police!


Hello? Hello? Hello, you fake and criminal, animal, brute democracy of Andrew Neil?


So Andrew Neil seems like a godfather of M.A.F.I.A crying for his ignorant soldier. A soldier who died defending a fake and unjust and criminal Democracy that is based on Fear, Hatred, Prostitution and OPPRESSION.


The same Andrew Neil and the same big media that when I performed my monologue “The Wolves Journalists and artists of the BBC.” All of them ignored it. Because they like to choke and murder independent thinking. And my monologue said. “I am a wolf journalist and artist of the BBC and information belongs to me only!” And so on…


The same Andrew Neil that for years continues to silence my ideas for change and innovation. The same Andre Neil that never criticizes those DJ-Journalists at BBC Radio One who glorify guns and gangs and terror almost everyday at the BBC’s radios. The same Andrew Neil, that when the security of the BBC smashed my phone on October 2016 for making questions to the journalists of the BBC, he never condemned that on his Big Media. The same Andrew Neil that hasn’t got the courage to face me with ideas and facts and reason. And so he uses police to muzzle my philosophy and big media’s reputation to drown me out.


For once the like of Andrew Neil plump their bottoms on big media’s chairs. Then they think that big media belongs to them only! Strange, isn’t it? And “no independent thinker” has a right to express ideas and pain on big media! For BIG MEDIA is not the main means of information. It rather is the main means of a sick careerism and corruption and the place of hate-spreaders of the today world. So they think!


But Albert Einstein said that the purpose of Nazis was to murder Independent Thought. So why shouldn’t I call Andrew Neil, a sick careerist who murders independent thinking, a NAZI?


When it is Andrew Neil and their cronies on Big Media who for years use police and security officers to muzzle my mouth, shut my eyes, and murder my ideas.


So how dare one and praise the speech of Andrew Neil? When he seems to be thirsty for blood and hatred and wars? Did his emotional technique corrupt your reason? Did his reputation twist your inner belief that Peace is not War and hatred is not love? Eh?


But of course that out there will always be brute barbarians over thinking people and dreamers and creators. And those are the assumed good and just who use police to silence and murder the voices of independent thinkers. For they are scared of ideas not of terrorists. For ideas lead. And they want to lead with fear and hatred not with love and truth. That’s why they hate people who create and demand change and truth and goodness for humanity.


Now in regard to his speech on the London Attacker.


The very first paragraph of his speech was totally hypocrite and sly. First because he neither mentioned nor condemned the US-led air strike that killed dozens of innocent people in the very same day in Syria.

Like they were not human beings! But meaningless commodities that are not even worthy to be sold in London markets!


On the other hand, if he really did care for police officers, then he would condemn, for once at least, the guns and gangs and thug-life ideas that BBC Radio One glorifies almost every day in their studios. And they spread these sick ideas all around the world through BBC’s reputation reaching out millions of views on YouTube. And my ideas for change in this walk of life have always been silenced from people like Andrew Neil.


Question; “How many people have died and still die because of this brute ideology of thug-life? How many police officers die and have died because of these gangs and guns?

And where is Andrew Neil, this neo-Nazi hypocrite (to use his adjective) brain dead Machiavellian theorist to condemn that?


He goes on and says;

“There are ‘thousands of Keith Palmers’ in every walk of life who will stand against any threat on British soil….”


He again here does not condemn the philosophy of 1984 that is War is Peace. For with this saying he urges people to war and says to us that we are ready to die. Therefore, WAR IS PEACE! He is a laughing stock honestly!

‘For every brainwashed, brain dead Islamist you send to do us harm, we have thousands upon thousands of Keith Palmers.”

Again here he paints the entire religion of Islam with the same brush. He confuses the universal meaning of “Islam” with the particular meaning of “terrorist.”

And so Andrew Neil urges for hatred against those of Islam faith, terror on people of the Islam faith and war on them. They must die. Yes.


So he shows his thirst for blood and hunger for evil like a vampire coming out of the underworld to take all of us “Dreamers of love and peace” in his underworld mass grave.

This is the speech of Andrew Neil basically. A massive deceiver with a Machiavelli thirst for war and praise for the Prince. – in this case today politics.

‘Now I know there are still some ‘Jihadi Johnnies’ out there who think they will eventually triumph because their love of death is greater than our love of life,’ Andrew Neil said.

So he did forget that in 2013 when Jihadi John was terrorising London. The DJ-Journalists of the BBC dubbed him an artist. Because they were interested to sell his CDS. Because these DJ-Journalists learnt from 2 Pac and Eminem that violence and gangs and guns sell CDS. So hurray for Violence and death and terror that comes out of the Big media to sell CDS!


On the other hand, my campaign to not dub thugs and criminals artists has been muzzled and silenced from people like Andrew Neil. My campaign and philosophy for positivity of thinking has been silenced from people like Andre Neil.


For it is the today Big Media journalist from London to New York who do not give me a single opportunity to express my ideas and pain on big media for a better entertainment industry. And a fair big media.


So again even this example comes out to be totally fake and hypocrite like our democracy is. The latter must be better called Oligarchy. That means the rule of the few. For here is no Democracy. Here on this planet of hatred and nothingness is not power of the people. Here is the power of the few. That’s true. So why do you lie us face to face?


Thus the term Democracy of Andrew Neil is used here to fool the blind and the deaf oppressed sheep and slaves of London. The latter the only thing they want and love is called; “Big Media!” For everything that does not come out of the big media is called “illogical.” While everything that comes out of the Big Media Mouths is called “Great!”


What a sheep machine-like society! It’s seems like that those who have a certain reputation control the masses like a shepherd his sheep! What a shame for our world!


Andrew Neil goes on and says;

‘Do you have any idea who you’re dealing with? This is the country that stood up alone to the might of the Luftwaffe, air force of the greatest evil mankind has ever known.’

Hear hear! Andrew Neil did forget the young queen making those little Nazi signs and antics and cheers in the past! And when the queen and the cousins began a fight in their little houses. Then those people who appeal to emotions, like Andrew Neil, appealed to people to go to war all across Europe. And so kill and get killed! And that was the essence of the second world war. While Albert Einstein was crying with pain to stop the war and puked at any kind of war ideology.


Therefore, as you can see, what is happening to us is like seeing two rival London gangs fighting with one another. And innocent people getting caught in the middle of mayhem. And therefore, killed for nothing.


Like the case that happened in March 2016. When a feud between two London gangs, that were inspired by BBC Radio one that glorifies guns and gangs all day, escalated with fatal consequences. So one of the London gangs shot down an innocent bystander thinking that he was a member of the rival gang.


So we the people of the today are the innocent bystanders. As the present day middle-classes and ruling classes are the rivals of terrorists. Because it is them who take the decisions to wage wars to people around the world. And therefore responsibility falls to them.


And further, what is more evil, is the fact that the rivals of terrorists, present day middle and ruling classes, oppress our creative ideas by brute force. And through big media’s reputation.


And as a consequence, they do not allow the best ideas to come forward and let us invent new ways and new paths for a better world. And one of these oppressors is called Andrew Neil.





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