Dear Tony Hall or 16th Director-General of the BBC,

My pen name is Dr A.C, as my real name is Konstantin. I am an independent thinker, and also a Hip-Hop artist DJ/MC and radio presenter and activist.

I have written many books like “Hip-Hop Revolution Show Philosophy.” And in this book I have explained that entertainment industry brings negative artists forwards as a means to an end. That is to say to catch the attention of the people through ideas of gangs and crime and violence. And so MAKE MONEY.

So my first question is this, “How comes that all my phone calls for a single opportunity to come at the BBC and express my ideas have been refused by almost all kinds of journalists and artists of the BBC?”

I know you may answer like the BBC complaints team or BBC trust. For they said to me long ago that the BBC has to make an editorial decision. And not all of the people who have ideas can come on TV!


But how about the fact that BBC Radio One makes thugs and drug dealers and even terrorists famous? How about the Fact that Thugs of London have made the BBC their second house. But I as an independent thinker can’t even take one opportunity to express my ideas?


Albert Einstein said that the philosophy of Nazis was to destroy independent thinking.

So maybe you are not aware or maybe you are doing it on purpose. But you are acting just like NAZIS.

Also, I have written essays on how to bring innovation and change into entertainment industry and on big media in general through the ideas of Movement and Creativity.

For instance; let’s take the idea of the capitalistic mode of production.  Capitalism presupposes concentration and centralization. That means everything forever being concentrated on the hands of the few.

So we have economy and ideas. That means politics and media on the hands of the few. And so I turn 30 years old in 2 months bleeding for a single opportunity to express my ideas. And seeing thugs and drug dealers being supported by police and wise journalists!!!

Isn’t this a murder way of present day doing and thinking then?

Isn’t this a way that murders independent thinkers and choke the voices of the latter through subtle oppressive big media reputations?

Further, capitalism presupposes competitions.

So that means that we need to create more competitive opportunities on big media and entertainment industry.

Like yearly competitions in the field of journalism. Yearly Competitions on the fields of Djs, Radio Presenters, talented and positive artists and why not give up the idea of a SICK CAREERISM. Where a journalist grows up and dies on BIG MEDIA.

And how can we think of the ideas of movement when we do not give opportunities?  When one man is 80 years old and still works for the BBC?  How about the idea that the joy of living is in the joy of giving?

And how can you think of giving when you are blinded by big media glory and power that has warped your soul and being?  For if we say that politics is power. Then we must accept that big media is power too.

And personally, whenever I saw man having some social power, I also saw him behaving in the most corrupted way.

So to fight for social justice. it also means that one keeps in check those that power has corrupted.

For if Nick Robinson makes BBC radio 4 personal with a few other journalists. That doesn’t show to me that he is not corrupted. Contrariwise, that shows to me that he and his friend journalists are rotten to the core.

And I am an immigrant in London town. That means that I am the oppressed of all oppressed. So of course that the will for justice and innovation will be higher in me than in a Nick Robinson that is a proud Jew of 2017.

While I am experiencing the fate of a Jew of 1940s that lives in 2017.

For, let’s be honest the BBC does not belong to the journalists of the BBC that are blinded by power. Rather, the BBC is a means of communication that belongs to truth and information. And therefore to people who have ideas.

But if I am a man of ideas, then why do the journalists of the BBC silence my voice by force? When in the same time they are passing wolves for lamps? That is they are passing drug dealer and thugs for artists?

Or is it art to all day everyday glorify guns and drugs at the BBC? And spread these messages all across Europe and inspire the world with hatred and violence?

For we all know what art is. And art as explained by thinkers like JAMES JOYCE, THOMAS MANN, DAVID BOHM, etc, it means to mirror and reflect reality in a way that you denounce violence and not in a way that you glorify terror like the artists of the BBC Radio One and BEN COOPER do.

Nonetheless, thugs of the BBC learnt from 2 Pac, B.I.G and EMINEM that violence and guns sell CDs. So hurray then to spread violence and death. So Ben Cooper can make money and the artists of the BBC can keep the ideas of thug-life alive forever!!!


And in the same time, these wise artists and journalists of the BBC to make sure that THEY murder those who think in a different way and want to bring goodness and peace on earth.

Further, I intend to bring innovation by giving opportunities to people of ideas to participate in modern history, to share their ideas and so re-create the world anew.

And for that, I have created a show that I have called, “Creative-ism Movement Show.” That means the movement of ideas. And through which I have been campaigning to challenge those who’ve made Big Media like BBC personal.

So, enough murdering Independent thinking. I demand change in the way you control the BBC, in the way you control information.

And I demand fairness. And more importantly to work to bring positive creativity and the best ideas forward. So we can make a better world and give a meaning to this nothingness that we all live.

Kind Regards



Dr A.C

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