Culture is accumulated over different many centuries and it is as powerful as iron. Hard to bend, and easy to set you in chains. That means, culture controls your mind to think in a certain way. And fills the human mind full of prejudices.

While media monopolies is the structure of thought that defends both culture and the rich in order to control the masses like sheep. While of course knowing the laws. And playing with hysterical screams to the masses. Setting the human soul on fire for what they, media monopolies, deem right. And setting the human soul on fire for what they, media monopolies, deem wrong.

Thus, the hysterical right and wrong of media monopolies become the new laws of the masses on top of the laws of our western world. And it is in this way that media monopolies create powerful wires and chains created to control human minds and their actions.  

It is time for people to break their chains.

Thus as we grow up, our minds get dressed from layers of thoughts which keep us in chains of a certain culture, like western or eastern culture. As we grow up, our minds get dressed of thoughts that tell us through the authority of the law when we should drink alcohol or…

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