Marx at the Das Kapital said;

‘In the mist-enveloped regions of the religious world, the production of human brain appear as independent beings endowed with life, and entering into relation both with one another and the human race.

So it is in the world of commodities with the products of man’s hands.’

This I call fetishism which attached itself to the products of labour, so soon as they are produced as commodities.’ thus spoke Marx.

Well, this is fetishism in essence, think of it as being present in the 20th century BC of mist-enveloped regions of the religious world, think of it as being present in the 15th century AD of European wars and racial hatred and slavery and exploitation and humiliation of human race or think of it as being present now, in the now of the now of now.

But just think of it as being a commodity first of all and secondly think of it as being in the now and as being worshipped and revered more than a human being, think of it, think of a certain commodity, as being loved and cared for what it is and the way it is more than a human being. Think of a commodity that is fetishized and idolized at a maximum point and a human creation being disregarded, mistreated and exploited on behalf of this commodity, on behalf of this fetish-ism at the other maximum point of negativity.

A commodity! A commodity now breathes, now eats and now drinks and feels and thinks and loiters around and plays and laughs and cries and shouts to the nothingness for pain and suffer.

A commodity now is famous, now is fetishized and revered deep in its insensitive world. So now deal with it!

A lifeless commodity! And the philosophy of now that respects and honors and praises a commodity!

Ah, a commodity respected and honored and loved and praised more than a human being! What a great thing! What an amazing thing! What a progress and development and advancement that we have made, you see, from worship to worship, from reverence to another deeper reverence, running and sprinting and turning and flying and leaping and jumping around in a circle and like a tornado that sweeps with it everything that is in the way.

Well, I live in the now and in the here and I see what goes on around me, what crops up around me, what hides away in the far-reaching corners of the city that I live, London, what slips away like a snake sliding in the grass, and what comes by like a ferocious wild animal charging madly and badly.

And yes, here we are, here we go, it’s all about this cutting-edge fetishism and deep idolatry of materialism, deep idolatry of paper dolls and mannequins, deep idolatry of shoes and clothes and cars and clubs and bars and restaurants and different goods and money and a mad, mad and crazy selfishness that has turned humans into lifeless beings, insensitive and unfeeling beings that live literally for nothing, for nothing. This is London and Europe. That is to say a shame and nothingness.

Well, look at the youngsters of our time, look at them, poor and wretched young folks of our time that pray in the churches of materialism. Look how they see shoes, clothes, cars and all kinds of fashion that is trending, like they are human beings and they breathe, like they talk and speak honesty, like they’re able to have a chat full of love and truthfulness. Look at them, look at young folks, and I call and consider them in this way; 18 to 88 all the same. Truthfulness is one in a million and the same is valid with humans that make humanism and now-ism and become-ism and down-going-ism and going-across-ism and up-going-ism and folk-ism.

And yes, look at the folks of now, the folks of our time, the folks of our era, look at them in general, look at them with a sharp and keen eye though, study their moves and manners, study their attitudes and intentions, and the way they admire everything that has to do with material commodities, everything that has to do with wealth and money, everything that has to do with factories and manufacture, everything that has to do with shopping malls, shopping centres and modern industry in general and that all in its very essence, it means, materialistic fetishism. These folks of now look at materialism and money-ism and coin-ism and queen-ism and consumer-ism in a deeper and profounder way than uncle Goriot of Balzac looked at saving pennies and overfilling his hidden box of le fric, – le fric!

Not because to deal with these matters is wrong, but to put all your attention in materialism means to lose your sensitivity as human being, to put all your attention in materialism means to end up in fetishism and idolatry of materialistic things, to put all your attention in materialism means to become a worshiper of the latter, to put all your attention in materialism means to end up in extremism, in the extreme side of insensitivity, inhumanity and cruelty and therefore maniac-ism, fetishism and lose what makes you a human, that is goodness and humanity and its balance neither to low nor to high.

And yes, in the middle, there is the human way, to work, to love, to respect and to live in harmony with one-another like our very nature lives in itself, like our very universe holds its ground, like our very nothingness created everything, in harmony and balance and balance and harmony for ever, ever, ever, ever in ever-ism.

But where is this harmony? Where is this balance? Where is this harmony and balance of this ever-ism?

Balance and harmony are dead the same like all gods, everything is dead in our modern society. We live for nothing. Life has lost its meaning. Everything has lost and is lost. Humans are lost. Humanism is lost. All goals are dead. Materialism has taken over everything, we are even thinking to create robots and let the world to be taken over by them one day.

Oh! Yes, but this is not going to happen like Mr. Hawking said anyways, but rather, unfortunately we will be taken over by maniacs and these fetishists of wood and food and goods and inanimate objects, we will be under the control of a capitalist man that will beat you up from the house to the work and vice versa, and that’s not all. This capitalist man will beat you up and smash you down for your food on the table as he himself will win the millions, the millions and trillions and dance in your sweat like an ape of jungle full of happiness and unconscious of any human consciousness and human feeling or any humanism at all.

If you have heard about the rich bus of Russell Brand, then I assure you that this bus is going to be multiplied a few times in the future and the whole world is going to live for these few buses. We live for few maniacs, for few bosses, for few magnates, for few tycoons and for few piggish snouts that smell and sniff and snore and snorkel and are at everything the boss, the ruler and the judge of it.

And if we live and work and exist and breathe only for these few tycoons of media and corporations and politics or big tricks and painful sticks, then that’s why we see that love is only for the powerful, care is only for the powerful, justice is only for the powerful and everything is only for these powerful apes and monkeys and elephants and dogs and pigs and animals that want everything for themselves, the insatiable, voracious, gluttonous and rapacious few beings of now that own our very planet.

And yes, of course, everything has lost its meaning there is no love, no humanism, no human goodness, no affection, no understanding, but rather a fetish-ism and maniac-ism as never ever, ever, ever been and seen before in the human history and that looks forward to being proliferated and multiplied for ever more in the future.  Thank you.

Russell brand said something at his revolution, something similar to Marx, and he copied his idea to be honest as it was to be honest, but, something that makes sense also.

‘The capitalist system’ he said, ‘is not the result of our collective greed; it is the manifestation of the greed of a few and the manipulation of the many.

Then this, this bloody, hellish, satanic, merciless and relentless capitalism and its little daughter and son materialism, these ideas together have broken all this harmony and balance of our godlike right to live in peace and harmony with one-another and brought with it fetish-ism maniac-ism and moral sickness.

Our time then, is out of any humanistic concept and beyond any wholesome thinking, beyond any rational thinking and thought, our time then, is the time of Worshippers of money, Worshippers of consumerism and materialism, our time is the time of living and working for the few, for the few apes and pigs, like the planet was of the few and the few piggish beings and not of all us and of all humanity.

Everything looks so sick in the present, everything looks so disgusting, everything looks so despicable, the whole present time looks so sick, so disgusting and so despicable, the whole now looks so sick, so disgusting and despicable. How can everything be based in money, materialism, consumerism and fetishism? And yes this is a Moral Sickness, and the world is sick with it and needs someone to come and heal it, perhaps a doctor or better a Creator.

Who did bring this disaster upon humankind, who did bring this bane upon humankind, who did bring this catastrophe and destruction upon humankind?

And yes, it was this ugly politics that we have seen for centuries from religious worlds to the fall of feudalism to the beginning of capitalism and to its highest downgrading and humiliating point where the powerful gets all and the weak is a born slave, is a born, living slave and remains for ever a born and living slave of the powerful or the master of this slave. Now deal with it!

Excuse my French, but you say we live in democracy, well isn’t democracy the power of the people but we see the power being concentrated in a few hands then where is thy democracy? Where is thy democracy? Excuse my French, my French, again and again but you say we live in social democracy but how can there be any socialism of any kind in a world where money rules over everything? Excuse my French again and again, but you say we live in Capitalism, then thanks for saying because this very capitalism is all about the master and the slave.

This Capitalism then, belongs to Fetish-ism, Maniac-ism and Moral Sickness. Enjoy it.

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