The majority of the people disagree with violence. And so do I.

Further, sometimes I think that even Marx was wrong in saying that “Material force must be overthrown by material force.”

“No,” I say, “that’s wrong, Marx was wrong.”

So sometimes, I think that police brutality, different forms of murder by state power, choking people to death, like they did choke George Floyd, manipulating, bullying and intimidating the oppressed and the weak, and every state evil action can be opposed peacefully.

 Yes, can we, or can’t we always achieve this peacefully?

The Murder of George Floyd was cruel and merciless. For over 8 minutes the knee of the police officer was over the neck of an arrested man that was pleading for help and couldn’t breathe. That was a murder in cold blood and brutally and cruelly done so. 

In the USA, a continual form of injustice against minorities of all kinds had become the new normal. Black people were killed and endured abuse because of their skin colour, immigrants of all nations were threatened to be sent back, Hispanics were taunted by Trump. And the media keeping the side of their favourite political party. So the level of pain before the protests erupted was deep..

In short, the oppressed and the weak of the USA have been misled and abused by the leaders and the politics of a highly capitalist continent called, the USA.

Further, there is a white supremacist at the head of the USA state glorifying violence and greeting and respecting white supremacists. 

So here then is a case where injustice has been accumulated and accumulated for years. And people have had enough.

So, they want to make their pain and their voices heard. And they do not want a CNN or Fox News to… (please subscribe to read the full philosophical blog)

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