It seems that the task of the philosophers of each time is to defend with reason and truth the “big human values” that exist in each time.

Values like what? Values like Freedom, Free Speech, Social Justice etc. 

But how do we do that? Because, there still may be people who doubt their own existence!

So what philosophers do is put the thinking of each time in a weighing machine. And afterwards weigh and measure this thinking through the ideals of good and evil.


Now, I ask, “Why Hate Speech is a matter of thinking for anyone but a matter of action for police and law Only?”

Let me first explain this by beginning to say that we should be free to think and speak and act. For hate speech and any other human problem or theme or ideal is a matter of thinking and discussion for anyone. 

However, when it comes to actions, and punishment and other consequences of actions. Then we should answer for our thinking and speaking and actions only to a…
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