It came to pass that the British Mother, Caroline Crouch, was murdered by her Husband. As “Newsbomb gr” reported and as the Greek police announced on Twitter.

But Albania and Albanians have two months being categorised as being criminals, robbers, ruthless gangs and even monsters by the giants of the British media, such as the Sun and the Daily Mail, for having done nothing wrong. How can this propaganda of hatred against Albania and Albanians exist and then forgotten as if nothing ever happened?

Now, let me begin express my national pain with some philosophy. Because Albania and Albanians have been defamed, hated and abused by absolute lies. Called such horrible names that make one vomit and get sick.

Names like, criminals, Albanian ruthless gangs, Albanian robbers, woman-hating Albanian, and we are even called monsters by the The Sun writers. Wow! But why and how and what happened?

There were rumours that a murder was committed by people of Albanian origin and you as a writer of media monopolies take these rumours and make them “Accomplished facts?” And incite hatred towards Albania and Albanians and throw all sorts of abuse on an entire nation? Eh? And what does this mean?

First here we have a spoiled Nazi and Fascist imagination thinking and writing out of hatred for others,. And in the second place we have defamation, hatred and unreal psychological abuse thrown on the people of a whole nation by people who work for media monopolies. Able to influence the entire Europe and the whole world with their MEDIA POWER.

And who are the makers and doers of this evil deed? They are but people who think and write. People that are also called, WRITERS.

Now, that visionary Nietzche was right when he suggestively said that the future vocation of the writer would be destroyed when every one learns how to write.

And he said that because he was a man who believed on TRUTH. And he took truth as his way, and reason as the logical and absolute consequence of truth.

“I think therefore I am” thinking of Rene Descartes here comes to make my point. For from the truth of my existence, I get the reason of my existential thought.

Now, I am always a man who believes in Free Speech and who loves free speech, participation through ideas and human freedom.

And I will always be a lover of Freedom and knowledge. But not a lover of hate speech that incites violence and abuse towards a certain group of people, nation or humanity. Like these intelligent Nazi writers of the UK Media do.

So, I ask: what knowledge is this, and what free speech is this, like to use your national media to link the idea of violent gang, violent crime and the idea of a monster to a nation?

And without facts so? Eh?

What universities are those who teach these writers to write without facts and without truth and blame an entire nation for the most heinous crimes on earth?

What universities and what books do teach these Nazi writers who without any fact whatsoever try to link the idea of violent crime and the idea of a monster to the nationality of Albania?

There is good. But there is also evil. And there is historical thinking who comes to my side to help me make my point. And psychoanalyse the thinking of these intelligent Nazi writers who use their brains, their pens and the vocation of the writer to spread hatred and for evil. And to incite violence towards others.

One here may ask, Why do these writers fill their pens and hearts with such a bile and hatred towards others?

For we see from many different past examples that as such hateful writers cannot wait for any form of bad news coming from any ethnic minority races, so to make a mountain out of a molehill and make the entire British people pay attention to what they say. Why? Why so? you wonder and ask.

As a matter of fact they are using HATEFUL propaganda to create a myth out of nothing. So the murders of women and children and men of the British imperialist Politics in Yemen, Syria and Palestine are swept under the carpet. And British people stay busy thinking of the myth of the Albanian gangs!  Spoiled and hateful imagination of media monopolies used to propagate hate and abuse an entire nation. Like Albania and other scapegoats of the British media monopolies. 

But we see what pattern of thought do these writers follow.

Mr Adolf Hitler, for example, was one of those men that these writers of the Sun, Daily Mail and the Star seem to follow.

Adolf Hitler called Jews, snakes and rats and he masterly linked the idea of the Jewish existence and Jewish people to what is hateable. So the Jews could be hated and a right to abuse and kill them given to the German people.

A similar thing is what these writers of the Sun, Daily Mail etc., are trying to do. They are trying to link the idea of Albanian to what is hateable or hated. So we can be be abused and hated by those that these writers inspire.

And this, dear gentlemen, is what I call HATE SPEECH. That incites pure hate and violent actions towards others. And no matter how much I love FREE SPEECH. Still I am against HATE SPEECH.

Further, hate speech is against the British laws and against the European laws as well. So, hate speech is not free speech and freedom has nothing to do inciting violence towards others and abuse.

For when you incite violence towards others and when you abuse others, then and there you lose your freedom and through yourself in the chains of the WILD ANIMAL WORLD.

Knowledge, however, can be used for good and for evil. Hence, because of the fact that these Nazi British writers are using their knowledge to defame my people. To spread hatred against the Albanian people. And abuse Albanian people and the Albanian honesty with their vile Nazi forms of writings. And incite violence against Albanians.

Then I ask for thew prosecution of these nazi writers. 

Hence, I ask for the Albanians Worldwide to stand up and….

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