Robert Peston of the ITV News Monopolies stands with a Double Knife against Free Palestine. Dr ACactivism eXPLAINS the evil opposition of Robert Peston Jeremy and the Labour Party

One thing makes me wonder why is this Chief Rabi up at this time, that is close to general elections in the U.K, against Jeremy Corbyn? And why is Robert Peston, that works for the News Monopolies of the ITV, speaking with a heavy heart in support of Chief Rabbi Mirvis at this time again?

Whoops, I did it again and my name is news media and New Nazi Journalists!  In two weeks, we will have general elections in the U.K. And Jeremy Corbyn has called the Blockade of the Gaza Strip illegal. That means, Jeremy Corbyn so spoken in support of a Free Palestine.

Further, the Labour Party Manifesto 2019 clearly states that it will suspend the sale of arms to Israel for arms used in violation of the Human rights. Arms that for decades have killed and tortured  Palestinian civilians.

So then both Chief Rabbi and Robert Peston know what they are doing here, right. They want Conservatives in power and the oppression and murder of the Palestinian people.

And here it is crystal-clear the fact that their thinking and actions show that they are against a Free Palestine. And pro oppression and enslavement of a nation. That is called, “Palestine.”

So, it is clear then, Robert Peston and Chief Rabbi’s fierce opposition towards Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party means that they are with a knife under their hands’ sleeves to stab any ideology who stands for a Free Palestine.

Therefore, a simple logic sends you to the conclusions, that the pride of Robert Peston for being Jew, at a time when the Palestinian people are being butchered and oppressed daily by the today Israeli politics, goes to the pride of being a German Nazi. Or the pride of an intelligent writer who supported the Nazi politics at a time when Jews and other minorities of the then Germany were being butchered by Nazis.

What is the underlying evil purpose of Robert Peston? you ask

The underlying evil purpose of Robert Peston is that in supporting the baseless criticism of Chief Rabbi, he intends to weaken the

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