When you call out a politician as being “Nazi” usually the minds of the people go to the crimes of Nazis. But that is not a right way of thinking. Why not? you may ask.

Boris Johnson speaking to the British army

I think so because what makes one Nazi is the similarity of thinking with Nazis. Not the amount of crimes that a politician has committed or that he or she intends to commit. Is this right?

Anyways, allow me please to unfold my ideas and the truth in this blog. And speak about a video shared by Boris Johnson on twitter on 8/11/2019. A video in which Boris Johnson makes four Nazi points in 30 seconds of time.

Let me begin with the first point.

Boris Johnson praises so heartfeltly the U.K armed forces. “We support our armed forces, we believe in them,” he said this in an unquestionable way. A way that sounds similar to Adolf Hitler and Nazis for certain anti humanist reasons.

Like what reasons? you ask.

As a matter of fact, today  British armed forces are the same armed forces that were caught behind the scenes sharing military tactics with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, that we know, has killed thousands of innocent people in Yemen in the recent years.

So, what armed forces are you praising to me? Thy Nazi armed forces that you use to butcher and wage terror on other nations?

Boris Johnson speaking to the British army.

So why don’t you also question, condemn and demand that your arm forces are brought to justice as well for what they did in Yemen?

That form of condemnation cannot be done, of course, because Boris Johnson has been one of these politicians who has given the orders for these actions to take place. So that is then, but a criticism at least and a demand, of course, for a prison term for Boris Johnson.

And that simply cannot be done without external forces of the time demanding justice.

In his second point, Boris Johnson shows also a similarity of thinking with Nazis.

For example, Boris Johnson cries enthusiastically, like a happy pig, showing support for the

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