What shall I remember for my thirtieth birthday? Shall I remember the bombs that have been dropped on the innocent people by the men that get paid with my taxes? The justice that was never served to the family members of these innocent people? Or shall I remember the hot tears that have flowed from my eyes like being lava from a burning volcano?

Better than that shall I remember the wars that have been waged for labour power and capitalist greed and evil gain?

Or shall I remember the guns and the knives and the hatred that some wolfish Dj-Journalists preached for years at the most influential radios? Like BBC Radio One in London, MTV in New York and so on. The thug-life and the gun and knife crime preaching that some insatiable Dj-journalists and big radio editors call art for money’s sake? What shall I remember?

Or better than that, better than what I said, shall I remember those Journalists, dj-journalists and TV Presenters, who found a job on big media by groveling like worms. And soon after that they became snakes and so silenced my voice for over a decade with police officers and security power?

What shall I remember for my thirtieth birthday then?

You know what? My thirty’s birthday must be a party on the remembrance of the great injustices. For my heart bleeds from accumulated injustice. It bleeds from the wrong that it saw but wasn’t able to put it right. It bleeds from the lost lives that it saw but that wasn’t able to save. And it bleeds from the evil that it saw. But that it, my heart, wasn’t allowed to bring some good by the bearers of today standards. The latter held my heart captive. They oppressed it. And did whatever was possible to make it bleed and bleed to death. Bleed and die in pain.

So what shall I remember then in this party of injustice? Shouldn’t I remember the countless innocent deaths from recent senseless wars? Like from the war in Iraq and the Syrian Civil war that has been created by our western ideas? Shouldn’t I remember the stabbings and killings that have happened in our streets because of gangs? And that these gangs have been inspired and urged by the hate speeches of the hate-preachers of the BBC Radio One and other big radios. By some thugs or rappers that call themselves artists because they glamorize gun crime! You see?

Shouldn’t I remember Palestine that is still not a free nation? And that deed again is the work of our western power. We the today Nazis and today fascists. We have become friends with another. And all we do is wage wars on those that we don’t like. And oppress the citizens at home as much as possible. When I say we, I mean you, oppressors of the middle and ruling classes.

What else shall I remember then in this party of injustice? There are many things to be said and remembered. Like the hunger of the many poor people around the world. And the subtle corruption of the big nations on the other hand. Like the never ending injustice and so on.

But, for now, and because of time and space I will remember two more things. That are two sayings from two known writers.

First, Jean Paul Sartre suggested at his deed, Being and Nothigness, that one must give no excuses in terms of creativity. That means that one must make time even if one thinks that he does not have time.

On the other hand we have Nietzsche with a harsher phrase. Where he said that the idea of shutting one’s eyes, and moistening one’s lips didn’t hinder one from taking what was necessary to take.

That means that knowledge must be taken. It is in the books. And if we take into consideration the saying of Sartre. Then the time must be found too for us to learn a few necessary things.

So then today also I will remember the days and nights that I spent to listen and learn. The night shifts that I worked to make time to read and create. The sacrifice of my life for the sake of knowing and knowledge. The sacrifice of my life for the sake of ideas and creativity. I will remember that too today.

Knowledge? But how can one make a better world with knowledge? What can one do to Daesh and barbarians with knowledge?

So, at the end, I know what to do with my knowledge. Through it I create the world anew with my hands and ideas. But what can one do to your oppression, big media? Your oppressive philosophy that continues to drown out my ideas. And that continues to silence my voice by brute force! So what can one do to your brute force, BIG MEDIA?

For it is your brutality, Big Media, your lies and hatred and inhumanity that I remember most.

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