The answer of the question, “What calls for JUSTICE?” is contained in this historical fact. A historical fact that says that the way justice is done and expressed historically (that has been either by laws that on purpose supported the powerful or by the sword of the strongest barbarian that chopped human bodies and cut their heads) has been wrong or unjust.

And therefore the idea of justice historically has been equal to the idea of injustice.

That’s why the oppressed historically rebelled when the pain of injustice hit them hard deep in their hearts. And they felt like they couldn’t endure their existence on earth anymore.

And so the oppressed threw themselves under the feet of the horses of the powerful for justice’s sake. Like Emily Wilding Davison for women’s emancipation. Or they fell on their swords or were blown away by their gunpowder. Like many oppressed people did in the past human history.

But why did the oppressed die and turn into nothing just like that by the powerful oppressors?  Was it because they liked to die young?

“No. The answer is that the oppressed rebelled with a cause and died fighting for a better expression of the IDEAL of justice.”


“For the highest level of injustice is also the deepest and most profound human pain.”

 Why do I think so? one may ask.

I think so because everything in life is made of levels. So it is in all forms of art and thinking. And thus, the highest level of injustice is also the deepest and most profound human pain.

But why is it so? you rightly ask.

It is so because “The JUSTICE SYSTEM of each time or the Justice ideal” attacks the oppressed on their basic rights. Like the human basic right to exist and work with dignity. To be free and live in freedom. And be able to care for what is more important on earth by having a certain form of economic independence.

Therefore, we see state power decide for everything. And everything they do intends to oppress more and hurt more, the oppressed. 

That’s why the deepest cry that calls for justice is also the most profound pain. So what calls for Justice is the deepest of all pain on earth. And that is the highest level of injustice.

So then, here we ask, “What form or concept does have the highest level of injustice on earth?

The highest level of injustice is but the loss of the….

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