The essence of media is based on truth. And human reason takes its god-like food from truth as well. 

For media as a means of information if it bases its thinking and ideas on lies, then automatically it creates slander. And makes crimes possible. 

Well, but what happens when a hysteric and monopolistic media can’t wait to hear of new scandals or new conspiracy theories that make big headlines? And create big sales? And drive human attention crazy into clicking into their online blogs? What then? 

Eh, what do you think, you billions of consumers and a few producers among them?

Here then, what happens is an unbridled ego that goes rampant after new scandals and new stories. And that is forever in search to increase their media power by holding HUMAN ATTENTION tight in their big media names. 

In short as such media does not think what or whom it hurts. What lies it spreads and who gets thrown out of 100th floor. What democracies it destroys or which elections it influences. 

AS SUCH MEDIA THEN IS ONLY INTERESTED ON MONEY AND POWER. And they care for nothing good and nothing human. And their media actions even tell us this, “To the hell with all what is human.”

And one example of as such media are media monopolies, like the Washington Post and Fox News who took an elaborate conspiracy theory involving Joe Biden’s son. And turned it into national news to weaken and hurt Joe Biden’s candidacy for president. And so they abused the truth, the reason and the faith of people in fair and just and democratic elections.

Then I ask here, shouldn’t the Washington Post and Fox News be prosecuted for libel and for having based their reasons on fake information, that was intended smear the personality of Hunter Biden? And thus influence presidential elections in the USA?

Say as if it wasn’t enough the smear and vilification that Media monopolies did to Hillary Clinton. Today before the 2020 presidential elections in the US, MEDIA MONOPOLIES, like the Washington Post and Fox News, continue unbridled in their hunt for new scandals, new….

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