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Look at the picture. What do you see at the picture of this article? Whom do you see at the picture of this article? 

Yes this is the Evil person that DJ Charlie Sloth, and his Editor, made famous at the BBC. And it is true as my being on earth.


And this is the introduction of Jihadi John at the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra by DJ Charlie Sloth;


So the truth of the matter is that Jihadi John was terrorising London back in 2013. But still in the eyes of DJ Charlie Sloth he was a great artist! Why? It is so because DJ Charlie Sloth hasn’t got a clue of how to evaluate art. Can a terrorist be an artist? For him yes. For DJ Charlie Sloth “terror is art.”


Shall we call Adolf Hitler then an “Artist?” Because he was an artist too. Wasn’t he?


By this I mean that first it depends “what do we mean by saying “artist?” And what do we mean by saying “art?” Do we mean art the morbid lyrics of Jihadi John? Do we call an artist a man like Jihadi John that was terrorising London when he was in the UK?

So it all depends on this question; “In what do we base the ‘meritocracy’ of arts and of humanity in good or evil?

Dj Charlie Sloth and those who are in charge of the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra say “whatever it is.” whatever that it is! No prob! Fam! For them good and evil is the same. For them it is enough that you rap and that’s it.

You rap? But also you must rap about guns and drugs. That’s the trick. Because through that skill they catch the attention of the people. Through that skill they sell cds. Through that skill they make money. And that’s it. They want money and evil actions. And they want a good reputation too!

Hence that tells us that those in charge of the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra want money and power. And they have what they want.  They have the reputation of the BBC in their disposition for that and they use it as they wish. And so they silence my voice. But they support drug dealers and thugs and even terrorists like Jihadi John.

On 3oth of April 2016 they invited gang 67 at Fire In The Booth. And so turned these thugs into superstars just like that.

And here it is what the “AnimalMozo Magazine” says about 67 Gang;

“So imagine “Section Boyz” but six years older and six times more “road”. Yes “ 67 ” is basically that “gang”, “crew” or “family” whatever you want to call it. They’re solely about that life, and that is noticeable through their videos and morbid lyrics

The family include 3 front men with the names of; “ LD”, “Monkey” and “Dimzy”. LD is found hiding his identity in most music videos this is due to his 2-year ban from the police; therefore he cannot release any audio or videos. The reason of his ban is hidden but most say he was involved in various crimes. This again reinforces 67”s street nature and credibility.”

So the BBC continues to make thugs famous and introduce these thugs to us as if being artists! Thanks to the BBC then we are seeing a worse and more violent world. Because it is the reputation of the BBC that turns thugs into superstars just like that.

And it is true too, more thugs the BBC makes famous the more violence I see happening in NW London where I live. The more drug dealers I see in the streets of London.

However, here comes my philosophy to save humanity and inspire the coming generations for better.  And my philosophy is to base meritocracy in Good and positivity. That is that I want ditch negative artists and highlight positve ones. Therefore I think that in this way an evil history of 40 years will start step by step to turn into a good and positive one.

It will change step by step through innovative ideas, competitions, fairness, creativity and movement that i want to start at the BBC. And then in the entire Entertainment Industry that is in shambles.

But the BBC refuses to change these evil actions that spread hate and terror. The BBC simply refuses to accept it as being truth! They say it is false. They say 2 plus 2 make five!

The BBC refuses to stop creating evil.  The rap evil I am saying.

 First the BBC refuses to put things right.  That is to dismiss DJ Charlie Sloth and the Editor of the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra that make terrorists and drug dealers famous. Because they are doing so while using the reputation of the mighty BBC, of course.

The BBC firmly like a stubborn devil refuses to accept the facts. And so take responsibility for its negative actions. The BBC refuses to stop the evil speech and ideas of rappers that glorify Guns, misogyny and Violence at their big radios – BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra.

These Rappers and DJs at the BBC as a matter of fact, they have been terrorizing the planet for years. But it seems that no one is coming forward to oppose firmly their evil ideas of guns and violence.

‘Freedom means to say that two plus two make four’ thus spoke George Orwell. “Freedom means to be able to say the truth. And so care about humanism and our human values,” so I think.

So shall I say that two plus two make four? Or Shall I say that two plus two makes five like the rest of the big Media does? The Big Media of the now that truly grovels at the feet of bureaucracy.

A few apes that have learnt how to put two words together the journalists and editors of the big media are. And they pompously lie, fabricate and cheat endlessly. They walk in the corridors of power, so to speak, like being true heroes! But, truly they are to be blamed for informing and misinforming people based in their very own interests. They are but Illuminati that sacrifice human beings for their own interests. “Be carful of them.” the big media.

Hence I think that we must call a spade a spade. And we must not keep the truth off the record like the BBC, the Sun, the Guardian and the New York times and other big media moguls have done and do.


And to call a spade a spade means that those people who are in charge of the BBC must take responsibility. When they make thugs famous and when due to this, so make the world a worse place through their negative ideas and actions.


In saying this, I mean that the BBC would do a great job, if it stops using hypocrisy like  despots and tyrants of the past.

For many years I have been challenging the BBC with ideas and creativity.  But they still challenge me with their security power! Thats strange! They are powerful and we know it!

However, I am still waiting for a televised debate and a chance to express my positive ideas. And so show the world who those Djs and presenters of the BBC, that sweep negativity under the carpet, really are.


For it is seems to me that they are scared of those who write the new values on the table. And so they use security to protect themselves from Creators! Because they have used their security against me. You get it? And yet they have made famous a man like Jihady John! Isn’t that weird, my friends?

And despite that facts that they are making drugs dealers and terrorists famous are pouring in, plastic and artificial people like DJ Charlie Sloth and his Editor continue to keep their jobs at the BBC! Strange! Despite the fact that they continue to terrorize Europe and the World too. They continue to keep their jobs despite that fact that they have made a real terrorist famous like Jihadi John. It is strange to be alive, but it seems more strange to not accept this truth too.

Where are the values of humanity? Where is humanity? Isn’t the world tired of the big radios that continuously make thugs and drug dealers famous and introduce them to us as if being “great artists?”

Proofs and facts tell that DJ Charlie Sloth and his editor, whomever is Rob Littlejohn or someone else, they supported at BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra Jihadi John in 2013. And this evil action can be watched on my YouTube channel. Or click on the link that I uploaded at the beginning of this article.

However, now they have removed this fact from internet. Because they are the Ministry of Truth. They don’t like the facts. And if they don’t like the facts they remove them from google. But you still can watch this on my Youtube Channel. Don’t worry. Because i managed to download and re-upload this fact on my YouTube Channel.

For in essence just like the Ministry of Truth of Orwell worked, so do the folks at the BBC seem to work. Good!

Google it.

Proofs and facts show that when DJ Charlie Sloth of the BBC supported in 2013 the greatest terrorist of all times, that was Jihadi John. At that time not many people knew him for being a terrorist. But he was as such because he was known at MI5. And he had been terrorising London for years.
The Mirror said that; ‘It is thought he (Jihadi John) fled to Syria in 2012 to join what would become the Islamic State.
So if that is so, it means that he was a real terrorist when DJ Charlie Sloth supported him in 2013. And he was a terrorist when DJ Charlie Sloth supported him because many facts showed that.

Also The MailOnline said that ‘Emwazi’s links to the London crime gang meant he had developed a love of violence.’

That means that he had links with criminal gangs when he was back in London. But still DJ Charlie Sloth and his editor were determined to make him famous at the BBC!

Also, this fact is impressive because months later in 2014 almost everyone in the Bigger Media mentioned his name. And they agreed in this one thing. That Jihadi John was known at MI5 since 2008. And they agreed also that he was supported at the BBC Radio One and Radio 1Xtra.

Question; If Jihadi John was known at MI5 since 2008 it means that he was terrorizing London at that moment.  It means that he was a wannabe famous terrorist.  But still DJ Charlie Sloth supported, respected and glorified  Jihadi John at the BBC! And it seemed that Dj Charlie Sloth shared with Jihadi John values and ideas too. Because Charlie Sloth praised his morbid lyrics on his show.

And the Lyrics of Jihadi John clearly showed that he was a violent man. That he loved violence and guns and drugs. And that he loved to spread hatred and terror across the world.

Question; So why did Dj Charlie Sloth support him then?

DJ Charlie Sloth of the BBC did that because he is incompetent. Because he hasn’t got any creative value or creative idea. He simply can’t separate good from evil. And it seems that for him good and evil are the same! Strange! For Charlie Sloth to terrorize the world and to point out creative positivity and positive creativity are the same things! Good and evil is the same for him.


Therefore he doesn’t deserve his job and need to resign.

DJ Charlie Sloth though because of the BBC he is at the centre of attention. Because the BBC is a true World Power. But based in these actions the BBC shows to be a true world Evil Power.

Question; Why does DJ Charlie Sloth still keep his job despite the fact that He has supported one of the greatest terrorists of all times?

Answer, DJ Charlie Sloth still keeps his job at the BBC because the BBC is ROTTEN to the core. Because people who are at the top of the BBC have no dignity, and therefore no respect and no love for humanity.

As a result these people that are at the top of the BBC and that do not take responsibility. And put what is wrong into right.  They are destroying the now and our peace. They are the killers of the social harmony and therefore, the Killers of Humanism.

With proofs, facts and values on the table this is my way. This is the way of a true creator.

Also this must tell that the UK and European people should wake up. And they should wake up before it is too late.  Because it is not only Jihadi John or L Jinny or whatever is his name. But the truth is that at the BBC are dozens of other thugs that praise guns and drugs and violence. And they do that with full passions of hatred and evil. But still no one dares to say the truth as it is and expose them as the greatest evil of the now and here.

It seems that no one dares to say the truth.


The truth that to praise Guns and Violence is an act of terror. Therefore those who praise guns and violence and those who allow them because of the millions that they earn, are all but TERRORISTS.

So DJ Charlie Sloth and the BBC are making terrorists famous at their headquarters. Therefore they are terrorising the world with their ugly, monstrous and despicable messages of Guns and Drugs and Violence.

But where is humanity? Where is humanism?

What calls for thinking? What calls for truth? Where are our values? Where are they?





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