BBC is an implicit terrorist organization that prepares the ground for terrorist acts. BBC was accused by David Cameron in 2006 for encouraging people to carry guns and knives. Well, now things have changed since then, but how? Now BBC not only encourages people to carry guns and knives, but it also makes terrorists famous at BBC. BBC makes terrorists famous at its headquarters and sweeps it under the carpet. BBC hides its evil and its terror that BBC spreads around from its house just like the hamsters, the solitary burrowing rodents that hide the food in their large cheek pouches.

Ignorance is bliss, but if you have a look on the YouTube Channel of BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra and see dozens of videos that praise guns and knives and drugs and profound misogyny and hatred and evil and negativity and Violence, then you’ll walk in the light, then you’ll enlighten your mind, then you’ll be able to judge by yourself and then you’ll be able to see the truth with thine eyes and say that truly BBC is a Terrorist Organisation because it spreads terror and fear and hatred around the world.

And so once you watch these facts on their YouTube Channel, then you will be able to clear the air and get rid of heebie-jeebies that BBC is an organization that deserves respect. So you will think clearly that based in these facts that I see, sincerely I can tell to the world that BBC is an implicit terrorist Organization because it praises guns just terrorists do, because BBC glorifies Violence just Terrorists do, because BBC spreads hatred just Terrorists do, therefore BBC is a Terrorist Organization.

Fact; Jihadi John, the actual leader of ISIS, when he was in London he was spreading terror, he praised guns and drugs and violence and hatred, but still the DJ Charlie Sloth of BBC wanted to make this budding terrorist famous and called him a talented and skilled and gifted artist. But the spirit of the Artist does not praise guns, the spirit of the artist does not praise hatred, and the spirit of the artist does not praise Violence.

But, because these people that work at BBC are a bunch of Nazis and Fascists and ignorants that have never ever searched the meaning of being an artist, that have never ever searched the meaning of Human-ism, and that have never ever searched the meaning of Goodness that’s why they continue to spread terror and fear across Europe and across the planet earth. (and I say that that they are Nazis and fascists and terrorists because these people allow as such violence to be spread via BBC and therefore due to this very fact of the matter I can’t call them people of humanism and goodness at all and in no way, but rather criminals, fascists and terrorists)

So because at BBC are as such and such people that love Violence and Terror, that’s why DJ Charlie Sloth and his cronies make terrorists famous they spread terror and evil and at the end of the day they also pretend to be the good and the just and the wise. Nazis, fascists, Illuminati and Machiavellian ideologues of BBC that spread terror and fear and violence across the world.

Now regarding the other Terrorist Organization that is called ISIS, you know who they are, but I just wanted to open your mind and make you aware of the fact that BBC is just like ISIS, that is to say a Terrorist Organization that supports and spreads fear, terror, violence and hatred through their headquarters. Thank You.

Facts; Watch these videos and then make up your minds about them and say that Guns and Violence and Misogyny are terrorist acts.

#GimmeGrime – Devilman (Dark Elements) Showcase (guns, drugs, violence, misogyny and much more evil of BBC)


Fire In The Booth – Bugzy Malone


Devlin – Fire In The Booth



Fire in the Booth – Stormzy.



Fire In The Booth Cypher 2014

(praising the greatest terrorist Bin Laden.)


There are dozens and hundreds of Videos under the name of BBC that praise guns, hatred, violence and terror.

Enjoy the Nazi Evil Power of BBC.

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