Our today enemy is our Western Media. The greatest value of being a human is called TRUTH. And that’s what you never hear on big media headquarters – that is TRUTH.

Why is truth a great value? Because in lies hide crime, in lies hide manipulation, hide human exploitation, hide terror and hide all evil. That’s why truth is the greatest value of humanity. And it is from truth that springs the value of good. For you can’t be good without being true, can you?

Then, if you want to bless a humanity, you bless it by saying to reflect on great ideas. Curse it by saying: Pray and eat and drink and hate like an animal. And that’s how masters have cursed the London people.

For people of London have turned into an animal farm of praying, eating, drinking and hating. Let’s take a fact: many London people hate big media. But they love police and security power that protects them. Fair enough.

So you see the DICTATORS of Ideas leading the world from the headquarters of the big media. And some people hating them! Is that hate of any importance?

The thing is to go beyond love and hate. For the big media cronies may be hated. But still they are heard. They lead through the reputation of big media. Can’t you see the facts?

So then, you can go beyond love and hate when you reach out to truth. And you come to truth when you come to the facts. And the facts say that 92% of information is controlled by Big Corporate Media. You see?

And what you see online is just 8% or even less struggling against a behemoth big media that drowns even the biggest philosophers out. They are like the big fish against the small one. They swallow you up and say: “We ain’t guilty! You see?

So then you see the OLD IDEAS leading forever. And in not letting the new ideas go. And in oppressing the new ideas forever, big media oppresses the SOUL OF HUMANITY.

And Oppression in all human history has been a flaming point of wars, hatred and all evil. And oppression has been always the oppression of ideas. Take the thinkers of 18th and 19th century that were not allowed to gather and share ideas.

Today, however, it is different. Things are a bit subtler.

Today you are not allowed to be on big media and share ideas through Big Media headquarters that were supposed to belong to all of us. Why so? Because today big media belong to a clique of journalists who think the same. And that never speak truth. And today big media also belong to some thugs who glamorise gun crime on big radios. And so use music to spread evil. Good, you see?

So then the essence is to be able to tell through truth and reason to the “old oppressing ideas” of the cronies of Andrew Neil or of Big Media that they are WRONG.

And to be able to turn what is wrong into right it is necessary that we end the DICTATORSHIP of Ideas. Big Media need to change the way they control information. Full stop.

And that happens by bringing into being two necessary changes. And that are: First give a ten years contract to highly paid sick careerists or Dictators of ideas like Andrew Neil. And secondly. Bring extensive Participation on big media.

Why Participation?

Because it is through participation that we can come to know the New Ideas. But for now the new ideas continue to be oppressed by the old ones.

Therefore, the evil of today is in the fact that the old IDEAS lead the world. The old ideas oppress continually the new ideas. And it is only through participation that we can come to know the NEW.

#Freedom to the new ideas then!

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