As an activist and thinker I have been standing against the Big Media Evil power for many, many years on my own.

 But why?

 I didn’t want them to control our minds and the minds of upcoming generations. I didn’t want them to control the entire means of information and to take no responsibility for this great injustice that is being done to the creative minds. I didn’t want them to preach death and hatred. I didn’t them to fool us with articles that incite hatred and division. That’s why I decided to take a stand against Big Media Moguls.

And I took a stand against them because I wanted them to respect the Great Values of Humanity. That is truth and goodness. But no. What I just said makes no sense. They say that “hatred and death” sell. So hurray for “death and hatred,” they say! Because in this way they sell their stories. In this way they make money!

So they silence my voice with reputation and force and make money!

Good isn’t it? To make money while sucking human blood. This is the Big Media.

Hello humanity?

For, you know, a newspaper, for instance, is a finished commodity.  It costs £1. But how about 10 million newspapers being sold in a day? It means ten million pounds for the Big Media mouths who preach death and hatred.

So you see who the BIG MEDIA MOUTHS ARE – The preachers of death and hatred who pretend to be good and just!

 So as an activist and thinker, I said, “enough is enough.” And then I prepared the facts and the ideas on small pieces of papers. I folded them inside my bag. And said now it is my time to keep the torch of humanity still burning with love and truth and good.

Thus I stood up to Big Media with ideas. And I am still standing and fighting like a true warrior with ideas and movement. From New York to London and from London to New York fighting against the Corrupted Big Media.

I entered in the headquarters of FOX TV in New York City. I entered in the headquarters of the New York Times and of the ABC. I questioned and challenged the BBC, the ITV, the Guardian and many more. But, at all times they showed me brute force. And silenced my VOICE and Reason by force only.

You can watch my videos on YouTube at “Creativeism Movement.” To see for yourself my struggle for a true humanity that stands for what is true and good.

Facts. In New York, I was pushed and kicked and arrested inside the headquarters of the BIG MEDIA like FOX TV, ABC etc. In London, the security of the BBC smashed the screen of my phone just because I was making questions. And the security of the ITV threatened to put his fingers in my eyes.

However, none form the Big Media Mouths did say this truth!!!

What happened to the truth then, which they are supposed to stand for? You see then that the Big Media Mouths are the very murderers of the truth. Because they are not interested to make the world a better place. Or speak truth or support the idea of humanity. No. They are interested to sell stories, preach hate, preach death and make money.

Thank you very much!

But to stand Against the Corrupted Big Media Mouths isn’t it equal to stand against the world?

Because many today people listen to Big Media religiously. Many today people think that they are good and just. And they don’t even bother to check the facts for themselves. They take them from BIG MEDIA Mouths and absorb them in their minds.

But how can we believe religiously a CORRUPTED organization like the BIG MEDIA? How can we believe their lies when they are murdering truth and silencing independent thinking by BRUTE FORCE?

How can we be so cruel in our soul and so shallow in our minds?

Because so far I got arrested for speaking in New York city. And I have been silenced by brute force in London town. But, I didn’t get neither the support of the people nor any support from the Big Media.

What do I mean with “support?”

I mean people to stand for the truth. That means that when the Big Media mouths use brute force and through it silence independent thinkers. People must to stand up for humanity, share the truth, speak up and raise awareness.

People must not cross their arms and lend all their conscious minds to the Big Media mouths. Because in this way, they control people’s minds. And it is their reputation that can manipulate people’s sub-consciousness.

How? For instance when one says I am a journalist of the BBC, he is going to be listened and respected. Just because of the fact that he works for the BBC. And it is the reputation of the BBC here that manipulates, controls and influences one’s mind.

So people must make the “unconscious conscious.” They must accept that their minds are being controlled. And so give up giving all their attention to the Big Media Mouths. For here is the fate of the upcoming generations and humanity at stake.

People must understand that this methodology of the Big Media to preach hatred and death is not what we stand for.  And so wake up.

 What do I want from the Big Media Mouths?

First I want them to stop fund and preach hatred. I want them to be true to what we as humans stand for.

And I want BIG MEDIA MOUTHS to respect Independent Thinking.

I want them to respect Independent Thinking. That means that Big TVs must invite in their studios those who disagree with them. And big Newspapers must dedicate a page or two to independent thinking. So the citizens can see the pros and cons and then it is up to them to decide.

What? Independent thinking? No. Big Media Mouths from New York to London have said to me “We are not interested to listen to independent thinking.” And every time that I have gone to protest or challenge them. They have silenced my VOICE with security and police.

They have showed me basically, how REASON can be silenced by BRUTE FORCE. But I learnt that from NAZIS and Fascists. So it is not necessary for the FOX TV and for the BBC and the rest of the Big MEDIA to show me that. It is not necessary for them to show me every time FORCE when I show them ideas and REASON.

So then, “What is the Feeling to Stand Alone Against The World?”

 In a word, the feeling is “SACRIFICE.” Like Einstein once said, the sacrifice of the individual on behalf of Humanity and for Humanity. That is the feeling.

But what does it mean to stand alone against the beasts of power?

It means to have ideas and stand for what you believe in. But the “what you believe in” must be based on the great ideas that have to be drawn from the GREAT MINDS.

What have I done as an Activist and Thinker?

Well, so far I have created the ideas with my own mind and funded the movements with whatever I had in my pocket. Always poor and broke. But always proud and determined to keep the good of humanity up.

 I even remember once going to protest and challenge the BBC. I questioned the people who were entering and coming out of the BBC having only my phone. And the idea of a show called, “Creativeism Movement Show.” That means to challenge power with ideas and truth.”

 And so when I finished challenging them with ideas and questions. I turned to go back home. But then as I walked a bit, I took my wallet out of my pocket and looked inside it. I searched and searched for coins but I found nothing.

So I didn’t have money to pay for the bus ticket to turn back in North West London. And I walked on my feet for two hours and half from the BBC’s headquarters to North West London. So I was broke and I didn’t have even money for the bus ticket.

And yet I had found the courage to challenge the beasts of the BBC. I walked

 With this I want to say, that to stand alone against the world doesn’t mean to stand for money.

It means to stand for PAIN. It means to stand for what you believe in. It means to stand for humanity. It means to stand for our great values that we were supposed to follow.

 So that means that if you feel that you are a defender of truth and good. Then you can stand alone against the world even if you are broke and have no money.

But you must have listened and learnt. You must have ideas. You must love to create and think. And you must be prepared for SACRIFICE. The latter is the hardest thing in the world. And the feeling of my theme.

 For when the defenders of GOOD fall, then the creators of EVIL win. For humans are a creative power. And they can create for good and for evil. But it all depends for what we stand for. It all depends to our values as humans.


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