2020 and Coronavirus or Covid-19 brought to light the historical pain that ever existed between master and slave. Or rich and poor.

Homeless Man sleeping rough in Bayswater London on the 31st December 2020.



And I say that because I’ve seen first hand real pain and anguish in the city where I live called, London. And I have gone myself through tremendous mental pressure, anguish, stress and deep human pain. Where mental break downs, heavy depression, and anxiety due to the bad conditions of living were simply impossible to avoid.

And in the middle of this torment of the spirit, suffering, heartache, distress, and anguish of the oppressed, like myself. I realised or more exactly I lived this theory that we learn in political and philosophical books.

A theory that speak of ideas that exist to interconnect the oppressed and the oppressors. The weak and the strong. Like it is for example this form of interconnection that come from the idea of economy and money power.

In short, the oppressed showed to be vulnerable. Too vulnerable and powerless and exposed to hunger, great distress and extreme poverty by the Covid-19 pandemic.

While the rich simply saw our Covid-19 pandemic as a moment of escape and relaxation. As ever thinking in style from their money power. And partying in style from the economic power that they control. Consuming champaign and drinking old quality French wines! 


          The rich party in style, always!


So, during the Covid-19 pandemic the poor were shaken profoundly in the core of their existence by this form of historical injustice. That ever existed between the rich and the poor in our historical England.

Like how, what do I mean?

For example, the Poor were left crowding in stifling isolations afflicted by Covid-19 to grieve their miserable, joyless and destitute fate in their poverty and isolation of the worst forms possible.

The poor were reduced to living in tiny, suffocating and overcrowded accommodations, where panic attacks would repeat with every breath.  and unknown mental problems would crop up unexpectedly out of nowhere! 

Reduced to homelessness. Queueing in food banks. Hordes of people living together sharing the same spaces. Pushed to conflict and domestic violence.
And counting pennies for their food on the table. This was and still is the pain of the poor that has come as a result of Covid-19 pandemic. Madness.

This happened and still happens, however, from a deep and profound injustice created as a result of a historical unfairness and inequality. That has created a big galling gap between the strong and the weak, the rich and the poor.

James Dyson sucking money power through his business. And allowed to avoid paying a fair share of his taxes to the U.K!

On the other side of thinking, the rich, unaffected by the pandemic, checked for places they could go to get away from London or even leave the UK all together. Leaving London and the UK in hurry!

Looking forward to sunny and summery days. To spend their money in peace!

Lady Eliza Manners and other socialites! For as such people isolation does not exist!


Gracious Jesus! How sweet that it is inequality, injustice and unfairness in our UK? And no one even ever bothers to even call this into question!

Or call into question our Values? Or our human rights?

So, the same rich people, who made their money by exploiting our today masses. And extorted the wretched and the poor working classes, now, in the middle of the Pandemic, they never gave up their thinking for a good life!

And this thinking for a good life in the middle of a misery and pain of course that it comes from the fact that they have. And the fact is that they have too much…

But what about those who have nothing, but their souls?  And count pennies for their food in order to keep their soul alive on our gracious and all-loving mother earth?

The rich as a matter of fact by looking to leave the same London, that they exploited and extorted through different manipulating ways. Like through tax avoidance. The rich by thinking and doing as we said above, they refused to share the responsibility of the human existence and socialism.

For a matter of fact, the oppressed and extorted working classes deserved to see the rich in these hard moments by their side. Like, say, we to see them stay here and give a hand to support those vulnerable people that were reduced to poverty, food banks and pain. Like myself and many other fellow citizens of London.

Homeless man has left his place, where he slept rough in Bayswater London.


So, the injustice of today saddens your soul, the gap between the rich and the poor continues to widen. And we still forget to remember our rights. Our Rights. The rights of socialism and of our human existence.

And that’s what we must never give up and think more than ever in 2021. And die on behalf of these rights not die killing and oppressing each other.

Hence, we must fall for and stand for our human rights and our human ideals.

For I prefer suicide or standing up till I die or lose my mind fighting for my rights over the Oppression and abuse of my constitutional human rights. And human Dignity.

Therefore, in the middle of this pandemic and pain, I dare say that in 2021 we should think different.

And never forget to say or remember that

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