One question: Why is it hard in our England for people in positions of power to understand the pain of the people at the very bottom of our society?

Are these people blinded by the luxurious salaries that they get and the power that they control because of us, the slaves of today?

How comes that people who hold public office, abuse its citizens?

I say this because I saw unreal forms of abuse with my eyes and experienced this abuse with my feelings. And I saw real pain being created by the Hammersmith and Fulham council towards me and towards other people as well.

For example, as I was supported by them, I saw that they had a cruel policy of cancelling temporary accommodations.

Sometimes, for example, they would give you a few days of warning. Sometimes they would cancel your accommodation early in the morning. To make sure that you are in the street with all your belongings. And feel the sting of a poisonous pain as a gift by the Hammersmith and Fulham council.

Sometimes they would threaten you over the phone telling you unofficially to leave. Which meant you to become homeless. Sometimes, they would indirectly threaten you by telling you, that sooner or later you will be out in the street by our decisions.

“I cannot say when it (accommodation) will be cancelled and this decision will be made by colleagues in our temporary accommodation team as your review is now completed.” This is how the landlord, Hammersmith and Fulham, puts its threats mildly and sweetly.

In short these inhumane chiefs of Hammersmith and Fulham council put you through hell. And treated you like a lifeless object. Creating deep scars of pain in your soul.

So, I saw myself being thrown out of the temporary accommodation, which this council had provided, just like that. Like a piece of paper or like rubbish. With all my belongings and all what I had. With no feelings of empathy whatsoever being shown by the cruel highly paid clerks of the council.

Like for example, you as a council to think just a little bit what would happen to this person, when we throw them outside in the street and use him or her like that? Will he or she feel distressed and tortured in their spirits because of this cruel action of ours?

 Will he or she suffer there in the street, when she or he is thrown like a lifeless object outside in cold and rain and pain by our council cruel policies?

So the people of Hammersmith and Fulham did not seem to bother at all about this. And for them this was a practice supported by their laws or policies that they had created.

Happy and content like pigs with their policies. they thought they were doing the right thing. However, they were doing great wrong to the people.

For, it was not only me who was treated like that. For I also saw the same pain in others.

 I saw men and women crying, screaming and pulling their hairs in despair. Because the council had thrown them out of their temporary accommodations mercilessly.

After having decided to support him or her in the first place. Betraying people meanly. And using people carelessly like being inanimate objects. Not like humans with feelings and thoughts and that can get hurt. And sometimes lose themselves and their minds from great distress, pain and despair.

Now, I would say, thank you for the initial support, of course. But I also would ask, why do you as a council mistreat and abuse me as a citizen?

Because I asked for support? Or is it because you have fixed very good salaries for yourselves and it is very hard for you to understand my pain as a citizen?

And when your policies create real pain to me, why don’t you calm down and take some responsibility as a council?

As a matter of fact, the Hammersmith and Fulham council, and many others, have policies that abuse people in place. They employ people that discriminate in the council and that are racists. And they have a low very low understanding of the human pain.

Let me show you an inner thinking of this council.

 Why discrimination?

 Hammersmith and Fulham council worked with letting agencies that in their profiles in spare room showed to not accept housing benefits. So as such agencies discriminated against the poor.

While this council overpaid these agencies for offering some dirty and depressive places. Places with flies and rubbish. And in many occasions, they were located in places where the train would pass every now and then.

Secondly, they would support you today, and cancel your accommodation just like that tomorrow.

Now, the latter policy created immense pain and suffer.

For to see yourself being thrown outside with all your belongings was not easy to keep your cool. For stress would outweigh your thinking. And pull you down to the lowest moods and feelings.

And as a result, depression, panic attacks, a feeling of being choked into your throat and anxiety would weigh you down and grow subconsciously. Drowning you like an ocean from inside and outside of you.

Oversensitivity would create suicidal thoughts. And you would find yourself in a question of to be or not to be.

This is how I….

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