First Reason is this way of thinking and explaining things.


In the ever-changing reality of now, evil creates itself. So what does that mean? It means that you as a human being need to create good in order to be able to oppose evil and so live in peace and harmony with the mortals. Because Evil longs for war and for hatred, but neither for peace nor for harmony, unless you think that war is peace like at 1984 of Orwell.


So my second reason is to oppose the evil ideology of the BBC and other big media moguls that promote violence and hatred. Whoever they are, I don’t care about their names and reputations, but I do care about their reasons and their good doings and their truthfulness, – if they have any reason or good doing or truthfulness at all.


Therefore, the very facts that the big media moguls like the BBC and others are spreading evil around the world makes me fight on behalf of humanism and its principles. And also it makes me and moves me to create in order to destroy their evil ideas on behalf of Humanism and for humanism.


Humanism! What on earth does that mean dude?


This is my third reason to explain to the herd people that call evil ‘good’ and vice versa. And this is what humanism is and means, humanism means to be, to exist, to listen, to learn and to create, but to create based in Human Goodness, and not to create based in evil. This is the meaning of Humanism. Did you get it?

And the two principles of humanism are goodness and truthfulness. If you are good and true, then you either are free or you are conscious of that fact that freedom needs to be won. 

‘Good means to live in a world where we all fit.’ said an American thinker. Hence, ask this question to yourselves. Do we all fit in a world where we promote and glamorize the gangster lifestyle and guns and drugs and therefore barbaric ideas that downgrade humanity like the BBC and other big media magnates do? I don’t’ think so.


Think, and please do think because thinking is good for the health and if you think, trust me that all of you will come to this very conclusion of mine. I mean to the conclusion that violence is evil and it has been called evil ever since. Are you that great to call violence ‘good’ and good ‘violence’ and so change the meaning of everything? Then do it and show me how.


Fourth reason is to create good ideas for humanity and so overcome their evil. At this point I am speaking mostly about entertainment industry that is unfair and full of brutality. At BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra rappers glamorize and praise guns, killings, misogyny, death, hatred and all kinds of evil.


One thing is true that evil can catch easily human attention. Evil and violence can catch easily human attention because humans see it as a threat, but good is not seen as a threat and therefore good is the hardest thing to make on earth. Socrates 24 centuries ago said that. But nowadays it seems that to make good is even seen as something that is boring and not interesting, especially from the simple and the good-for-nothing people that idolize and fetishize either drug dealers or their shoes that they wear. Hmm… Interesting innit?


Fifth Reason is the fact of the matter that to bring real change in the entertainment industry means to create shows that inspire positivity and good vibes, to create ideas that make the difference, to create and entertain with art, but not evil. And art means to fit and to think and to create with positivity in your mind, but not negativity.


Sixth Reason is to bring these ideas of positivity into life and explain them to the world.


One idea is to create a Hip-Hop Revolution Show Philosophy.


And to explain it in a few words, then I have to unfold it through four philosophical principles.

That means; to point out, to indicate, to inspire and to show the way to the world, to tell how things work and what it takes to be an artist.


To point out what is right and what is wrong. That means to point out that to glamorize the gangster lifestyle, to promote violence and to praise guns are wrong ideas to do; because these ideas point out evil, these ideas bring evil and these ideas create evil as well. 

And that’s what evil is and it is wrong doing and making and creating.


The second principle is to indicate the way, to show to these people how these things work, how ideas work and to educate these people with positive vibes and positive language and positive doings that are contained within these ideas.


Many rappers glorify guns just because they think that in doing so they can catch the attention of the people quickly and so they can sell millions of records. That is their point, to sell records and to buy shoes, they can’t see beyond shoes and money and dancing. They are myopic, short-sighted and greedy to the core. 

Therefore, I look to open their eyes and world’s eyes as well and hence make them see; for many people look deaf and blind. I say that as long as these prople of the present day world see violence in big media that is happening continuously, but they don’t have the courage and guts to speak up about this social cancer and Ebola fever that creep up in human mind and destroy humanism.

 This way of rapper’s doing shows that they are unaware of human values and humanity and humanism and so they act out of greed and hatred while they long and crave for money and power. But like Nietzsche put it, money-power is the power of cowards, but knowledge is the real power. So I mean rappers should start to hit the books and understand by themselves how humans have lived in harmony and how they have destroyed one another.


And people have lived in harmony when they have promoted goodness, balance in doing and makings, and humanity. But humans have destroyed one another when they have started to promote hatred and violence. So this kind of violence that the BBC and other big radios or TVs promote is unacceptable and need to be stopped and the sooner, the better.


Third principle is to inspire the youth and the world itself through these ideas of positivity, good vibes and good language and that spread a happy and optimistic energy on earth. And so show the way through these very ideas. And it is important that we get rid of evil ideas like guns, like drugs, like hatred, like misogyny, like demeaning language and derogatory terms that many rappers make use.


To sum my idea up, and to shoe my fourth principle that is to tell to the world how things work and what it takes to be an artist means; to be positive, to be humanist and to be creative for humanity and for our world, which we create it anew in the ever-changing reality of now with our own hands.


Seventh Reason is create a show like ‘The Time for Positive Creativity. Where people of any genre and any age and any talent can come to rap, to speak, to recite, to pipe or to sing whatever they like. These people can come with the purpose of spreading a positive energy. And this ‘whatever’ should be based in Positive Creativity ideology. And positive creativity ideology is based in human goodness. Thing which means that you as an editor, Dj, rapper or whatever should not allow ideas of evil to penetrate in the show and so to destroy its basis.


Eighth Reason is to remain highly alert and be conscious of evil and its tremendous power that always creates itself in the ever-changing actuality of now. And so to try to cut evil off at its beginning and before it has become a way of doing and making like the guns and drugs and hatred have become at the BBC and other big Media moguls like MTV and others.


Therefore, these ideas of guns and violence which have spread negativity all around the world need to be destroyed and as soon as possible. People should learn to say; down with violence, down with evil and down with those who spread it around and whoever they are – you should not care about their names or reputations. Remember power is within every human being. You are Power.


Ninth Reason is to make people aware of good and evil. Many people may see rap as an artistic expression. But guns and violence expressed in the first person are not an artistic expression at all. The spirit of the artist does not glorify guns and drugs.


Have a look at James Joyce and Thomas Man and see by yourself what they mean by the meaning of being an artist. And they see an artist, as a human being with a book on his lap and that loves to listen and learn and create positivity, but they do not see the artist as a drug dealer with a gun in each hand and that spread negativity.


Therefore, the ideas of the BBC and MTV that think that Violence and Guns are art and that think that these ideas are Creativity show to be wrong. And through this philosophic essay I hope that I have destroyed their evil ideas
And so in showing my philosophy, that means that I have overthrown them from their fake and false castle of hypocrisy and madness. That means that I have overthrown their devilish philosophy that sees violence as a way of catching attention and making money. 

As a matter of fact money is behind this industry, and that’s why the editors of the BBC neither do condemn violence nor do they do something about it or try to solve it at all; because of the money that they see and that stand as a curtain to impede their vision.

These greedy evil-doers and evil-makers of the BBC and MTV and other big media maniacs.


Fascist and hypocrites of my time that think that; ‘hatred is love and ignorance is strength and war is peace.


Tenth reason; is to follow me on my Movement that is Creative-ism Movement Philosophy. And that means that in order to make sense in this world you need to create, but you need to create based in Humanism and not evil-ism.


Therefore, Hip-Hop Revolution show ideology and Creative-ism Movement Philosophy.


Long lives goodness and long lives human freedom.


Thus speaks Zarathustra – The Creator that creates the world anew with his own hands.





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