It seems that to bring an ounce of goodness and innovation in the world it takes your blood out of your veins.


Hip-Hop has been preaching hatred in the world for forty years now. A gangster-lifestyle has been imposed on us from the big radios. And its messages of guns and drugs and violence are not ART. Check my previous letters and emails that I’ve sent to the BBC in the past. Because I have explained what ‘Art’ means too.


 And I think that the BBC must pave the way towards change. The BBC must stop the burst of its imperialist culture. Therefore, the BBC must show respect to a Creator like me who puts the new values on the table and says; ‘A show that appeals for positive creativity and that contain literary criticism must be there – at BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra to bring positive rappers forwards and change the world for the better.


Question; ‘Why is BBC siding with a thug-life philosophy?’ Is it that the meaning of capitalism is based in money? And in selling the records of thugs you make money? Is it that we, as humans, are being reduced to a piece of paper? And now you who study at Oxford and Cambridge, you also study how to manipulate the simple-minded, how to use proper sophistry and how to silence the voice of a Creator like me? A Creator that puts the values on the table like I do. And like I have done in relation with the BBC at least.

 Fran O’Brien; 
The complainant was concerned that negative language about guns and drugs and 
violence was being promoted via Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra and was making the world a 
worse place to be in.  
He made the following points: 
  Through rap music the BBC was promoting violence, thugs and drug dealing 
on these services and also on BBC videos on YouTube.  
  The environment can ‘turn on’ criminal genes.  
  Rap promoted crime, murder, violence, drug dealing, misogyny, rape, 
vandalism and more. 


My Reply;


It is true what I said about rap. But for that I have given you examples and facts from all history and philosophy of Hip-Hop. (check my previous emails that I have sent to the BBC Trust and my past complaints too)

And also I have said to you that at least FIRE IN THE BOOTH SHOW Preaches negativity every Saturday night. There is almost impossible to be a fire in the booth show without language about guns, drugs and misogyny.


This reason of mine rejects the sophistry of Fran O’Brein that belongs at the dark corners of the past.


But again if your regulations are illogical, then you must work to make them logical, I think.

What is this rule that the complaint must be made within 30 days? By that the BBC means that whatever is older than thirty days is not valid. And that means that the facts about Jimmy Seville that molested half of Europe are not valid.

 Because they are old now!


But isn’t the BBC ashamed of this reason and regulation? What is this infantile logic, my dear? If your regulation says something that is illogical then shouldn’t you try to make something better for humanity? And so change these illogical rules and regulations of the BBC that sweeps under the carpet whatever that is older than 30 days?

But in supporting thugs like you have done, it tells me that you haven’t much love for humanity.


I know that you people at the BBC have been studying in famous universities.  And it seems to me that there you have learnt too the art of the false arguments and sophistry. But, I grew up in the streets and across the streets I found libraries. And that’s how I merge theory with practice and ideas and creativity with reality better than you do.


And I am doing first things first. That is, ‘A Hip-Hop Revolution.’ Where is your respect though, for us who want to change the world for the better?


Because I am going above and beyond and writing books to bring some innovation and novelty in the world of Hip Hop. But you turn me away either with sophistry or with the power of security! I come to challenge you with creativity and ideas but the BBC challenges me with its security power! That’s not only unjust but inhumane too.



Still, I can tell you two videos that glamorize a gangster life-style, promote violence and that praise guns and drugs. And that are within the 30 days of broadcast.



Check these videos please. I spent One hour checking them. So you who get paid to terrorize us spend some time please and examine yourselves.


Sian’s Studio – Flirta D, Ghostly, Reece West, ETS & Kraze





Second Video


Sian’s Studio – Blacks, Ego, Nerva, Tornado & Snowy with DJ JJ





Fran O’Brein said ‘He proposed an idea for a programme presented by himself to give 
opportunities to positive artists, which was the handed over to a new 
incoming presenter. He was not however given an opportunity to do this. 


My programme idea was unique and had nothing to do with the new presenter. There is corruption at the BBC. There is corruption in entertainment industry in general. So I suggested innovation, movement and creativity. And it was a work that reflected and mirrored ten years of hard work as a DJ, Rapper and Creator that I have listened and learnt to come to this moment and raise my VOICE against YOU, Masters. I listened and learnt and I think and believe that we have to progress with values on the new table like Creators do, but not with guns and drugs and violence like drug dealers of BBC RADIOS do.


So I suggested how;


How do I bring change and innovation?



I can make Fire In The Booth a yearly competitive show. 

And this show must be reachable by every DJ/MC that has got ideas and creativity in his/her mind and that wants to improve rap industry.


This show must promote positive rappers that create through positive language.


Words are charged emotionally. And negative words of guns, and drugs and violence bring in the world negativity.


Also I can create a show with a name like: ‘Positive Creativity Show” or

Hip-Hip Revolution Show and I can bring positive rappers forwards. And so bring change step by step and day after day.


In these shows I intend to bring criticism that is not valued at this moment in rap industry. I intend to put a poetic, artistic and positive feature in the rap lyrics. And I intend to inspire the new generations with a different ideology of creativity. That is, positivity, good vibes and a new way for all of us. A way that does not see guns and violence as an artistic and poetic means of expression and creativity! A way that ditches negative rappers and supports the positive ones. For Djs and Producers at the BBC ditch the positive rappers and support the negative ones. They never ever supported me as an artist. And I’m already 29.


So I want to bring fair share, positive creativity and movement in entertainment industry. But, how comes that a negative DJ/MC like DJ Charlie Sloth does 18 hours per week but out there are thousands of talents who can’t have an hour slot?


Fran O’Brien said;  ‘He objected to being asked to provide a complaint about specific content 
within 30 days of broadcast.    
Audience Services made the following points:  
  They assured him that the BBC does not promote guns, violence or hatred. 


Wrong. False argument. False reason. The BBC is saying that 2 plus 2 make five.

I have showed to them facts and videos. Check my previous statements. And check my previous emails with facts from politicians, to writers and even from previous thugs’ statements that have said that the negative language of the Famous rappers have influenced them in their negative past of robberies and that made them end up in jail.


Or check my eBook on amazon, ‘Hip-Hop Revolution Philosophy.’



 Fran O’Brein also said;


The complainant appealed to the BBC Trust on the substance of his complaint.  He 
noted his comic rap song was not played on the BBC but the BBC had played the words 
of jihadi john.

 True. My song that was more professional than the song of Jihadi John. My song that had more artistic content than the song of Jihadi John. And my hard work and blood and sacrifice that I put to make a better world doesn’t this tell you that the decision to support jihadi John and not support my ideas is a decision that is corrupted?


Here is DJ Charlie Sloth introducing the terrorist Jihadi John as an artist, video link https://youtu.be/KcIq7tVM0a0  (to reiterate Jihadi John was a terrorist when DJ Charlie Sloth supported him)


Also here is another song that DJ Charlie Sloth destroyed it after I criticized him but I uploaded today on YouTube to show it to you;


Charlie Sloth ft Mic righteous Suck My dk




With this I want to tell you that the BBC radios have not supported me and have silenced my voice on purpose.




And they did that because I OPPOSE THEIR IDEAS OF DRUGS AND GUNS.


So; Doesn’t this tell you that this ‘Editorial and Creative output is rotten to the core and must change their philosophy of supporting people like Jihadi John and songs like the song that I just showed to you?



DJ Charlie Sloth that made famous Jihadi John shouldn’t continue to make thugs famous. And He must be dismissed for that if a whiff of justice still exists on earth.


He owns 18 hours airtime at BBC while there are thousands of other artists that do not take an hour SLOT to create a positive show!


O’Brien said; ‘His voice was being silenced by the BBC. ‘ 


Yes, first of all are the BBC Radio One and The BBC Radio 1Xtra that do not give me an opportunity to sit down and talk. I have been opposing their ideas of guns and violence for years now. I have come to protest at the BBC for that. So don’t I deserve a televised interview and be able to speak up my ideas and let the people decide what is wrong and what is right?


No they are scared to speak with someone that opposes them because they want to sweep evil under the carpet. And so they silence me with their media power and the security of the BBC.




Nick Robinson, the skeptic of the BBC that takes pictures with fascist activists and refuses to sit down and talk about my ideas that intend to make a positive world tells that again. Because this skeptic Nick Robinson, just like other journalists of the BBC that are silencing my voice of truthfulness, they think that they are the higher beings! They feel superior and master-like. And so for them looks stupid to speak at BBC Radio 4 to an immigrant and a slave like me.


A Slave and Immigrant can’t bring innovation. He is not allowed to bring innovation to the house of masters and superior beings that continue to support thugs and turn a blind eye at things that matter.


 So, I think that the  answer of the FRAN O’BREIN is crystal clear full of sophistry. And it is clear that the BBC is silencing my voice on purpose.


But I am trying to thread the needle and put right what is wrong. Misogyny for instance is almost every week rife at the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra. Fire In The Booth is a negative show that I wanted to make positive. Still I wonder and question ‘People at the top of the BBC, don’t you feel shame of yourselves of having all that power but still keeping quiet and avoiding things that matter while toeing the line of the rules of the BBC that say, ‘one complaint must be made within 30 days of broadcast!’ Oh! what a shame!




Hence, I consider the answer and logic of Fran O’Brein answer morally and logically wrong. For I didn’t just wake up yesterday and said let me make a ‘Hip-Hop Revolution.’ But I studied the book of the world and said let make a better world through the reasonable ideas and positive creativity.



O’Brein continues to protect the Evil of the BBC’


’In her view the choice of what music to play on Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra and to 
provide on YouTube with the BBC logo was an editorial and creative decision. As was 
the decision to invite or not to invite the complainant to present a programme.  
The direction of the BBC’s editorial and creative output” is defined as a duty that is the 
responsibility of the Executive Board and not the Trust in Article 38, (1)(b) of the Royal 
It was theoretically possible to play rap music that breached the BBC’s Editorial 
Guidelines. But the complainant had not provided specific examples to BBC Audience 
Services even though he was invited to do so and so BBC Audience Services had 
correctly explained they could not give a detailed reply.


 As a conclusion Fran O’Brein, like THE Audience services, are implicitly and indirectly supporting thug life. 2 rappers died within 30 days period in London streets.  One of these rappers was in my area, in NW London. They mirror and reflect the famous BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra.


The more thugs the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra makes famous, the more violent my area gets, the more people die.


Your silence and passivity makes you guilty whether you are part of trustees, BBC or journalists of the BBC.


Rap is an evil ideology that has brought violence ion the world and you must pave the way to change.


As I said previously, I have provided specific examples from all Rap history and philosophy up to the last week.  But the BBC together with Fran O’Brein are siding with a thug-life philosophy. And they are sweeping under the carpet DJ Charlie Sloth, the father of Europe’s thugs that made Jihadi John famous, just like the BBC in the past did sweep under the carpet DJ Jimmy Savile when he raped the women and children at the BBC.



This is the past BBC and the Present day BBC.


However, the BBC reminds me the Ministry of Truth at 1984 and its workings. Right? You silence my voice? You use sophistry to overthrow my true statements. And you say that 2 plus two make five when you say that ‘Complaints must be within the 30 days of broadcast. That is like saying any fact older than 30 days is not a fact! Oh what a shame! It is 1984!


Thank you