First of all please watch my Live Message on Periscope; ‘British media, the masters, British people, the sheep! ’Link; 

Now to begin with my writing, by silencing and ignoring those who oppose their ideas like they have done and they are doing to me, the Masters of the British Media control the minds of the British people. And as a consequence they turn them but into sheep.

 So we have British Media, the masters as British people, the sheep.

 Hence ‘God bless the masters and God bless the sheep’ thus speaks a Creator to the world.  

Now let’s go back in time. From the time of industrial revolution and until today, one thing can be told for sure for Britain and Europe too. It has galloped like a racehorse towards centralization. Where the few at the top forever become more powerful as the many at the bottom wish with their souls and spirits to climb higher and higher. But they never climb.

For how on earth can one climb when one is born a wage laborer or a slave? [the_ad id=”530″]

Machines didn’t bring us more freedom but more slavery.
Marx said in the 19th century that man now has become an appendage of the machine. So these machines that we created didn’t make the world a better place but a worse one. Wasn’t it this love for machines that in the 20s century alone killed at least 100 million people? [the_ad id=”530″] And isn’t it this love for machines that has turned humans into commodities?  

Isn’t this love for the machines that has alienated the human beings of today? And I ask again, “Are we being fooled and blinded by the same truth that we see, today People? [the_ad id=”530”]

Let’s take the core value of humanity. And now let me say that centralisation and the highest level of capitalism has alienated….

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