In an exploitative capitalist mode of production, that seems forever to make the richer rich and the poor, poorer. We see the alienation of the many good and righteous beings into greedy, mean, weak, vile, ungenerous and hypocrite people. And this happens by a high form of exploitation that shows to be as clear as day and true as light. And as the logic of two plus two equal four. 

For what else would you do under intense mental pressure, continual exploitation and unceasing worry about your food on the table, your rent and your existential needs?

So the political conditions, that have been created to exploit, and the circumstantial politics, that have been forged to manipulate, will willy-nilly alienate the many into something vile, mean and evil. Human beings who would refuse to care and stand for what is human. And human beings who will see even the “murder of man by man” as a new normal. Just like the exploitation of man by man is. 

But how did we come to this point of human degradation? one may ask.

Nowadays, we see that a heyday of a new form of Feudalism coupled with a rotten form of capitalist mode of production has plagued our entire Western world in the last centuries. And created a form of political theory similar to that of a feudal pyramid.

Now of course, here are a few differences to be pointed out. For example, our sick mode of capitalist production instead of…

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