On 6th May 2017, London Evening Standard said:

A 23-year-old man has been stabbed to death in the street in north London, becoming the second person to die from knife crime in the capital in less than 12 hours. He is the tenth person to die from knife crime in London in less than two weeks.”

But who did stab and kill these people, gangs or terrorists? It was gangs and people who are inclined to violence. So who does glorify gangs and violence in our world, terrorists or gangs? In our cities, today Europe, it is the gangs, or the artists of the BBC Radio One who are always with the finger on the trigger in front of BBC’s cameras. For those who glorify terrorist groups are sent to Jail straightway, right? However, Ben Cooper and his gangs are allowed to preach killing and stabbing at the BBC Radio One, good, isn’t it?

So who does lead this way of GANG thinking and doing then? It is Ben Cooper, the editor or M.A.F.I.A of the BBC Radio One that gets millions of ££££ in selling the CDs of these gangsters or BBC’s artists. Fact, watch all the gangsters, that Djs of the BBC make famous, featured in the albums of the DJS’ of the BBC. So they sell these albums and make money, don’t they?  Fact, when you upload a song at BBC Introducing, they ask you if you would like to let “the BBC” sell your music. And so split the profits.


So you see that there is a BIG MONEY Source for Ben Cooper, the Djs of the BBC and the BBC itself. Thank you very much! The finger on the trigger, stabbings and death in our world and millions of pounds, ££££££, for Ben Cooper and the BBC!!

So these brain-dead criminals of the BBC Radio One then pass the wolves for sheep and they pass ideas of gangs and guns for art. And they do it, as you see, for Money’s and Greed’s sake, of course. And they also put guns on the heads of dreamers, like me, who dream and work for a better world. This is the BBC.

Who is Killing More People then Terrorists Inspired by Daesh’s videos or Gangs Inspired by the BBC Radio One’s videos?

So we have 12 stabbings and 12lve deaths in two weeks from violence and gangs. And we have six deaths in six years from terrorists. Then who is killing more Daesh and their followers who inspire terror? Or Ben Cooper and his gangs or artists who preach and inspire a gang lifestyle and guns and killing at the BBC Radio One? Make the calculations if you have some knowledge of numeracy. Like knowing that 2 plus 2 = 4.

However, we see that when one glorifies a terrorist group, or uploads an online terrorist video, he goes for a few years in prison just like that. But, when lovers of gangs and violence glorify and glamorize guns and gangs and killing at the BBC Radio One. And when they upload these videos online inspiring the world with their ideas. Then no one goes to prison! And the latter are even kept for leaders of ideas and great artists and awarded at Brit Awards! You see?

Let me first explain the meaning of the artist and art and then the relation between “Terrorists and Gangs.”

The artists mirrors and reflects the world in a way that he denounces violence. And his work is always created with the idea of wanting to shake the brute feelings of violence and create the subtle feelings of peace and harmony. Like a work of art. Take the examples of Thomas Mann, Frantz Kafka and James Joyce who have described the way of the artist.

So if these people who go at the BBC don’t have these “ALPHA” factor of the artist that works for a better world. Then what do they want there?

Art means to fit, said David Bohm, an American thinker. The artist, and humans who want to see this world a better place, are always concerned with the essence of fitting. He said. That is whether an idea fits or does not fit, whether it is for good or for bad. And how can I, as an artist and philosopher, put it right? So the artist questions himself and works for a better world.

However, now, in the last four decades, after our forefathers defeated Nazis and the justice system defeated half of the World’s M.A.F.I.A. Now it comes to pass that the meaning of the artist is associated with the meaning of terrorizing the world! Not changing the world for the better! You see?

So the artists of the BBC now are with the finger on the trigger!! And they keep the guns and gangs and killings’ ideas in their mouths in a positive way! Because for them to kill is like eating chocolates or biscuits!

However, the artists of the BBC, the DJs of the BBC and Ben Cooper are glorifying violence to catch people’s attention. For in having people’s attention on them Djs and thugs get famous. And so they have more views on their Radios and so sell millions of CDS and make millions of pounds, ££££. And that’s all they want, money and power!!! Therefore, at the end their ideas are for Money and Power for them, and to the hell with the world. So they think and say in their vile and corrupted doing and thinking.

So, truth be told, they follow a 2 Pac-Machiavelli ideology in essence. And they are spreading gang ideas and gun crime across Europe unchallenged. Just because they work for Big Radios like BBC Radio One! You see? Ben Cooper and his cronies have turned the artist of the today in a nazi of 20s century, and a miser 19th century. Why? Because it is them that educate and choose these artists to represent art and ideas at the BBC. It is Ben Cooper that allows them to be with the Finger on the trigger glamorizing killing and terror.

Here is the link of the article that shows the facts that Ben Cooper is using music to spread evil.

In following a 2 Pac-Machiavelli ideology though, and so supporting negative artists, Ben Cooper not only terrorizes the world and urges gangs to kill. But he also silences positive artists who want to work for a better planet. For instance, I have written to him and told him to stop supporting negative artists and to support positive artists at the BBC. For positivity in the world doesn’t come from nowhere. It comes from positive thinking, positive language and positive actions. Thank you very much.

So is this action of the finger on the trigger, that the gangs or artists of the BBC keep in almost all their videos, ART? Or are the actions of some rappers, friends of BBC’s Djs from New York who shot one another in May 2016, ART?

I also created the idea of a Hip-Hop Revolution. That meant to bring positive artists forwards. MTV called police when I went to suggest this idea in New York in 2016. The same does BBC Radio One.

Also, I created the idea of a Positive Hip-Hop Show. Where I wanted to play positive songs, supports positive artists and criticize those who are always with the finger on the trigger at BBC’s cameras.

However, Ben Cooper of the BBC, like MTV, does not want change and innovation! He doesn’t accept to sit down and talk for a change into their GANG way of doing and thinking. And he does not even want to criticize these gangs that glamorize guns and violence and terror. Why? Because Ben Cooper and his Djs sell gangs’ Cds and makes millions of money, as I previously said. That simple.

Therefore, Ben Cooper wants to lead the culture of Europe with ideas of guns and gangs. He wants to impose these ideas in Europe through BBC’s power and today Cultural Imperialism. That means one to create ideas of oppression and terror. And keep his evil power with the drones of Democracy that put the guns on those who challenge oppressors with ideas.

So on the top of what I said, Ben Cooper wants to work for the BBC and have the support of the justice system and met police! The cultural imperialism is working good then! Ben Cooper like Cecil Rhodes of the 19th Century, the diamond magnate and Prime Minister.

This way of thinking then is but a proper Nazi doing and thinking. For to see one to terrorize Europe with ideas of gangs. And again to see this very person lead the world with ideas of gangs and guns is but NAZI. For it is done by force and not by reason. The fact is that my voice for positive creativity continues to be silenced by the very faces of people like Ben Cooper and his gangs, or BBC’s artists who have invaded big media and big radios, in particular.

The Relation between those who inspire Terrorists and Those who Inspire Gangs

The gang facts we see out in our real world. Everyday we see new Gangs cropping up like being mushrooms after rain. And we see violence being multiplied everyday the more. So what do you think? Don’t you think that to sow gang ideas means to reap gangs in turn? Don’t you think that to preach hatred means to plant hatred?

How is then the Gang ideology of the BBC Radio one related to the gangs in our living places? Those who preach terrorism recruit everyday people simply by the power of their speech and fame and reputation that that have in what they do. We see that they are able to recruit everyday people through the power of speech only, don’t we?

And we see that there needs to be no contact whatsoever. Because only by watching these videos, everyday people change the way they perceive the world and join terrorist groups, isn’t that true?

Similarly, those who preach gangs at the BBC alter people’s perceptions in relation to gang ideas. For they are seen as role models. They create and express lyrics that are subjective thoughts and ideas. And the novelist David Lodge suggested that lyric poetry is human’s most successful means to describe qualia, the raw feel of conscious awareness. So that means that the BBC’s gangs or artists deliver their ideas, that contain evil negative content, through music straight into your ears, into your brains and into your soul. They pervade your being.

And these GANGSTERS of the BBC are a million times more influential than those who upload terrorist videos online.

For they are awarded by some brain-dead shows as if they are great artists who want a world of peace and goodness! And because of the BBC’s reputation they receive millions of views online. That is very different from terrorist videos that receive 500 to 1000 views.

Therefore, those who preach gangs and guns and killing at the BBC make people, and particularly young people, see gangs and guns and killing as something that is normal. And they do that everyday at the most influential radio in the world that is BBC Radio One.

In an online article called ‘The Influence of Rap and Hip-Hop Music; An Analysis on Audience Perception of Misogynistic Lyrics, Gretchen Cundiff said that audiences are becoming desensitised because media who promotes rap music continually portrays violence as being something great and good.

So that is another way of expressing my philosophy. And that shows what BBC Radio One does. That is, it affect audiences by desensitising them. And then it imposes these ideas of gangs and guns and killing on people’s minds through its reputation. As a consequence we see more gangs, more stabbings, more killings and more violence in our society.

Therefore, if those who recruit terrorists are guilty for using a language of terror, and uploading these videos online then Ben Cooper and his gangs are guilty for using a language of gangs that glamorises and glorifies guns and killings.

For just like online terrorist-related videos alter people’s perceptions through their ideas of terror. So BBC’s videos that preach and glamorize gangs, guns and stabbing and killing alter people’s perceptions.

So then, for justice to be done, Ben Cooper, the editor of the BBC Radio One must be in prison for the reasons that I said above. Otherwise bring Anjem Choudary and all those who have been incarcerated for glorifying terrorist groups out of Jail. That’s how justice speaks. For one who kills with a bomb and follow a terrorist ideology is not very different from one who kills with a knife or gun and follows a gang ideology.

For a killing is called a killing despite being committed by a bomb or a gun. Therefore, Ben Cooper and all BBC Radio One’s ideas are guilty in relation to what I said. And in a world of injustice and oppression, I demand freedom, goodness and JUSTICE. 


Personally, I do not believe for prison being the place where and the way how we can educate people. I don’t believe in punishment.

So I think that those who glorify terrorist groups like Daesh and those who glorify gun crime and gang crimes at BBC Radio One must be better educated. That is educated with an ideology that preaches goodness not terror for the world. For live once. And I want to live in peace and good. And that’s why I preach these ideas.

However, as we see, the first kind of people who watch terrorist videos and glorify terrorist groups go to jail. Because they do not work for the BBC, you see JUSTICE? The Second kind of people, who glamorize gangs and guns and killing are turned into superstars and lead the culture of the present day world. And they are even more famous and more admired and respected than all philosophers and philosophy! You see?

However, when someone is as barbarian as Ben Cooper, the editor of the BBC Radio One. And when this barbarian leads the ideas of the today Europe with ideas of guns and gangs. And when this barbarian continually urges and inspires killings among people all across Europe through Cultural Imperialism. Then this person, this barbarian must go and take education in prison. And therefore, if those who glorify terror are in prison then Ben Cooper, the barbarian of the BBBC, must be in prison.

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