In 2013, RadiotodayUK said: Global Radio has signed up former BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra DJ Tim Westwood for a new weekly show in the capital.”  

But Tim Westwood has been terrorizing Europe and U.K for years. Working with a 2-PAC Machiavelli ideology of supporting artists or thugs that glamorize gun crime and gangs. An ideology that is based on the philosophy of drawing people’s attention at all costs to SELL MILLIONS OF CDS. Even if this philosophy brings gun crime in the world. And David Cameroon accused Tim Westwood in 2006 for encouraging people to carry guns and knives.

However, RadioRodayUK also wrote;

Richard Park, Global’s Director of Broadcasting, said: “Tim Westwood is a true pioneer of the music and radio industry in this country. He is the undoubted king of urban and hip hop in the UK and we are thrilled to welcome him to Global and Choice FM.”

So you can see now how the GREEDY BARBARIAN, Richard Park, glories Tim Westwood just because he has worked for the BBC. And therefore he was famous! But what about the ideas of gun crime and gang and thug-life that he spread across Europe through the reputation of the BBC? That’s fine! He has a talent to do that! He brought thugs at the BBC and turned them into HEROES! GOOD.

This then is the first EVIL of Global Radio. That is the fact that they don’t care if you spread terror or good. What they care is MONEY AND POWER AND FAME! You see then what EVIL they are and what danger they are to our society?

Nevertheless, Global Radio is part of a corrupted big media system that is instilling terror in the soul of the today artists. And that is murdering the creative spirit of the independent thinkers.


So the truth is that most of the today corrupted criminals of the big media, like Global Media, are funded by big corporations. And they love that. Money and power for them and oppression for the rest! Good, isn’t it?

Thus, we, present day thinkers who oppose their idea of oppression, have but two choices: To love their oppressive ideas or kill ourselves. Because to us is denied the most basic human right. That is to participate in the modern history through ideas and movement. To us is denied that right of expression of ideas that we create for change and innovation. Ideas that we create to make the world a better place. In a simple sentence: They are murdering US.

And those who are murdering us, today artists and thinkers, are but a few people that are led by greedy ideas. That means that those who work for certain big media organizations want everything to belong to a few gluttonous barbarians. And one of those capitalist media organizations who think in this way is Global Media that controls many big radios. Or corrupted NAZIS.


They also manage radios like Capital XTRA that promotes gun crime through negative artists like Stormzy, Devlin, Ghetts and so on. The latter, the idea of negative artists or thug-life or 2-PAC Machiavelli Artists is supported by almost all big radios. Because in glorifying and in glamorizing GUN CRIME, they catch the attention of the people. And so they sell millions of CDS.

This is what they say in relation to CAPITAL XTRA: Capital XTRA, the UK’s first national commercial urban dance station.

That means they manage this radio and deal with talents like TIM Westwood that promotes drug dealers and thugs and that dubs them artists! The talents of GLOBAL MEDIA!

Futher, Global Media says in their WEBSITE on google:

Welcome to Global

Home to some of the UK’s best-loved radio stations such as Heart,Capital and Classic FM, to name a few, we keep 24.4 million* listeners tuned in and entertained each week.

And that’s just for starters; we’re also one of the biggest live festival companies in the UK, selling over a million tickets a year, manage some of the best musical talent around, publish some of the biggest tracks in the charts, and run two of the freshest music TV channels there are.


So they feel good in controlling big radios and silencing people who have ideas. And they feel good because as you see they sell over a million ticket a year. Plus a million other benefits for them. You see? Money and power for them and oppression for the rest.

Therefore, this is my activist appeal to these corrupted fascists of the Global Media. Tomorrow, 17the of May 2017 I grab a loudspeaker and shout to them the facts above and the acts below live on my Creativeism Movement Show on Periscope:


Corrupted Fascists of the Global Media

Stop Controlling Big Radios Unjustly.

Fascists of the Global media we need weekly participation.

We need monthly participation.

We need monthly participation.

We do not need you to come and corrupt a few artists and drown the rests in the seas of oppression and death.

Corrupted Fascists of the Global Media we need fairness.

We need fair sharing.

We need new ideas to come forwards.

We don’t like anymore your fascist of oppressing ideas and the artistic spirit.

We want truth and reason and humanity.

Therefore, corrupted Fascists of the Global Media

Stop Controlling Big Radios Unjustly.

Now let’s have a look at one of their ideas: The Big Music Project.

This idea is funded by the Big Lottery Fund. But what is the evil of this doing and thinking then? It is the fact that they want to take the free play and free competition that must be between artists. And so they to bring a few artists to big managements, to win millions for themselves and to drown out the rest of the world with their media power! This is their philosophic wolf-like ideology, basically!

You see who they are? Now read what they say in their website again?

The Big Music Project

We believe that young people from all walks of life deserve the same opportunities.

The Big Music Project is a unique £4 million initiative funded by the Big Lottery Fund. Global Radio’s Capital FM and the BPI have joined forces with youth work charity UK Youth to help young people from every corner of the UK get closer to their dream career.

Yes closer “ to help young people get closer to their dreams” they mean closer to their clutches. But why isn’t there a weekly participation, a monthly participation between artists? Why? Because they do not want to see artists participate in modern history. They don’t want to see thinkers participate in modern history. So they want even the right of expression for themselves. They then, are but murders of the artistic soul and murderers of the independent ideas.

Another description that describes them again is taken from their website. This is what they say:

“Supporting artists all around the world. Entertainment is at the very heart of our business. From artist management through publishing to events, touring and festivals, we are dedicated to creating and sharing the world’s best music and entertainment with people everywhere, every day.

When it comes to music and entertainment – we’re there at every stage. We manage artists careers, publish a wide range of music, and run some of the biggest and best music events and festivals. We’re obsessed with every aspect of the entertainment business.”

With the ideas of “supporting” they mean controlling. They want to control everything and be in control of everything. They have learnt from those who created the first and second world war that GREED is greed is great! So “hurray for greed” they say!

That’s why, I, as a present day thinker and artist that is oppressed by the very barbarians, demand change based the right of participation. And I demand change based on the ideas of fairness, movement and creativity.

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