Ladies and gents we have a big problem here. We who want to live in peace and humanity are praying for peace and humanity. While those who want money and power at all costs are praying for killings, gangs and guns. And they are preaching these ideas at the most influential radio in Europe. That is BBC Radio One. And they are doing that on all Big Radios from London to New York and vice versa. Can you believe that?

Truth and Reason; If people who preach terror go to jail, then why shouldn’t those who glorify guns and gangs and terror at the BBC Radio One go to jail? Eh? For it was supposed to be all equal in front of the law, no? Or is the saying of Orwell true, that all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others?

What is Happening in London?

We have seen 10 stabbings and ten deaths in 2 Weeks in London from Gangs. That is from 25th April to 6th of May 2017. One the other hand we have seen 6 deaths in Six Years from Terrorists. Who is Killing more then, Gangs or Terrorists?

But who is promoting guns, gangs and killing and shooting ideas? It is the big radios of the BBC. BBC Radio one and BBC Radio one 1Xtra. So isn’t this a reason then for Ben Cooper and the Djs of the BBC to go to JAIL?

On 6th May 2017, London Evening Standard said:

“A 23-year-old man has been stabbed to death in the street in north London, becoming the second person to die from knife crime in the capital in less than 12 hours.

The victim, from Hayes, west London, died less than 12 hours after a man, aged in his 30s, was fatally knifed during a fight in a barber’s shop in Harlesden on Friday afternoon. He is the tenth person to die from knife crime in London in less than two weeks.”

Now what do Ben Cooper and BBC Radio One do? They invite thugs and those who love gun crime at the BBC Radio one and turn them into superstars and heroes of the world.

BBC Radio One tries to censor some of their lyrics though pretending that they do not support the ideas of guns and crime. But, however, they do support gun crime ideas for a big reason. That is money and power reason. That is Greed’s reason. For the rappers at BBC Radio One glorify murder and crime. They glamorize gangs and violence in essence. But why does this way of thinking continue to be so for almost four decades?

Steven Best, an American thinker, suggested that rappers glamorize gangs to catch people’s attention. Because in a media-saturated world, it is almost impossible for the artist to get the attention of the people,” He said.


And we know that ideas of violence are like fire and they spread quickly. So then, that’s why Ben Cooper and BBC Radio One continue to make famous thugs. For attention. Because the rappers of the BBC Radio One do not have a great voice. However, they have a big greed for money and killing. And they are capable to do anything for money’s sake. Like we have seen them do in four decades. From the killing of 2 Pac and B.I.G to the shootings that happened in May 2016 in T.I’s concert in New York City.


Therefore, the war is for attention. The more attention they catch, the more famous they become and the more CDS or records they sell and the more money they make. That’s all the point. Money and power.

So the war is between us who want to live in peace and Ben Cooper and BBC Radio One who want to make money at the expense of people’s lives and peace.

So then Ben Cooper, the editor of the BBC Radio One, turns thugs into role models. And makes them appear even bigger than all philosophers and all philosophy.

But they should invite positive artists at the BBC and lead the world with positive ideas. Shouldn’t they? Isn’t goodness contained into positivity and the values that we stand for contained in what I said?

However, my voice as a philosopher and artist continues to be silenced. While thugs have made the BBC their second house. Isn’t this but barbaric then again?

So the truth is that Big Radios with Ben Cooper at the top of BBC Radio One are not only leading the way and controlling entertainment Industry. Rather, they are controlling entertainment Industry and leading it with unfair ideas of evil and violence and oppression at all costs.

They are leading Entertainment industry with greedy ideas of wanting to sell millions of CDs and make millions of money at the expense of peace and people’s lives. And they are using the name and fame of big media to drown positive artists out. And they use police to murder the voices of positive artists like myself.

So, in essence, Ben Cooper and Big Radios are making gangs famous to catch people’s attention, increase views on them and sell millions of CDS. That’s their point. God bless them!

Now let’s first start with showing the facts of what they do and say;

The recent facts that show that they never want to change their 2 PAC-MACHIVAVELLI Gang ideas is from a video recorded in Liverpool by the BBC Radio one. With DJ Target as the master of it. Liverpool Team Takeover with DJ Target, 2nd of May, 2017.

What they do?

If you watch this video from the minute 10, first you see their gestures with the finger on the trigger glamorizing shooting and killing. Because these gestures of the finger in the trigger paint a million actions. And through these gestures they show us how much they love guns and gangs.

Then during the video an MC begins to rap glorifying guns and stabbing. As another MC continues with the gestures of “shooting” close to him.

Plus their contagious emotions that are full of anger, full of hatred and full of negativity. Delivering ideas of guns and murder in a positive outlook straight into our ears. Like it is good to kill and stab and terrorize. Using MUSIC TO SPREAD EVIL and VIOLENCE.


On the other hand, Djs of the BBC never give criticism to them, so they may improve. No. They have only praise for them. Because they sell their CDS and make millions of money. Good, isn’t it?

So during the video an MC says;

my bullet get sprayed.

I am not scared of anybody, I just wanna kill.

…Get a bullet, get tortured

Come to the end get slaughtered.

…I don’t to hear them talk anymore,

With all the gang when we come to your door.

Another MC says

Got some real killers

Got some guns bang, bang

Again with the finger on the trigger glorifying guns and gangs and druing the video saying; kill em, stab em.


….Moving quick with a flick knife.

Their ideas and lyrics mostly are all about glorifying gangs and trying to boast about gun crime and gang life. And all of them have the support of Ben Cooper of the BBC RADIO ONE.

Another video from 2017.

Capo Lee ft P Money, YGG, Nico, Lyrical Strally, PK, Saint P & Jack Dat Team Takeover with DJ Target on 13th March 2017.

Again in this video you watch the rappers with the finger on the trigger all the time promoting guns, gangs and killings.

Fire in the Booth – Smoke Dawg and Puffy L’z (Halal Gang)

Again promoting gangs, shootings and killing.

One of the MCs says.

My younger will kill for a name.

These bars and my glock. (that is his gun)

And so on, they continue with their lyrics of gangs and guns.


What do the famous rappers of the big Radios preach? Because they are the role models of the younger ones.


Devlin says at Fire in the Booth of DJ Charlie Sloth;

Murmur and I’ll murder you so bring the German rifles

I’m rolling with the Kalashnikov I’m backing off my rivals

Call me (censored) I’ll kill you off like (censored)


At his new tune “Blue Skies” he says;

I’ll kill you off like an ancient disease, my name spread like the great plague of the streets.

At his tune Cold Blooded Devlin says;


First verse

 F-U-C-K everythin’ I see

All I am is me, that’s all that I can be

If you don’t like me fine, I’ll leave you slaughtered in your seats

I’m tortured in my sleep, I’m haunted by these streets

Stormzy, Gangs signs and Prayer Album, 2017!


First Things First

Praising gangs and guns:


“Had problems with the fam

I had problems with the gang

Someone tell ’em that I’m back

I don’t never ever slack, grab my gun and go to war (Boy)I got brothers up in jail, going mad up in their cells.

…I still get to gunning, don’t be running when I bang mine

Before we said our prayers, there was gang signs (Gang signs)”

Second Album Song again Stormzy

And tell them riot feds “oi, buss your gun? You won’t dare (you won’t dare bruv)


Third Album Song.


Bad Boys

Glorifying knives, shootings and guns.

I’m on arms, on combat

No trace, no contact
Bro bought a new mash
I don’t know what that gun there’s called but it’s long, akh
Bad boy who?
You are not part of a bad boy crew
Me and Flipz roll up, tell a boy hold up
Looking like something off of Bad Boys 2

Bad boy Gs in a bad boy shoot (shoot)

Put faith in my knife, wrong move had me on edge
On the back-road, paying for my stripes

 Fifth Album Song


Big For Your Boots

“I’m too hot

Drug money in my shoebox” he says.

15th Album Song, Shut Up!

(G-A-T means revolver or pistol.)

So again he is glorifying guns and gangsters and killings.


If you got a G-A-T, bring it out
Most of the real badboys live in south
If you wanna do me something, I’m about
I’m not a gangster, I’m just about


Later on he says;

Kill a whole crew of MCs on my own
Kill a whole crew of MCs for the throne

At the lyrics of his song “Scary” he praises gangs and Gs:

“This ting’s more than a buzz, don’t lie

Wanna be a G? Real thugs don’t cry.”

Praising guns:

All the gun talk, I don’t even mind it

But don’t get gassed ’cause you got the headline

You only got it cause I declined it

Lost my faith, then I went to find it

Jihadi John at Radio One.

And if we decide to go further back, in 2013, Jihadi John said, ”Hit the people with a razor blade.”

While DJ Charlie Sloth of the BBC Radio one introduced him as if being a great artist. Despite the fact that he had been known to the authorities for terrorist-related ideas.

Therefore, what I showed and said means that these rappers influence with gun crime and gang life ideas not only youngsters, but all the people. Just like those who recruit terrorist that influence people of all ages. So those who glorify guns at BBC Radio One affect and influence all the people who are slightly inclined towards violence and gangs. They give the push to them and the inspiration that is needed. Just like those who recruit terrorists do.

Facts speak for themselves. In the last 2 weeks in London we have seen 10 stabbings from violence and gangs ideas. From those who recruit terrorists and use terrorist attacks we have seen 6 death in last 6 years. But isn’t then “Gun Crime” that the BBC Radio One Preaches a terrorist Attack against humanity?



Question: “Why is out there on big Radios all this love for killing and gangs? Because Ben Cooper and Charlie Sloth get paid in selling the CDS of thugs. That’s why. Money and power. You get the point or not?


Djs of the BBC create albums of the rappers that they promote at the BBC Radio One and sell millions of albums. That means there is a source of big money for them, can’t you see the truth of this evil action?


So then, for the 10 Stabbings that happened in London Blame Ben Cooper of the BBC Radio that continually promotes guns and gangs and Stabbings.


Because brain-dead people who love violence and guns and gangs go at the BBC radio and glorify these very values. And they never get criticism by the brain dead Dj/journalists of the BBC radio one.

So they never improve. However that is done for a reason. And that is for money’s and greed’s sake.


On the other hand when people glorify terrorists go to jail. But isn’t the glorification of guns and gangs a terrorist ideology? And facts are showing that we gave more deaths from gangs than from terrorists. So why does the BBC continue to glorify gangs then? And why isn’t Ben Cooper, the editor of the BBC Radio One, in jail? Is that because he pays the taxes when he sells the Cds and brings the money in the house for all big mouths to eat?


The novelist David Lodge suggested that lyric poetry is human’s most successful means to describe qualia, the raw feel of conscious awareness.

So Stormzy, and Devlin and their friends, thugs that are respected as if they have the fine and subtle feelings of an artist, they pervade the soul of humanity through their negative and criminal lyrics.


And so they imprint their message of violence into the minds of the people through the reputation of awards and big media support that they have. While on the other hand, my voice as a hip-hop artist, thinker and activist, is murdered just because I oppose these ideas!!!


And the corrupted entertainment industry says to them keep going for you are doing good! And all those who work on Big Radios seem to think with the same philosophy from London to New York and vice versa.


As a result we see more gangs, more stabbings, more deaths and more crime in our world.


Thank you very much.




So forget about the world my dear! Just promote killings and guns at the BBC Radio One and think of the money. And of course be emotional, as angry as possible, as negative as possible, and as hateful as possible. For emotions are contagious and we know that. Like when we laugh, for instance. Be emotional then and keep guns and gangs in your mouth in a good view as is being chocolates and positive things to do! And deliver these views with angry, spiteful and negative emotions for moneys and greed’s sake.



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