Reason comes from truth, right?

So, based on the truth of the past and on the truth of today, I can say that people hate the police force or the police organisation in this country called, the U.K, for political reasons.

Now let me begin explaining these political reasons by explaining the failed war on drugs.

The failed war on drugs has become everlasting on earth thanks to oppressive laws and police power to enforce as such ridiculous laws on us. And shut down the mouths and souls of people by force. 

Laws that are made against the use of drugs boil down to the ideal of freedom.  Politicians and the ruling classes do not want us free.

And they abuse our rights and freedoms by passing illogical laws in parliament.

Illogical laws that make adult people subconsciously boil in their blood with hatred against oppression. Hatred against the Laws of this country. And therefore, hatred against police, which are simply the robotic puppets of the ruling class. 

For it is clear that the majority of the working-class people want but an end to the war on drugs. And freedom for the adult world.

Secondly, Institutionalized Racism. 

Institutionalized racism comes from both the political and media class. 

These two classes are somehow part of a class that is called “the ruling class.” For it is the political class that makes our laws. And it is the media class that influences as such laws. And they do it by controlling one among the very few big ideals of humanity called, information. 

Now, to begin with, Institutionalised RACISM mainstream U.K media for decades and years has painted immigrants and minorities of this country as criminals. And as people who do not have a right to live or be in this country.

On the other hand, writers, who come from minority backgrounds like myself, have always been drowned out and silenced by this U.K racist media. And the aim of this Murdering Imperialist Media is to reduce the number of voices that stand up for what is just in maximum.

The smaller the number of people that are heard the better for the news monopolies and those who create an institution of racism through Media Power.

The political class, on the other hand, makes laws that disc…
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