Even though we live and work in the U.K, we as immigrants are continually described by the billionaire imperialist U.K media as foreigners.

There are human beings living and working in this country. And once they break the laws of this country, they are continually described as the Albanian criminal, the Somali thug, the Islamic terrorist and so on in the famous multibillionaire tabloids of the U.K. Or on the news TVs, like Sky News, ITV News of the U.K.

And in this way, both the children of immigrants and adult immigrants themselves live in fear. And matter less in this society that is dominated by a native majority.

But why are immigrants targeted like this by the billionaire U.K media?

Immigrants are targeted just because they are foreigners. And for a reason that goes deeper than this, of course. 

Immigrants, who commit crimes, could be described according to their crime, for example, not according to their religious faith or nationality or background.   But that is not the case for a reason. 

And this is why. In the big imperialist nations, there is a need for the creation of an enemy or scapegoat.

And by creating an enemy and scapegoat, like immigrants, to blame others. And so to control the oppressed working-classes of the imperialist nations by blaming OTHERS. 

So here the problem becomes OTHERS, not the rich media and the intelligent manipulators in politics. 

A question, how can media organisations become billionaire media organisations simply by selling News? 

Of course, peddling hatred helps catch human attention en masse. And helps fill the pockets of greed and it accumulates big amounts of wealth as well. That’s the power of hatred in media.

And here is the smug face of Nigel Farage basing all his Brexit ideas on hatred against immigrants. And while working for the most recognised and followed and listened radio in the U.K – The LBC of hate and discrimination.

This is the famous Nigel Farage who works for the LBC Media Monopolies.

And what does this form of hatred cause?  One may ask.

This form of hatred pervades the n…
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