(This is a shortened draft of the philosophy of this idea. The full explanation you will see at my upcoming eBook.)

“The purpose of Nazis was to murder independent thinking.”

Albert Einstein, Ideas and Opinions.

If the purpose of the Nazis was to murder independent thinking. Then what is the purpose of these Big Media Journalists who saw the security of the ITV almost choking me to death, live at The Voice U.K 2017, just because I held up a few Creative Ideas, but that never invited me in their big media studios to express the philosophy of these ideas? Isn’t the philosophy of the today Big Media CRONIES then the same as the philosophy of NAZIS?

So gentlemen and you gentle ladies, one of these ideas for which ITV seemed to want to kill me is called, “FAIRNESS.”

Now to begin with, one form of Old English says that the noun “Fairness” means even-handedness. As the adjective “Fair” it says means morally good.

So far so good, let us stick at the idea of being “morally good” then. For it is closer to the source of meaning and implies the idea of “even-handedness.”

What does it mean then to be morally good in a world of misers, hypocrites and greedy exploiters?


Suppose that you have enough food in your house for a year. And the next year you have enough fields to reap other crops. However, you see people dying of food 10 meters away from your house. Like it happens in our city of London, where a few men have millions. And many a man live around the gardens of the rich people scouring the leftovers of the street bins for a crust of bread. So, does any law compel or force you to feed “these about to die people” then?

Another example: If you have two million pounds in your bank account and get paid like Andrew Neil and Jeremy Paxman etc., millions to speak lies and subtly oppress independent thinking, again there is no law to compel you to give something to the homeless of London, right?

Therefore, to understand the philosophy of this idea we need to differentiate between being Lawfully Good and Morally Good.

Let me begin with the idea of being Lawfully Good for the sake of these people who have studied in famous Unis. For the latter know “their laws” very well! But they have forgotten about the laws of humanity though!

So gentlemen, let me give you a present day example of being lawfully good.

However, before I begin with my thinking reason, I must remind you that we must be careful when we say of being “Lawfully Good.” For millions of people have been killed by laws. Millions of people have been forcefully sent to wars by laws. And millions of people are still killed and oppressed by laws. Alright, gentlemen? You remember that Nazis killed Jews by the laws. Beginning with the laws for the protection of German Blood and German Honor. And so on. Alright, BIG CRONIES?

So then, to be lawfully good means first to be like today Assad to kill your own people for power’s sake and lawfully so. On the other hand, isn’t U.K Parliament discriminating against poor and homeless people, and so letting them die in the streets of big cities in worse conditions than abandoned dogs? And aren’t all the wars waged by the West lawfully? Is War called Peace like in 1984 then?

This then, gentlemen, is the first version of being lawfully good.

Secondly, the law of anti-terrorism for instance imprison those people who praise Deash in social media. And they usually reach about 500 or 1000 views. But there is no law to imprison rappers of the BBC radio One who appeal straightway to killing and stabbing and hatred for years. And we see gangs and killing like something that belongs to police to deal with. And not to the big radios to stop preaching hatred and gangs.

So we see straightforward discrimination of people in front of the law. Because working class people, who get paid like slaves to pay their rent, and middle class people, who work for big corporate media and get millions, are not equal in front of the law. Because those who glory gun and knife crime at the BBC Radio One, part of today middle-class, are not seen as “terror and hate preachers.” On the other hand those who glory Daesh, working class people, are imprisoned!   You see?

And what Justice is that? The justice of the wolves? Why who committed 12lve stabbings, that happened between 24 April and 6th May 2017, terrorists or gangs and gangsters? The answer is: Gangs and gangsters. And these ideas of gangs and gangsters are promoted every day by the big radios like BBC Radio One. You see? All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

That’s what then means to be lawfully good. It means to be a feelingless robot. To be a Daesh fighter. A dictator like Assad or Adolf Hitler. A thug like those who promote guns at BBC Radio One. Or a big media journalist that oppresses independent thinking and says: The Chairs and studios and cameras of the Big Media are mine. And mine only!

Albert Einstein said that “The Nuremberg Trial of the German war criminals was tacitly based on the recognition of the principle: criminal actions cannot be excused if committed on government orders; conscience supersedes the authority of the law of the state.

In conclusion, to be lawfully good means to be like a past Nazi, like a present day dictator or big media thugs. And it also means to be like a today journalist that oppresses the ideas of independent thinkers with the reputation and the power of the big media.

The idea of being Morally Good! What does it mean to be morally good?

Suppose that you work for a certain Big Media Organization. And one independent thinker says to you, I have been working on these certain ideas for years. And I think that you are wrong in oppressing independent and creative thinking through Big Media’s reputation and the hired muscles of the security power.

Therefore, I ask for the participation of the people of ideas in modern history, says the Independent Thinker. And I demand an end into the subtle oppression of independent ideas. For the independent thinker says to you that a subtle oppression of the independent ideas is based in your philosophy of not allowing Independent Minds to participate and share ideas from the studios of your personalized Big Media headquarters. A big media that was supposed to act as a main means of communication for all of us. And not as the main means of oppression.

Questions: “If you were a CRONY, like Jeremy Paxman or Andrew Neil, etc., of the Big Media, then what would you do in this case? Would you continue to oppress the ideas of this Independent Thinker or invite him for talks on the Big Media studios?

If you were lawfully good then you would continue to oppress the voice and ideas of him and of all independent thinkers. If you were morally good then you would invite this man to speak to you and to your cronies of big media in a human way. That is with speech, ideas, and creative thinking.

Now, before I end my reason let me ask: “What does science say of fairness”

Scientific research shows that the 19 months kids and Monkeys have a faint sense of fairness or of being morally good. However, today big media that denies human participation and today big corporations who swallow up almost everything seem to not know anything about it! About fairness! Fairness, what is it? I don’t know mate!

So as a conclusion, to be fair or morally good then means to be humanely good. To live and let others live. To exist and let others exist. To strive to understand with human compassion and human kindness. To put yourself in other’s shoes. To be in the mind of the other and reach out for the meaning of humanity. For to be morally good is the opposite of being lawfully good. For to be lawfully good means to act and think like dictators. like thugs and like oppressors. Like Hitler, Like Assad and so on. This is the law. The law may also say: I kill you by the laws. As the goodness of humanity says: I meditate and care of my fellow beings and my being.

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