It was writers who created all the gods and the religions, once Nietzsche said.

And let’s be honest about this, writers are simply great in the matters of composition, fantasy and imagination.

The only thing, where writers are bad, however, is when writers write for their food on the table. Or their economic interests or will to power, like the UK MEDIA writers do, for example.

For, you know, that action or thinking twists the idea of composition in writers. And brings into being ugly matters and ugly things. Which support one’s food on the table and will to power rather than the ideas of writing.

“Well, but what has the vocation of truck drivers to do with the great vocation of the U.K media writers? one may ask.”

Truck drivers are human beings, like all of us, who drive trucks for their food on the table. And the vocation of the truck drivers consists on the skill of driving trucks.

While the vocation of the U.K Media writers consists on the skills of twisting and turning a pen, that writes, or a keyboard, that types, as they like.

“Now, therefore, we see that both of these vocations follow a certain way of thinking. The former follow the roads of driving. While the latter the roads of twisting and turning a pen, that writes, or a keyboard, that types, as they like.”

Therefore, now allow me please to give you an example from a recent thinking of these forms of writers, who write for their food on the table. And maybe for a career and money. Somehow for the same reasons that truck drivers drive their trucks.

For example, before the release of the much-talked-about and awaited Russian report interference in the 2019 General Election,
the U.K press had gone straight to the doorstep of Jeremy Corbyn.

And a Sky News journalist is seen in an online video questioning Jeremy Corbyn at this point. When logically, the press should be questioning the corruption of the Tory government. And the millions of donations that they received from Russian oligarchs in years. Or the murders that they committed in Yemen and Palestine and Syria recently.

Further, in a video that is circulating online, a Sky News cameraman is caught saying while showing to be embarrassed somehow by his actions, “It comes with the job, I guess.”

And this saying is true, for all the thinking and doing of media people come with the job.

For logically, this journalist and this cameraman has been sent there by the masters of the Sky News to muddy the waters of the real problem within the report.

Here, however, is not important the last example or all the past examples of the U.K media. What is important here is the essence of the U.K Media journalists who do not think for themselves.

For it is the system that thinks and the U.K media writers that write here. Or say the system instructs journalists to think in a certain ways.

For the system has taught, educated and instructed journalists to write in a certain way. Say for example, to follow matters that create controversy. Or write about ideas that do not harm their class interest. And so on.

Further, it is logical to think that if the journalists or writers go agai….

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