With honesty for my existence, allow me to say that sometimes, I see myself plunged deep into depression.

And this makes me think that no one is immune of the harshness of life, and depression, that is the consequence of as such conditions of life.

And that comes from or that is conceived from the cruel injustices of the powerful and of the corrupt men of this world.

And it was these corrupt, greedy and unjust conditions that an unfair society creates. That made once Plato to say: “Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

Now living in an unfair society that continually creates pain.  I understand that I have to be kind even in pain. And I honour that.

For, I’m honest about my battle. And by telling here the story of my battle, I intend also to make others, who live their lives as unconscious of their existence as animals,  aware of this battle.

But what is my battle? One may ask here. 

Political oppression, for example, that never ends. My drowned-out voice by the artists of my time, who work for media Monopolies. My struggle for existence. My will to be independent and exist fairly in a corrupt world. Economical inequality, where I struggle to exist. This is my battle. 

And thus the weight of this life’s battle brings a heavy burden to my mind in my life. And weighs me down through the oppressive and unjust politics of my time. That’s logical.

And further, here it is also logical to say that this weight of stress and oppression can weigh down even mythological, divine heroes. Like Hercales. Let alone humans. 

In short, I want to say with this, that we are all susceptible and bendable from the weight of stress and oppression.

And we see these life’s facts daily in our lives. For we see people bending and falling  and going mad every day.

And thus, plunged into our daily hypocrisy, we simply hope that it is not us tomorrow, who would bend and fall and go mad.

For we see homelessness, we see madness, and we see all sorts of human fall and human breakdowns.

So then, facts are not lacking but human universal consciousness, that cares of humanity, is missing in our world.

In my own life, for example, I admit, this heavy weight of stress and oppression sends me
crumbling down to the ground like a controlled building demolition. And I fall.

The bombs here, however, have been set in by body by the system cunningly before the explosion. Like a Trojan horse.

So to make sure that I, and people in such positions, fall willy-nilly.

But you know how it is with us humans. Sometimes, we learn a lot from life. And even though we fall seven times. still we stand up eight times.

So while on the ground, pieces of my being search for meaning. They are curious to stand one more time, to feel existence again, to be in being and think once more. And see the problem of life and existence perhaps from a different angle.

The harshness of life and oppression may make you think of the…

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