It seems as if before the recent, large-scale, government-mandated quarantine, that was due to the recent pandemic that we are still living, we didn’t understand or appreciate everyday little things that made our social life possible.

And it seems as if our social life and our civilisation and we, as human beings, made sense by using these little things that we have created to make our civilisation possible.

We made sense in a coffee shop ordering a morning coffee. So, to wake up.

In a restaurant or in a pub eating and drinking, in a library studying, in school and university learning from others or teaching others.

We made sense working in an office picking up a phone or in a private or public meeting discussing ideas, in traveling abroad or coming back to work.

We made sense in a cinema watching a movie, or in a playhouse watching a play. In dancing, singing and entertaining and so on.

Here, I want to say that it seems as if it was these tiny little everyday things that gave to us the beauty of life and living. It was thinking and acting socially that made our social life beautiful.

And now it seems or it seemed, while we lived under quarantine for over three months, as if without these tiny little things, the beauty of life is lost. And the coherence of civilisation is not more plausible.

So, everyone during the quarantine or during the isolation from social life was looking for something. Searching perhaps for what made us, us. That was the world that we had created.

For otherwise, in other circumstances and without a social life we all long for our ….

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